In every occasion, there is always an opportunity to award students, especially during the end of the academic school year. And what's more rewarding than presenting them a certificate of completion for all their hard work? Earn their appreciation by making a personalized certificate through our ready-made school certificate templates here in With colorful designs and unique layout, you will look no further! Our templates are editable, printable, 100% customizable, and available in all versions of Apple Pages. We also have preschool graduation certificates, school attendance certificates, leaving certificates, transfer certificates, school medical certificates, and internship certificates. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now! 

How to Create School Certificates in Apple Pages

School certificates are not necessarily diplomas. However, they still can be utilized as backup during employment, or school transfer and sometimes as medical reports. School certificates are also handy as they remind us of the accomplishment we've done during or throughout our academic lives. To make a valid school certificate, you'll need your trusty online editor, a sample, and these few guidelines for your use:

1. Know Why You Are Making a Certificate

You cannot start planning your certificates if you don't know why you are making them in the first place. Also, you cannot draft a design because you do not have a basis for it. Before everything else, you should have a purpose of creating one. Are you giving them out for recognition day? Is it a request from a student as a requirement for a job application? Perhaps, it is to reward an achievement? If you know what kind of school certificate it is that you need, it will be easier for you to make it.

2. Solidify Your Branding

School certificates are legitimate documents, so you need to use elements that are vital to your institution. Use only the authorized logo and colors for authenticated certificates. A school certificate might not be the same as a degree diploma, but it has its merits. School certificates are still eligible and being rewarded depending on the event, like for winners for sports day in elementary school or skills training or workshop in secondary school. Furthermore, when you want it validated, have the student council sign it or even the head of the school management.

3. Find an Online Editor

Ensuring you have your plans set, you can start designing your certificate. You can start searching for online certificate editors on the Internet and choose one that works well for you. If you have software that you are already using, then you can start making an initial draft. However, if you are not familiar with editing and you do not know any online editors, it is better to try out Apple Pages for starters. Apple Pages are available in all Mac and iOS devices, so if you own one of these devices, it will be easier to download. Also, Apple Pages has a tutorial for first-time users, making it convenient to navigate.

4. Put Exact Certificate Title

When you start your design, your first activity will be to name your certificate. Again, this is why you need to know what school certificate you'll be making. When you are making a certificate for primary school students, indicate the word "primary." It is also applicable when you are doing certifications for high school and university students. If you are making a certificate for various reasons and not just for academic achievements, then write the title as it should be because your contents will follow the flow of its intended purpose.

5. Insert Important Information and Print

The most crucial thing in your certificate is its contents. Do put the name of the recipient on the center for emphasis. If it does not apply to a specific certificate, then make sure you write the right name and the exact spelling. Complete all the needed details and print the title legibly or indicate reasons for granting certificates. Write down the name of the authorized signatories underneath the certificate. Lastly, after checking everything, you can now print it. Use materials of high-quality, and if you can afford it, you can also frame it up.

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