How Make 3D Models Apple Motion

Apple Motion features an option that allows 3D models to be added to projects. The application allows users to add 3D models from its pre-made 3D objects in the Motion Library or import 3D models in USDZ file format. how-make-3d-models-apple-motion

How Make 3D Models Apple Motion

Apple Motion enables users to add 3D objects to both their 2D and 3D Motion projects. Once added, these objects can be animated using behaviors or keyframes, apply filters, use as a particle, and more.

  • Step 1: Select the 3D Objects Category in Motion

    After opening the Apple Motion application, select a 3D Object category. Under this category is another list of subcategories like Education, Furniture, Household, and more.

  • Step 2: Select a 3D Object Under the Subcategories

    Select a 3D object you want to use under one of the subcategories. These objects will be displayed below the categories window.

  • Step 3: Drag the 3D Object to the Timeline

    After selecting a 3D object, drag it to your Timeline’s track area. Release your mouse button when you reach the frame or area you want to add a new 3D object to start.

  • Step 4: Adjust the 3D Properties in the Inspector

    You can modify the 3D object’s lighting, blend mode, timing, and other properties. Just click the Properties button in the Inspector option of Apple Motion.


How can I import a 3D object in Motion?

Start by clicking the Import button in the toolbar, clicking one or more 3D objects in USDZ file format, then clicking import then the 3D object will appear in the canvas.

How to adjust 3D object properties?

To adjust your 3D object’s properties, select the 3D object in the Layers list, click the Properties button in the Inspector tab, then modify the parameters in Transform, Blending, Lighting, Media, or Timing controls.

How can I adjust the 3D object environment lighting?

Select the Project object in your Layers list in at least one 3D object, then drag the 3D Object Environment slider to the right or left at the Rendering Section of the Project Properties Inspector to adjust the environment intensity.

What should I do to adjust the timing of 3D objects?

There are several methods to adjust the timing of 3D objects and some of these can be done by using the Time controls in the Properties Inspector, adjusting the playback to loop, reverse, hold, or ping pong, or applying Retiming behaviors to the animated 3D objects.

How can I retime a specific frame of an animated 3D object?

Locate the frame of the animated 3D object you want to utilize by using the playback controls, select the animated 3D object, click the Show button on the right side of the Timing row, then drag the End Duration to extend the duration of the freeze-frame image.

How can I move a layer in 3D space?

Start by selecting the 3D Transform tool in the Motion canvas toolbar, choosing a layer or group, then move the object horizontally, vertically, forward, or backward by dragging the arrows that tell the direction you want to use.