How to Make a School Flowchart in Apple Pages

Be it in middle school, high school, or college, stress is a normal part of being a student. However, there are students that are impacted by stress far more than others, which leads to a greater negative effect on their ability to do well in school. That’s why we’re offering to lend you a hand with our Ready-Made School Flowchart Templates; it’s a great help to have a workflow in guiding you through your academic routines.

To edit our templates easily on your Mac computer, Apple Pages is an ideal program to use. If you need some guidance on what to do, check out our quick and easy steps down below.

1. Download Apple Pages from the App Store

A Mac desktop can be very efficient when it comes to doing schoolwork, but you also need the right kind of app to use our templates -- Apple Pages. To install this handy app, head over to and download it from there; Pages is free for anyone to use, which is a perfect match for a student’s limited budget!

If you can’t afford a Mac-based computer but have an iPad or iPhone, you’re in luck since Pages is also compatible with mobile iOS platforms! Plus, you have the option to use Pages’ compatibility with Apple Pencil, giving you an intuitive method of working with the app.

2. Browse Through Our Flowchart Templates

We have plenty of useful document templates that students can take advantage of! If you’re interested in one of our school-oriented flowcharts (as seen on this page), open the template’s page through its respective thumbnail, a different tab should open up on your web browser. On the new tab is the template’s page, which has a large download button in the middle; click on the download button and follow the quick instructions to save the template file to your computer/device. Pick a suitable spot in your storage to easily find the file later; rename it if needed.

3. Open Apple Pages; Edit Your Template

After downloading the template file to your storage, open it in Pages and make the necessary changes for your own flowchart. Think of how to summarize your workflow into segregated bits that you can insert into your diagram.

When replacing the prewritten text with your own content, make sure that your font is easy to read back later; use styles and colors that stand out from the template’s visual design. Arrange the sequence of tasks appropriately to prevent confusion when using your flowchart later. Apple Pages also has a set of creativity tools, so feel free to personalize the aesthetics of your template.

If you’re looking for other ways to organize your day, then putting together a schedule is a great option.

4. Remember to Save

After completing your flowchart, print out a paper copy to carry around. If you’d prefer, you can save a digital copy to your mobile device to bring instead.

Whether you need to plan your project tasks or your daily morning routine, Apple Pages and our flowchart templates can help you out!

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