How Do You Make Longer Timeline in Apple Motion

The duration of a video or film project varies on the need and overall concept of the project; others settle with a shorter timeline while some create a longer timeline. Apple Motion allows you to create different audio-visual content in different timelines easily and efficiently. how-do-you-make-longer-timeline-in-apple-motion

How do you Make a Longer Timeline in Apple Motion

The timeline is responsible for controlling all timing aspects of your project. Learn to adjust the timeline of your video and film projects by walking through the step-by-step process below.

  • Step 1: Open Apple Motion

    To start, open Apple Motion on your IOS devices. This software can be downloaded on App Store and is the best way to build effects on Final Cut Pro.


  • Step 2: Go to your Project

    Choose File, then go to Open, a dialog box appears from there then navigate the project file you want to use, and then click Open.

  • Step 3: Proceed to Timeline

    The timeline is located under the timing toolbar in the Timing Pane. The timeline consists of three areas: layer list, track area, and ruler.


  • Step 4: Change Value

    Go to Edit, then click on Project Properties, or simply press Command-J, then change the value of the Duration field in the Properties Inspector.

  • Step 5: Change Duration in Seconds, Minutes, and Hours

    In the timing display, click the down arrow to pop up the menu and set them to Show Timecode and Show Project Duration. After, set the duration to a specific timecode value by entering them in this format: HH:MM:SS:FF format (hours:minutes:seconds:frames), including a colon between each double-digit number.


What is an Apple Motion?

Apple Motion is a motion graphics tool to create imaging effects for a variety of video and film projects.

Is Apple Motion easy to use?

Like any other software application, there is a needed learning time for Apple Motion; however, when mastered this tool will instantly make your video projects better.

What does Apple Motion create?

Apple Motion creates cinematic 2D, 3D, and 380 degrees titles, fluid transitions, and realistic effects.

What is the Apple Motion timeline?

Apple Motion timeline is where one can control all timing aspects of a project, such as when a project starts and ends, align multiple effects, control duration, and perform trims.

Is Apple Motion good for animation?

Yes, Apple Motion is good for animation because it is equipped with relevant tools, features, and functionalities to easily perform animation.

Can you change the project duration to different time frames?

Yes, you can adjust the project duration per different time frames, either in seconds, minutes, and hours.

Can you edit videos in Apple Motion?

Apple Motion is not designed to be a video editor tool but as a designing or improving tool for videos by adding effects and performing necessary video elements, such as simple trimming and transitions.

Can you make a timeline shorter in Apple Motion?

Yes, you can by simply entering a shorter value of the project duration and following the steps above.

What is the latest version of Motion?

The latest version of Apple Motion is 5.4.4.