How to Make and Save a Google Drawing

From making to saving your work in Google Drawings, the process is as easy as pie. And this article shall make it even easier for you by applying the proper steps to make and save a Google Drawing. how-to-make-and-save-a-google-drawing-01

How to Make and Save a Google Drawing

  • Step 1: How to Create Drawing in Google Drive


    To begin, you need to open Google Chrome. Then, hover your mouse on the Google Apps button in the upper right corner. Next, select Google Drive. You will be redirected to a new window where you can choose the New button in the upper left corner and click it. From the drop-down menu, you can select Google Drawings.

  • Step 2: How to Select and Format Shapes


    Since you’ve started with a new canvas, you can now use Google Drawings’ tools to edit and format any shapes on it this time. To insert a shape, locate the Shape button and choose your preferred shape for your drawing. You can hover your mouse to the Line tools and click it to insert a line. You can fill them with color through the Fill color button. Moreover, you can customize their borderline and style too.

  • Step 3: How to Add Text


    To add comprehensive details to your drawings, you can add a text where you write your purpose. To do this, you need to locate the Insert button. Then, click the Text box from the options.

  • Step 4: How to Save Drawings

    To share and export drawings, you need to locate the File menu button in the upper left corner. Then, choose the Download button to save them on your computer. Additionally, you can download them in any file format you prefer. Once done, you can share them through your Google Drive.

Can I also use guides for my canvas?

Yes, you can use the guides and rulers in your canvas background.

Is it possible to add other effects to my text?

Yes, it is possible through the Reflection and Drops shadow effects.

I plan to make vector art; what specific line style should I use in Google Drawings?

It is highly recommended to use the Polyline for easy tracing for vector art.