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Growing up in a small town as a teenager, you wouldn’t let Friday night football games or getting to see your best friends crowned prom king and queen just pass you by. School is, and always seems to be what you look forward to, making the summer after each semester all the more sweeter and worthwhile because you get to spend it with the same kids you grew up with, without realizing that one day, it’s just about time to clean your locker and say goodbye to your high school alma mater. Just like that. In a flash, it’s time to also bid your friends goodbye, your family, your house, savoring each moment you walk down the same street you walked to school in, for most of your life, because you have to ride off into the sunset and chase your dreams by going to college.

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Sample College Application Form

sample college application form 788x1020

Application Form for Undergraduates

application form for undergraduates 788x1020

Undergraduate Application Form Template

undergraduate application form template 788x1114

But of course, not before you have completed your college applications, which you would have already done before high school graduation. You have to bear in mind that doing so would prepare you for the world while leaving your beloved hometown behind. It’s time to face the beginning of the rest of your life. Because one way or the other, going to college is a whole new journey. And a tough one to boot. Not to mention the process involved in trying to get accepted in the school of your choice.

Life After High School

You might think you have it all figured out, but until you’re sure of what you want to do and where you want to be, choosing a university to make your dreams happen, will be very complicated. Especially because you have a lot of options since this country’s college education system is arguably one of the very best in the world. You would have aimed for Ivy League but what if it’s not your dreams but your parents’? You may also see application form templates.

You would have wanted Berkeley but what if you’re only doing it to be with your friends? Find your purpose. It’s time to live your own life, and believe it or not, starting to live your life the way you want it to, starts in college. You missed your high school clique, sure. But college offers that ten times better. You can join sororities, fraternities that produced leaders, clubs to unleash your creativity, scholarships abroad, and meet different people from different places. The possibilities are endless. And that’s what makes your sample applications both exciting and a lot more challenging. You practically have a door open to so many great things for the taking.


February is that time of the year when high school juniors have to get ready for college admissions rather than just worry about what they would wear and who their date is on prom night. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case because students probably haven’t even thought about life after high school, let alone college. They are either too caught up in deadlines for homework and science project outlines, the next game of football or lacrosse, volunteer work for the community, prom or hanging out with classmates who they would soon part ways with. Even in your last years of high school, the activities available for you seems too fun to skip on. But that seems to come naturally for a close-knit community or town where fighting for a place in specific universities or colleges trigger the acceptance probability and making it close to none.


Applying to more than one college to keep your options open is an overwhelming process, especially if you’re receiving little assistance from school and your family. However, since colleges have different programs, they also have varying requirements for applications and a tad too many forms that need to be completed, which would just add to the tough task and pressure. But the best way to get it done and over with is to start and the best way to start is by getting organized. You may also see employment application forms.


The thought of getting your admission requirements organized can feel like a full-time job. This makes parents more worried about their children’s academic standing and how it would fare in sample college applications. After all, every parent would only want what’s best for their child but at the same time, they wouldn’t be able to help doubts about the student’s focus on the amount of work required to get accepted into an institution that offers a good education.

1. Sorting

Many universities keep up with the changes that happen every year and there’s a good amount of resources you can use out there, with the internet as a major reference for listings and information. The problem is in sorting whatever information is available, however overwhelming, into something you can use as a guide for the whole process. You may also see job application forms.

2. Guidance

Look for support. You can’t do this alone no matter how much you want to prove you can. Start with a guidance counselor, because even though there are a lot of colleges who don’t employ counselors, there are also many that hire these professionals exclusively for college counseling. Check with the counseling department or guidance office as they would most likely have access to information and the right people to answer the most important questions about your application. If your school has a counselor devoted to this task as well, then it’s a good time to seek their advice. Counselors are your allies. You may also see sample application templates.

3. Recommendations

You will receive close to a hundred recommendations from your parents, to your peers, to your school authorities. Tread carefully and don’t forget that these are but suggestions and not judgments since they only come from what counselors know about their students and what your academic papers say. You may think yourself ivy league worthy but a counselor and the rest may have another view of your capabilities, based on their professional experience with the best universities as well as your records. Even if your grades make it, counselors also know that if Stanford, Harvard or Cambridge has less than 5% acceptance rate, your chances of warranting a spot is still less than likely. Whatever the counselor say regarding on which institutions would fit you best, don’t take it personally if you find it hard to agree. You may also see application letter templates.

Take the time to consider their advice and check for yourself whether or not these schools may, in fact, be the key to a bright future waiting and a college life worth looking forward to. If you’re trying to reach for the stars and only applying for internationally-ranked universities, remember that you are also competing and fighting for a place with other students who are just as qualified and as good as you. Big pond, small fish, they say. But it’s worth the effort. You may also see application sample templates.

College Common Application Form

college common application form 788x1114

Universal Application Form

universal application form 788x1020

4. Focus

In the first stages of college applications and of filling out forms, you also need to put the focus on yourself more than just the thought of “college, finally.” Try t think hard and long about what makes you feel academically challenged or eager. What are you willing to burn midnight candles on? Where does your passion lie? If given the chance, what sort of things do you want to find out more about? These are deep but important questions because they will help you choose the colleges that have programs which you can identify best with and would fit your academic needs, as well as personal growth. Focus. Reflect. They count before your application just as much as effort does. You may also see scholarship application templates.

5. Checklist

Get a checklist so that you can keep track of what requirements you have managed to complete. This would help you monitor your progress on the application process because by having a list, you get to double check paperwork or documents specific to your needs and that of schools you have chosen. Requirements differ from undergraduate studies to graduate studies, to international scholarships and checklist helps you manage your tasks and beat deadlines for application. It also makes the process a tad easier as it gives you plenty of time to focus on more tasks ahead. Specific college admissions have different forms, so be sure to always check and monitor. Fortunately, basic requirements are common to most universities. You may also see membership application templates.

International Application Form

international application form 788x1114

International Student Application Form

international student application form 788x1105

College Student Application Form

college student application form 788x1114

University Application Form

university application form 788x1114

If you are a graduating senior, already finished with his or her college applications, congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back, because it isn’t easy to complete the process and fill out so many forms, let alone get accepted to the University of your choice. But you know what else this means? A clean slate. That’s about the best graduation gift you can give yourself and the best gift everybody else can give you. High school is going to b left behind along with your fond memories of youth. The world is waiting. Whether you really want to go straight to college or put it off for joining the army, score the best scholarship abroad, the world will wait. Find a piece of it in every person, place or school you’re meant to see, meet and study in.

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