How to Insert Text, Change Color, Font, and Size in Google Drawings?

Google Drawings offer you a range of customizable features to alter texts such as adding a text, changing its color, and choosing your preferred font style or size. Allow this simple tutorial to give you the introduction to how to insert text, change color, font, and size in Google Drawings. how-to-insert-text-change-color-font-and-size-in-google-drawings

How to Insert Text, Change Color, Font, and Size in Google Drawings?

  • Step 1: How to Insert Text in Google Drawings

    To use Google Drawings and insert text boxes, you need to hover your mouse on the Insert button. A menu will appear where you can select the Textbox button. Once your cursor looks like a cross, you can drag your mouse to create a box. Then, type in the word inside the box.

  • Step 2: How to Change the Font Size of the Text


    In changing the font size in Google Drawings, you can click the text box. Then, highlight the text inside it and click the Font size button found on the toolbar. Afterward, you can choose your preferred font size to match your purpose. You can click a particular number or the Increase font size (+) CNTRL+SHIFT+ or the Decrease font size (-) CNTRL+SHIFT-.

  • Step 3: How to Change the Color of the Text


    To change color, highlight the text in the box. Then, click the Text color button to choose a color. You can choose from a variety of colors from the options. But you can also select custom to create your color by adjusting the hue.

  • Step 4: How to Change the Font Style of the Text


    To change the font style, highlight the text again in your box. Then, click the Font button to choose your preferred font style. To use an entertaining Font style, click the More Fonts button. It will lead you to a dialog box with a more comprehensive list of font styles.

In adding text, is it possible to use the Word Art?

Yes, Word Art is also another way for you to type in your text for annotation of your images or whatever purpose it may serve.

Can I adjust the borders of my text box too?

Of course! Adjusting the text box border is also possible. You can have it transparent or have it colored to match your font color.

What button do I need to use to adjust the alignment of my text?

You can use the Alignment button located in the toolbar. Just make sure to click the textbox first.