How to Make Product Animation in Apple Motion

Animating a product in Apple Motion is hard and takes time to finish especially if it involves a lot of intricate details. Whether you’re new to or experienced in Apple Motion, the program comes with accessible and convenient tools to ease up the process. how-to-make-product-animation-in-apple-motion

How to Make Product Animation in Apple Motion

Animating objects and shapes is difficult enough, how much more when you need to animate a company product? If that is the case, referring to an instructional guide will help you save time and start your project in no time. 

  • Step 1: Video Your Product

    First of all, you need to shoot a video of your product. Make sure to do it creatively so that it requires less animation. Afterward, save the output to your computer.

  • Step 2: Insert Product Video

    Insert the video into the Apple Motion project by uploading it from your computer. You can also put your file on the desktop so you can easily drag it to your project.

  • Step 3: Edit Video

    Once the video file is added to the project, you can start editing your video. You can set the properties of the video that is in the sidebar tool. Click on it to see multiple tools such as adding layers for images you plan to include in the video. Right-click the first layer to add a new layer for images. You can also add text by clicking the text tool in the sidebar tool.

  • Step 4: Set KeyframeHow to Make Product Animation in Apple Motion - Step 1

    Set the keyframe of your objects, shapes, text, and video. You can see the keyframe setting section below. It allows you to set the duration, starting, and ending points of animation. You need to click a layer you want to animate and set its transition and movement.


What is Apple Keynote?

Apple Keynote is an Apple software that allows you to create presentations you use for your reporting and discussion you use for your meetings.

What is Apple Motion?

An Apple Motion is an animating application from Apple that helps animators to create animation for their marketing activities and visual presentations.

Can you access Apple Motion files to Windows?

You can access Apple Motion files to Windows by using file conversions.

What can you create with Apple Motion?

You can create creative combined clips and animation, leading Apple Motion to be used by professional animators to develop fun and innovative visuals.

What is an Apple Numbers app?

An Apple Numbers app is an application from Apple that allows you to create spreadsheets and tables you can use to record employee performance and productivity or financial calculations.

How do you add a new group in Apple Motion?

You can add a new group by right-clicking the first group of your project to see a popup menu and clicking the new group option.

Can you use Apple software using Windows?

You can, but you will still need an Apple ID to access Apple software since you can access them only using a browser and the internet that requires an Apple ID to route you to your apps.

Is Apple Motion free?

Apple Motion provides advanced features causing it to have a price to pay before use.