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10 Funding Application Form Templates

When you need to make your own documents for work, it might be to your benefit if you were to use different document templates. These can include different application form templates like sample internship application templates. This is also true of other kinds of basic application forms, such as funding application forms, as you should be able to find usable templates to help make them relatively easily.

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Like HR agreement templates that you can use for business, there are some things you would need to know about using funding application forms properly. After all, in order to assure yourself that you are making the most of these templates, you would need to know which situations you can apply them to, as well as what components you definitely need to include. Thankfully, you can always find tools like editable business forms that you can modify to suit your own needs.

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Basic Blank Funding Application Form Template

Student Government Funding Application Form

What you can use funding application forms for

Part of knowing how best to use any tool is knowing what situations you can use them in. In the case of funding agreement templates, you can apply them to several different situations where you would be looking to secure funding for yourself. Several different fields, such as academia, can find a use for these document templates, but they are not quite the only ones.


Perhaps the most obvious use of any sample grant writing templates is to secure funding for research. After all, the idea of governments and other organizations donating funds to researchers is a relatively common one. The specific details can vary, but it is possible for you to find templates that can help you communicate with these organizations in order to secure their aid. Similar to other kinds of sponsorships, it is likely that you can explain how your sponsor can benefit from making use of your research, as might be the case when requesting funding from a corporation. Of course, it is also possible to acquire funding from a university or the government if they can be successfully convinced that your work can be of value upon completion.


Other than research specifically, some forms of sponsorship may involve direct funding from a potential sponsor. This can take the form of requesting sponsorship for a club or local sports team. Of course, you also need to state the benefits to your sponsors, which would take the form of promotion of their products and image, cooperation with events, a more visible sense of corporate social responsibility, and so on.


Another field that could possibly make use of any funding proposal templates you might find is art. After all, artists have been able to secure funding from patrons and sponsors in order to finance any projects, both in the past and now. While this can be a business relationship in that artists can be financed in exchange for some kind of benefit like any other investment, there are some templates you can find that would allow you to secure funding from the government. After all, some governments would happily take an opportunity to fund artists to benefit from their contributions to national culture so the idea is not as far-fetched as it may seem.

Community projects

On a more local scale, it is also possible to secure financial aid for a local area, such as in the form of local renovations or cultural works. Like any other attempt at securing funding, your form would have to explain how the sponsor can benefit. In this case, your efforts would be directed toward the local community in the form of beautifying it or generating a greater sense of community spirit. While it is possible to conduct such a project on your own, it may also be advantageous to secure help from local governments just to have access to additional resources you may not have on your own.

Charity work

Charitable organizations can use sample funding proposal templates in order to secure funding from other entities. This is especially relevant since charity work exists to meet philanthropic needs, not for profit; hence, the need for such organizations to secure a steady source of funds in order to carry out their projects. As such, it would be prudent for any charitable organizations to make regular use of these templates in order to be sure of having enough funds to carry out their plans. While this is hardly the only available method for generating money, it is a viable one and one that can work quite well in the organization’s favor if it works as planned.

Extracurricular activities

In the context of a school, it is entirely possible for certain student organizations to make their own plans. However, some of these plans might require more funds than the organization has, necessitating the use of funding application form templates in order to communicate with and secure funds from potential sponsors. This can overlap with research if students are in particular need of funds precisely to carry out some research of their own. But in the case of extracurricular activities, one can argue that there would be a particular need to secure funding from other sources.

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Student Funding Application Form Template

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Blank Renovation Funding Application Template

Important components of funding application forms

Another important thing to consider when working with any kind of document tool is what elements make it up. You can say that these components are precisely what these documents need in order to do their jobs properly. As such, if you plan on using your own application templates in Word, then it would pay to make sure that you have all the parts the form would need in order for you to make the forms properly.

Purpose of funding

In order to properly convince potential sponsors of the importance of funding your project, applicants do need to explain very clearly exactly what their project intends to do with that funding. As such, it is necessary to include space so that applicants can explain what they would need the funds for. This would allow donors to judge the relevance or viability of the project in relation to themselves. For the applicants’ parts, it is vital that they clearly spell out the purpose of funding in the sample work application templates in order to ensure that they remain transparent, a quality that would definitely help in these kinds of situations.

Scope of project

Part of securing funding involves delimiting the project so that donors can understand the project in its totality. After all, completing this information would make it possible for the donor to see just what the applicants have planned in terms of time frame, equipment, costs, and so on. Sponsors do need to have this information listed in application form templates in order to properly understand what the project will entail in its entirety. This also makes it possible for the donor to have a sense of perspective regarding the project, which can affect their decision to get involved in the first place.

Budget statement

Grant application templates and other kinds of funding application forms have to include a section where applicants can state outright exactly how much they would need in order to finish what they have planned. The most simple form this can take is to have a line for listing the exact amount needed. You can also elect to spell out more clearly how much would be needed by providing a space for a statement of all the expenses and equipment that any applicant would need to fill up, which would serve to make these expenses clearer.

Test subjects

Funding application form samples for research would need to include space for applicants to specify what test subjects are planned for use if any. This includes animal and human testing, which is important in order to satisfy the authorities that applicants are conducting their research ethically. To that end, it is important that the forms specify this information so that sponsors can help monitor what applicants have planned, and to monitor how the money is slated to be spent.


As with other application templates in PDF, you do also need to remember to include space for all parties’ signatures at the end of the document. This is always something to keep in mind for any official documents as it allows all the parties to verify that all the information listed is as accurate as possible. After all, when it comes to transferring sums of money, it always pays for both sides to make everything as official as possible so that anything and everything listed down has been verified and confirmed. This also ensures that the document is legal and binding so that each party really can be trusted to adhere to whatever is in the form.

With the help of these templates, making your own funding application forms should be an easier affair. Whether you come as an applicant or a sponsor, there is no denying that you can take advantage of these tools offer in order to make work all the more convenient for yourself.

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