How to Lock an Image in Google Slides

You can lock images in place in Google Slides to prevent them from being moved accidentally. Just go through the steps we’ve listed below to do it right. how-to-lock-an-image-in-google-slides

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How to Lock an Image in Google Slides

  • Step 1: Open a Saved Presentation with Images

    Go to and open a Google Slides presentation with attached images. You can also import a PowerPoint presentation if you want. If you don’t have an existing presentation, you can start a new one and know the process of how to insert, crop, or mask image in Google Slides.

  • Step 2: Resize Image as Needed

    Once you’ve opened a presentation, resize or reposition the image the way you want it in the slide. To resize your image, click on it and go to Format Options. And under Format Options, open the Size and Rotation settings. You can adjust the width, height, and orientation of your image, just like changing the slide size in Google Slides. To reposition your image, simply drag it to a specific spot.

  • Step 3: Download Your Slide as an Image

    Once your image is set in a specific size and fixed position that you want, download your slide as an image file. To do that, go to File on the menu bar and hover over Download. In the Download drop-down menu, you can choose either JPEG image or PNG image format. After clicking on either, your slide will be downloaded as an image file on your computer.

  • Step 4: Set Downloaded Slide Image as Background

    The next thing we need to do is set the downloaded slide image as background in Google Slides. Before that, remove the current image in your slide. After that, click on an open space in your slide and select Background on the toolbar. Click the Choose Image and select Upload. Find the downloaded slide image file to upload it and set it as background. Your background has the image you want to lock. Since it’s part of the background, it can’t be moved or resized.

    Is there no official method to lock images in Google Slides?

    Unfortunately, there’s currently no official method or tools to lock images in Google Slides. The best method, for now, is to download slides as image files and reupload them to Google Slides as backgrounds. Follow the steps we’ve discussed above to be guided.

    Can I lock objects and shapes in Google Slides?

    Yes, you can lock image size, lock objects, lock shapes, and lock quick layouts in Google Slides. First, you must arrange them in your slide. Put them in the place that you need them and adjust their sizes as you see fit. After that, download the slide as an image file, remove everything in your slides, and upload the image file as the background. The objects in your image background can’t be moved or adjusted.

    What image formats are accepted by Google Slides?

    Google Slides accepts all the major image formats, that includes JPEG, GIF, and PNG. That said, feel free to upload them to Google Slides to beautify your presentation.

    Can I insert images in Google Slides using URLs?

    Yes, you can insert images in Google Slides using URLs. Go to the Insert menu, open Image, and select the “By URL” option. Simply copy-paste the official URL of your image.