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9+ Puppy Application Form Templates – PDF, DOC

When you pick up a dog from the pet store, from an adoption group or animal shelter, you become in charge of it, for the rest of its life, whether you like it or not. Everything that involves like taking care of it, from the food to the place it sleeps down to healthcare, you will be responsible for, from day one. Not that this is such a bad thing. Your responsibility of being an owner of a pet does not end when it grows up and become a full grown animal.

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It certainly does not come close to ending either, after it had bred familiarity with you and whole household. There is so much more to being its master than just those things. They stay with you, thus, it is only right that you give your dog the proper care it needs. And you can do that by making sure they are safe and get proper medication when needed.

Pet Application Sample Form

Pet Application Form

Pet Application Form Template

Puppy Adoption

Getting an approval to adopt a pet, or be allowed to rent a place with your puppy does not just come from nowhere. You will have to have enough reasons and valid documentation once you decide to own a pet that is still small and new, not when the need calls for it. Sometimes, adopting one as early as when they’re just puppies helps a lot, and not when it is already too late to save them. This is why pet centers or animal shelters make sure to do a background check before approving an application for pet adoption. They want to know that the puppy would grow to be a dog in a pet-friendly environment while helping your community at the same time.


1. Research

Do not be in a hurry but be prepared enough and get your papers ready. Check fliers, online advertisements, and other postings of animal shelters or charity groups with a focus on pets and finding new homes for them. Surely there will be one, waiting for you, even if you rejected the first time. Give it time while you are still currently renting. Do not do it when you are almost moving out. When you go out the street and do some legwork, remember to ask every shelter you have in mind or center how long they have been doing their work. Experience counts for much. It is only right to trust the person that has a long track record of dealing with dogs in this sort of way.

2. Interview

When you have already chosen the puppy that seems right for you and your loved ones, a representative from the organization will arrange a meeting with you and ask necessary questions to evaluate if you and your environment at home are a good match to the one you have chosen. Show your interest in it but try not to sound as if you are trying to upsell it. Be honest and keep it professional, during the interview phase of your application process for adoption. Be flexible when looking for a puppy. You don’t have to specifically own a cocker spaniel or a posh breed, since all you want is a puppy to take care of, first and foremost.

3. Paperwork

After completing the forms and other requirements, people usually get to take the pet home on the same day, although there are some groups that add a background check as a requirement and arrange a home visit to see if the location is ideal enough for the dog’s long-term safety.

Pet Application/Registration Form

Dog Adoption Application Form


The health of your future furry friend is no less important from that of a human being. Especially, since you have decided to take it under your wing. All the more that its safety should be important to you too. Surely, people do not bring home animals because they want a playmate. They hunger for companionship, and sometimes, the warm welcome of a puppy after a tiresome day at work, is just what you need. Because not all people have a child at an age they can already manage to. And, it is easier to get a dog, because it is known to be your best friend. You may also see Application Templates in Word.


Getting someone who can help you make sure it stays safe and healthy, would also not be easy. As many people engage themselves in being pet owners, more organizations dedicated to protecting the rights and life of domestic animals, as well as veterinary facilities sprung almost out of nowhere from every nook and cranny in one area. None of them are built to be the same though. Although their staff exists for the same purpose, they differ in the kind of service they are able to offer. For instance, one practice will be bigger, one organization will have more access and connections to the community and partnerships with other organizations who benefit from the pet adoption programs.

The clinics will have equipment that is more advanced and some shelters will be more strict in their choices of pet parents who they think does not necessarily meet the dog’s needs. Then there will be those that are decent enough, with facilities that can cater to the kind of care your puppy should have. The size of your place does not matter. But being pet-friendly and your credibility can. The requirements will vary, most of the time, depending on the needs and past experiences with people who failed to be good parents or owners to puppies they adopted and vowed to take care of.

Simple Pet Application Form

Puppy Application Form Sample


It is understandable that everybody would want a good pet, that’s why a majority of pet lovers choose puppies and finding the right people also make your life easier by helping you make your dog look and feel good is important. This is because you also get to improve their health in the process. Getting them groomed can help you become more in tune with what is happening to the animal. Doing this would help in keeping their hygiene at a manageable level because of the washing. And also because of the unnecessary fur that they have to cut. Your four-legged may be protesting when it is his or her first time at the vet or pet groomers. At the dog house or your room, but getting it soaked in water, having necessary shots from the vet and feeding it well will be just what it needs, on top of play time. You may also see Job Application Templates.

Finding Dog/Puppy Friendly Rentals

When the paper work checklist is completed and filled out, some charity groups, dedicated to the welfare of animals, in general, will help you get in contact with their list of trusted veterinarians. They can also help you transfer or look for pet-friendly apartment rentals, should your landlord refuse to accept you living there with a pet, no matter how hard you negotiate. Trying to find an apartment is time-consuming enough, what with all the energy involved in the process. It’s double the trouble if you are moving with a puppy, since not everyone in certain premises will be open to having them around, especially if they have valid reasons, like allergies and concerns about sanitation. That’s quite understandable, so you have to expect that this is a likely scenario when you decide to get a puppy. Finding a place for you both is a tougher job, but not impossible.

Finding a place to rent when you have a pet can be very tiring for you. The process involved in moving your stuff is in itself, time-consuming already. You will just have to be patient enough the entire time for you to get started and get it over with. It might also help if you give yourself time when applying for puppy adoption. Understand the management or your potential landlord. You will encounter a number who will say no.

Just put yourself in their situation. They may have had bad encounters with tenants before, whom they allowed with dogs and it did not turn out right. It could be that people living around are not open to having it on the property and treating you as an exception may cost them their job or business. Check for an organization that specializes helping dog owners who are searching for a place where they can move in with pets. There are others who have the same experience too and theirs could be tougher. Or, you may have been in this situation before. Just remember how you dealt with it the first time, then carry on with help from other people. You may also see Restaurant Application Templates.

Pet Application

Dog Application

Owning a pet requires dedication to its needs. You have to make sure that it will be able to live a long life with you, and that’s what you have to prove to the organization or shelter you’re planning to get the puppy from. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose of getting it as a companion. People will encounter problems like its constant need for a checkup and consultation with the veterinarian, grooming and feeding it properly among other things. You have to ask yourself many times if you can deal with the responsibility of having a puppy. It will be challenging but like most challenging things, it will be worth it. You may also see Application Form Templates.

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