How to Make / Design a Google Slides Presentation for Business

Business presentations must have high-quality designs. It’s easy to do, just be guided by the steps we’ve prepared below. You’ll have the best presentations in no time. how-to-make-design-a-google-slides-presentation-for-business

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How to Make / Design a Google Slides Presentation for Business

  • Step 1: Access to Begin


    To start creating a Google Slides presentation, go to on your browser. Click Blank or choose a minimalist template from the Google Slides template gallery to begin.

  • Step 2: Choose a Minimalist Google Slides Theme


    Google Slides presentations for professionals and businesses should be simple. That said, make sure to choose a minimalist Google Slides theme. Go to Slides and click Change Theme. Browse through the provided themes in the Themes panel on the right. Add a theme to Google Slides by clicking the one you’ve chosen.

  • Step 3: Use Easy-to-Read Fonts


    It’s important to add fonts to Google Slides that are easy to read, especially for business and company profile presentations. So before you start writing your presentation, open the Font menu on the toolbar and click More Fonts. The Fonts panel will appear on your screen just like in the image above. Choose simple font styles in there.

  • Step 4: Use Tables, Charts, and Diagrams


    You should use tables, charts, and diagrams for business presentations, especially for the likes of reports and pitch deck proposals. Those visuals communicate statistics better than mere words and sentences. So go to Insert and select either the Table, Chart, or Diagram options.

  • Step 5: Click Slideshow to Present


    If your slides are ready, go to View and click Slideshow to present. Your presentation will then appear on your screen as a slideshow output.


Is Google Slides free to use for companies?

Yes, companies of any size and status can use Google Slides completely for free. They can create and share presentations among members of their organization.

How can my colleagues edit my Google Slides presentation?

They can edit your presentation by giving them editor access when you share it.

Can I download my Google Slides presentation?

Yes, you can download your Google Slides presentation and save it on your computer. Go to the File menu and select Download.