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6+ Nanny Application Form Templates in PDF

We can’t deny that we used to be one of the cutest people in the world. Yes, I am talking about the time when we were still babies. Our cute cheeks and chinky eyes used to make people who are way older than us squeeze them and would want to play with us all the time. Often, we would play with them too and get to laugh with the tickles and weird faces they make. But as babies, we were also unpredictable because we would cry at any moment at any given time of the day. With this action, the guests would try their best to stop us from crying but most of the time, fail to do so. The persons who would calm us down would either be our parents or our nanny. You may also see application for employment forms.

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This article will talk about what a nanny is and will provide you the necessary information. If you are also planning to hire a nanny, we would guide you on how to make a nanny application form by enumerating the general parts of this type of application form. Along with the enumeration, we will also be showing you sample templates as a reference. Lastly, we will inform you about the benefits of having a nanny as well as its disadvantages

1. Nanny Application Form Template

2. Nanny Employment Application Form

3. Nanny Application for Employment

The “Nanny” in the house

A nanny is basically a second mother to the baby. A nanny is responsible for watching over the baby full-time while the parents are away. This is for the continuation of the emotional, mental, and physical development of the baby. He/she plans what activities will they do with the baby for the week and would prepare the baby’s meal and constantly checks up on him or her. Additional to that, the nanny also does the household chores. You may also see teacher application forms.

A nanny would work up to 40-50 hours a week. Looking at that number, you can conclude that it is a full-time job. This differs from a babysitter who usually works just 3 hours a day and is just temporary. Since the nanny has a heavier workload than of a babysitter, it is expected that the nanny would earn more. Most nannies now are professionally trained and often have experienced being a nanny. If ever you are planning to hire a nanny, you have to check her nanny experiences and where has he or she have been trained to be a nanny. You may also see employment application forms.

4. Application for Nurse Nanny

5. Nanny Application Form Sample

Parts of the Nanny Contract

Small and big-time nanny companies are usually responsible in providing nannies to parents who are in need of one but the parents can also be the one to look for one and at the same time, be the one to interview nannies who will apply in their home. You may also see free rental applications.

Either way, the purpose is still the same and that is to hire a nanny who is patient and hardworking enough to look over a baby who can be so spontaneous at any moment’s notice. This section of the article will enumerate the necessary parts of a nanny application form. This will be useful if ever you are planning to interview nanny applicants to get and review thoroughly their personal background to help you in hiring the best one among them. You may also see application forms.

Here are the general parts of a nanny application form that an applicant has to fill up:

1. Application Date. The date on which you applied for the nanny position.

2. General Information. This will include the applicant’s name, address, cellular number, nationality, civil status. age, height, sex, and birthdate.

3. Type of Position. This pertains to whether the applicant would want to be a part-time, full-time, live-in and etc. nanny. This would let the parents know if the type of position you are applying for would fit their sample schedules and be beneficial for the baby.

4. Education. The applicant should write the information about his/her educational attainment and where he/she studied in his/her first, secondary, and tertiary education and if he or she received any honors. You may also see business credit applications.

5. Training. This will apply if the nanny has received professional training or not.

6. Experience. If the nanny applicant has been a nanny for a past client, he or she should state how many months or years has he/she been a nanny for that client and state his/her reason for leaving. She should also state how many babies was he/she watching over. Additional to that, he/she should put information as to how many hours did he/she work per week for that client and how much he/she earned. Details about his/her past client should be included to serve as a reference. You may also see job application forms.

7. Other Work Experiences. Apart from being a nanny, the applicant will also need to fill up the information regarding whether she has ever worked another job and if yes, she should place what was her job position and what did she do. Information about how many months or years has she worked for that particular company can be included as well as why she had to leave. You may also see daycare application forms.

8. Organizational Affiliations. The applicant must indicate her past and present organizations she was/is affiliated with and state her position in those following organizations. If the parents find out that an applicant is a prime member of any of the organizations and conclude that you show an incredible performance in being a responsible person and can flex to any situation, the applicant would be more likely to be hired. You may also see rental application forms.

9. Reason for the Application. If the nanny would write an essay-like explanation to why she wants to take care of the client’s baby and would sound genuine, often she would be an eye catcher early on. Never forget that the power of words can woo people. If they approve of it, show them that your words can be translated into actions so that you would not be viewed as a hypocrite or give you a bad description if ever another client would ask about you. You may also see internship application forms.

Those are the general parts of an application form that are often found in other nanny application forms. They might be stated in different terms but the purpose and meaning are still the same. You may also see restaurant application templates.

Simple Nanny Application Form

Babysitter Application Form

The ups and the Downs of Hiring a Nanny

This last part of the article, we will be discussing with you the pros and cons of having a nanny look after your baby. This might guide you in making a choice whether or not you hire a nanny or not. Weigh it out and analyze it very carefully because we are talking about the welfare and the development of the baby and also your involvement with him or her. You may also see lease application forms.

Here are the pros and cons of having a nanny:


  • Gives the baby her full attention while the parents are away
  • Can put the child to bed
  • Feed her
  • Gain the parents trust and would slowly become a part of the family
  • Flexible service time if ever a parent has a last minute change in her work schedule
  • When you are sick, the nanny would look after your kid and at times, you
  • The nanny can pick the baby or child from school in case you cannot make it due to an emergency
  • The nanny can do the necessary activities you have planned out for your child for the day, weekend and even at times, the month. You may also see sample application templates.


  • Time. The fact that the nanny has more time with the baby or child, they will have more time and that leaves you out of the picture because you only get to see the baby at the very end of the day
  • You will pay the tax, insurance pay and holiday pay for your nanny
  • If nanny lives in with you, you won’t have decent privacy
  • It can be very expensive. This goes to parents who hire a lot of nannies because one can’t simply handle the child for long, therefore, resulting them increase the payment just for a nanny to stay. You may also see apartment application templates.

Now compare the pros and the cons. It might seem that the pros have a bigger edge but if you look closely, what can affect the child and your relationship with him or her, depends on how much time you actually spend time. If the nanny will always be the one to look after the child and you seldom get to see and play with the child, do not be surprised if he or she does not call you mama first. Parents always have to remember that it is not the gifts the child receives, but it is attention. During early childhood, it is where development takes place. You may also like apprenticeship application forms.

How sad would it be if you are not there to witness your child’s first words, first walk, first run and etc? How painful it could also be if your child will see the nanny as his or her real mother and father. Do not wait for the time that your child will grow distance from you. You can still have a nanny but also take time to consider that that child is yours and you have the responsibility to raise him or her and mold them to be the person they potentially can be in the future. You may also see funding application forms.

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