How to Insert/Use Pivot Table in Google Sheets

Wondering how to put a pivot table to organize all your data? Find out how to do that in Google Sheets with these easy steps. how-to-insertuse-pivot-table-in-google-sheets

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How to Insert/Use Pivot Table in Google Sheets

  • Step 1. Open Google Sheets and Type In Your Data


    When working on your content over your spreadsheets in Google Sheets, you may end up creating a pivot table to organize all of your data. The best part is you don’t have to make it from scratch to sort, filter, and refresh your data! Start by typing your data first.

  • Step 2. Click Insert


    Move your cursor to the top part of the screen. There click on Insert and you will see a dropdown.

  • Step 3. Click on Pivot Table


    Next click on the ‘Pivot table’ option on the dropdown. This will end in making a new tab known as Pivot Table 1. You may choose to rename it if you want.

  • Step 4. Click Rows and then Property Type


    Next, move your cursor to the table editor specifically to ‘Rows’. Click on Add and select Property Type.

  • Step 5. Click Values and then Add


    Next, do the same on the ‘Values’ part. There you can click on Add, and select whatever category is there and you’re done! Your large data can be listed, sorted, calculated, or filtered with ease. And that is how you add and use a Pivot table in Google Sheets!

Can I make more than one Pivot table in Google Sheets?

Yes, there is no limit to how many Pivot tables you can make in a Google Sheet file as long as you have enough data to provide for its contents.

What is the purpose of a Pivot table in Google Sheets?

One of the purposes of a Pivot table is that you can organize how the data is in your spreadsheet. This will help readers and users to view and understand the content. It is also flexible enough that you can change how it’s presented.

Is there a shortcut key or need to insert a formula in creating Pivot tables in Google Sheets?

No, there are no known shortcut keys available in Google Sheets.