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9+ Printable Letter Stencils

Stencils can be a great way to make any creative design even if you are not a creative person. By definition, a stencil is usually a thin sheet of material such as paper, plastic, wood, or metal with a series of holes that resembles any design and produces an image once paint or pigment is applied over it. It is used to draw shapes, symbols, and patterns.

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Stencils allow you to create an image with your own personal style even though you find it usually difficult to sit down with paints and brushes and come up with an image you find satisfying. Printable stencils like the letter stencils presented on this page will help any design aspirants create a masterful piece of art.

Vector Stencil Letters

Alt Rough Printable Letter Stencils

Technical Letters Stencil Font

Vintage Printable Letter Stencils

Stencil Letters and Numbers


Different Uses of Stencils

  • Replicate the image. With stencils, you can create the image over and over again to create a patterns as you don’t have to worry about making the each of the images different from each other.
  • Eliminate problems with proportion. Objects will always be symmetrical as you can replicate the other side of the image by folding the stencil over to the other side so, you don’t have to measure or guess its proportion and symmetry.
  • Create perspective. You will be able to create a perspective in your image as you can create multiple stencils and layer them. Objects will be consistent in depth or dimension to show whether they are near or far.
  • Saves time. Compared to traditional lettering, the alphabet stencils on this page saves you time while ensuring you get a beautiful work of art. It also enables you to produce more images and, eventually, more projects.

Grunge Textures Set of Stencils

Graffiti Printable Letter Stencils

Printable Girly Letter Stencils

Grunge Stencil Letters

Printable Graffiti Letter Stencils


Types of Stencils

  • Pre-cut stencils. Pre-cut stencils usually come in plastic, and once you have them, you are ready to apply paint. The patterns and designs are created by talented stencil designers and artisans which allows all of us to become like them. The only drawback of pre-cut stencils are the non-negotiable size, so you have to make sure that the size fits in your project area.
  • Cut-and-paint stencils. Unlike pre-cut stencils, cutting out the openings where paint should be applied should be done by you. Although this seems to be an extra work, it also provide a great advantage for its flexibility in design as you can choose not cut some parts. Spray paint stencils are good examples for this type.
  • Printable stencils. Printable stencils, like the ones on this page, provide many benefits as the size can be adjusted through a copy machine or with your printer options. You may have to cut them by yourself, but that is just a small price to pay for having your design fit perfectly.

Stencil Patterns

  • Single-layer stencils. Also called silhouette stencils, it allows you to create a complete image with only one stencil. Although they do not offer much opportunity to utilize more than one color, they create an image which appears to be a shadow or silhouette of an object that is great for aesthetic purposes.
  • Multiple-layer stencils. Overlay stencils, as they are also called, consists of more than one stencils and allows you to create a more complete image without gaps unlike the single-layer stencil. This requires more work though, but the end product is surely something you will not regret.

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