How to Shadow Letters in Google Drawings?

Giving letters some shadow gives more emphasis and depth to the font presentation. And Google Drawings certainly lets you shadow letters creatively by applying these useful steps. how-to-shadow-letters-in-google-drawings

How to Shadow Letters in Google Drawings?

  • Step 1: How to Insert Text

    To use Google Drawings to create a drop shadow on text, you need to follow this step. First, hover your mouse on the Insert button. Then, select the Word Art button that appears on the screen. Next, type in the word inside the box.

  • Step 2: How to Resize the Text Inserted

    If you prefer to resize the shape, click the word. Then, a blue border will appear with different angle points. This time, you can click and drag a particular point and move it in your desired direction.

  • Step 3: How to Add Shadow to the Letter

    For Word Art and shadowing letters, you need to start highlighting the text. Then, press CNTRL+C and CNTRL+V or right-click the word, choose Copy, then right-click once again to paste. Next, click the other copy, then change it to black color. Right-click the black-colored letter, then select Order, and then Send Backward option.

  • Step 4: How to Adjust the Shadow from the Letter

    Since the black-colored letter is sent at the back portion of your letter, it will serve as the shadow. This time, it’s your turn to adjust the black-colored letters to your desired angle in shadowing the letters. To make it more creative, you can use fill color to change your text color but make sure to remain the shadow a black colored one. Once done, you can share and export drawings right away!

Can I also use the Text Box aside from the Word Art in creating drop shadow for my letter?

Yes, you can use other options like the Text Box to create a shadow.

Is there any possible way to add a shadow for the entire text box rather than for each letter?

Yes, of course! You can utilize the Format options that appear on the toolbar.

Can I also customize the drop shadow in the format options?

Yes, you can customize it. You can also adjust the different shadowing elements found on its menu.