How to Use the Scribble Tool in Google Drawings

Create doodles and any form you want with the scribble tool available in Google Drawings. And this brief tutorial shows you the different ways on how to use the scribble tool effectively in Google Drawings. how-to-use-the-scribble-tool-in-google-drawings

How to Use the Scribble Tool in Google Drawings

  • Step 1: How to Insert Scribble Line


    To use Google Drawings’ scribble tool in designing or for signature, you need to locate the Insert button first. Then, a drop-down menu will appear. This time, various types of lines will appear, but you need to select the Line for Scribble line.

  • Step 2: How to Change the Line Color

    To customize and change the color of your scribble line, hover your mouse on the toolbar, look for the Line color button, and click it. Feel free to choose your preferred color or use the Custom button to adjust the hue.

  • Step 3: How to Change Line Thickness


    To adjust the line thickness of your scribble line, you need to begin by locating the line weight button in the toolbar. Then, you can select from 1px to 24px. It applies to any line types that you may also want to use in your drawings.

  • Step 4: How to Change Dash Line


    To change your line into a dashed line, locate the Dash Line button on your toolbar and click the Dash Line button. Once you’re done enhancing your scribble line, you may now share and export drawings right away.

Is it possible to include some arrow to emphasize where the line starts and end?

Yes, it is possible. Make sure to locate the Line start and Line end button on the toolbar.

Can I change the position of my scribble line?

Yes, of course! Make sure to use the Format Options and the Position button.

Are there any other effects that I can use to enhance my scribble line?

There are a lot of effects that you can use to make it more creative such as the Reflection of the Drop Shadow effects.

Is it also possible to adjust the Drop shadow effects on my scribble line?

Yes, adjusting the transparency, angle, distance, and blur radius are possible.