11+ Small Envelope Templates – PSD, EPS

Small envelopes are meant to house the little social and family notes. Both A1 and A2 size envelopes come in the category of small envelopes- while A1 is 3 5/8 by 5 1/8 in size, the A2 is 4-3/8″ by 5-3/4″. You can use a gift card envelope template to create small envelope. One template will help you to print several envelopes.

Vector EPS Small Envelope Template

vector eps small envelope template The Vector EPS Small Envelope Template can be best made with A1 and A2 size. Check the sample before making the final Printable version. The color of the envelop paper can be made according to your choice.

Beautiful Samll Envelope Template Download

beautiful samll envelope template download This Beautiful Small Envelope Template Download is perfect to send social invitations or letters to the friends and the loved ones. Make them of bright colors for example red, blue, orange to keep up the lively vibe.

Amazing Small Envelope Design Template

amazing small envelope design template The Amazing Small Envelope Design Template are ideal to gift it to your loved ones for any occasion. The format can be created with the A1 and A2 size and the color of the papers can be chosen accordingly.

Vector EPS Small Envelope Template Download

vector eps small envelope template download For the Vector EPS Small Envelope Template Download, you need to be aware of the quality of the paper. The envelope should have enough space to write the name and the address of the receiver.

Small Envelope Template Download

small envelope template download By making one Small Envelope Template Download you can create a number of envelopes. Use different colored and designed papers to make the envelopes look vibrant. Quarter fold the letter or the card to fit in.

Birthday Party Small Envelope Template

birthday party small envelope template Invite the guests with the Birthday Party Small Envelope Template. Paste colorful motifs and write the name and address of the receiver. The invitation letter can be easily folded to fit in it.

Christmas Invitation Small Envelope Template

christmas invitation small envelope template If you are interested in creating a Christmas invite, then using this template for Christmas invitation small envelope will be a very good idea. This is in envelope template vector format, You can customize it with your preferred colors also.

Example Small Envelope Template Download

example small envelope template download This small envelope template is extremely beautiful and has the look of handmade wooden finish. You can use it for any purpose and also this high quality envelope template printable in any surface even on wood. Simply customize it with your text preference and use.

Beautiful Small Envelope Template Download

beautiful small envelope template download This beautiful small envelope template looks extremely cute, and can very well be used for holding greeting cards meant for various occasions. Use different textured or plain colored papers for taking print out for this template. Use some glue and scissors and you can start using it.

Stylist Small Envelope Template Download

stylist small envelope template download This stylish small envelope template should be downloaded by graphic designers, stationery designers and people who deal with art and crafts to make something simple yet unique in terms of envelope. Available in JPEG format, simply crop as per your requirement and print.

Reply Card Small Envelope Template

reple card small envelope template This is a reply card small envelope which can be extremely essential if you are sending a greeting card for someone, you can send it along with it. It is available in very high quality, looks extremely sobre with some maple leaf detailing. Along with gift cards, the small envelopes can carry personal notes as well. Many people use the small envelope format for their response cards, note cards, Envelope Templates save the dates and thank you cards as well.

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