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Wherever you may be, there are sure to be non-profit organizations within your area. Considering that these organizations do not take money from the government, the means in which they obtain resources or labor for certain activities usually come with the help of those that are willing to volunteer. You may also see job application forms.

However, these organizations cannot just pick up any person as volunteers, especially if the activities that they conduct are ones that require a certain set of complex skills. And, this is the reason why a majority of the organizations use volunteer application forms so that they know exactly who they’re hiring as volunteers and this article is going to teach you all that you need to know regarding the document.

Free Volunteer Application Form Template

free volunteer application form template
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Free Volunteer Application Template

free volunteer application template
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Sample Volunteer Application Form

sample volunteer application form

Free Volunteer Application Form

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Simple Volunteer Application Form

simple volunteer application form

What Information Should be Included in a Volunteer Application Form?

One should know that the entire point of having this type of document is so that the organizers of a particular event know who is going to take part in whatever activities they are going to do, as well as other information that may prove useful in due time. So if you’re going to create a volunteer application form, then here are the pieces of information you’ll need to have in them:

1. The Basic Personal Information of the Application

If you’re going to create an application form, then you’ll want to have spaces where the applicant can put in all of his/her personal information in. You’ll need to have these as you can use the applicant’s names in your thank-you messages once the event is all said and done. Also, you may need this information for important matters such as for the means of contacting the applicant should you have any questions regarding what he/she will be doing. So what you’ll need to create spaces where the applicant can place his/her complete name, current address, contact details (phone number, home number, email address), and any other piece of information that you think you may need.

If you’re the applicant in the situation, be sure that you provide all of the information that’s needed form you as you’ll never know when the organizers of the volunteer program or event might need it. Also, be sure that you write down all of the information accurately so that you or they won’t run into any problems. You may also see teacher application forms.

2. Experience

This is the part of the application form where you’ll want to know any history of volunteer experience that the applicant may have. The reason? The activities that will take place during your volunteer program might require only those who have already gained knowledge and skill from doing similar volunteer programs in the past. Also, it’s always a good thing to know that an applicant has already had experience as this tells you that the person is the type who’s willing to help out. Be sure that when the applicant writes down his/her past volunteer experience in the document, you want him/her to provide you with the complete name of the volunteer organization and what activities the applicant has conducted for them. You may also see internship application forms.

If you want to learn even more about the applicant, then you can include an empty space where he/she must put in the name of his/her employer. While not all applicants may have held jobs, it’s still better to know the different things that he/she is capable of, and one way to do that is by knowing what line of work the applicant is in. Who knows? It might just be beneficial to the organization holding the program and you might even consider putting the applicant in another position that suits his/her level of experience better. You may also see sample rental application forms.

You can also add a statement in this section where it says that the applicant can provide any other information that will help during the volunteer program. This can anything from the kind of education that the applicant has received, the number of languages he/she is able to speak, any interests or hobbies he/she may have, etc. All of this will definitely factor into whether or not you will approve the applicant as a volunteer. You may also see apprenticeship application forms.

Volunteer Application Form Sample

volunteer application form sample

Volunteer Application Form in PDF

volunteer application form in pdf

Printable Volunteer Application Form

printable volunteer application form

3. Availability

Considering that this is all volunteer work, you can’t expect applicants to work full-time. Which is exactly the reason why you should know when these people are available to help you and your organization out with whatever it is that needs to be done. So while you’re creating the document, you’ll need to provide a multitude of options that the applicant can choose that best suits his/her sample schedule. You can have options such as the following:

It’s always best that you give the applicant a ton of options so that there’s freedom as to when he/she can provide your organization with work.

4. Other Information

This is the part of the document where you’ll be needing other important information that will be relevant to the activities that will be taking place in the volunteer event or program. For example, let’s say that you will need to assign a volunteer as a driver to take deliver certain supplies from one area to another. This means that you’ll need to have a volunteer that already has a driver’s license and has insurance in the event that something may happen to the vehicle. So you’ll need the applicant to provide information such as his/her driver’s license number, insurance company, vehicle plate number, etc. You may also see sample application templates.

If not that, then you may want information that will let you understand the physical condition of the applicant. You do not want to have someone that may have a heart problem, yet is tasked with certain duties that may require a strenuous amount of effort. So you’ll want a question which asks the applicant has any physical or health conditions so that you’ll know who you should approve or deny. You may also see editable employee application forms.

And lastly, you’ll need a space where the applicant may provide his/her emergency contacts. You’ll never know when a problem might occur, and this is why you should always be ready with important information such as the phone number of someone that knows of the applicant’s condition in the event of an emergency. Be sure that you leave enough space where the applicant may provide the complete names of his/her emergency contacts as well as the home and cellphone numbers of these people.

5. References

If you’re going to take someone as a volunteer, its still best that you go the extra mile and gain information from those that know him/her; you don’t want to get stuck with someone lazy or disrespectful that you could have avoided if you simply took the time to learn more about him/her. This is the reason why you’ll need to get at least 2 or 3 references from the applicant so that you won’t have to worry about this kind of problem. You may also see free application templates.

You’ll have to state it clearly that the people who the applicant will write down as references should not be family members or people that share a close personal relationship with him/her. The reason? That’s because people may tend to have a personal bias on the applicant considering that they have known this person for years and that usually means stretching the truth here and there just to get you to take that person as a volunteer. You may also see free application letters.

So you’ll want to provide spaces where the applicant will provide the complete names, contact details, addresses, and the relationship he/she with the people that were listed down as references. You may also see daycare application forms.

6. Statement Regarding a Background Check

If you’re employed, then you know how important it is for employers to gain the consent of applicants before they’re able to conduct a background check. It’s stated in just about every government law that employers may not conduct a background check unless the applicant willingly submits to it. If the employer still pushes through with the act, then there will be heavy legal consequences that will befall him and the organization.

So if you’re hoping to avoid any of that, it’s best that you contain a statement which says that the applicant is willing to go through the background check in order to be considered as a volunteer. This is why you’ll need to have space where the applicant may provide his/her signature to show that he/she either approves or disapproves the background check. Then, all you’ll need is that date as to when the document was signed and you’re all good to go.

7. Ways to Know if the Volunteer Organization You’re Applying for is Legit or Not

Volunteering abroad can be a fantastic way to use your time, energy, and skills for a good cause. Unfortunately, though, there are some organizations that don’t exactly have the same intentions that you do. Considering the fact that there has been a relative increase in volunteer travels, there has also been a noticeable increase in illegitimate volunteer organizations. You may also see rental application forms.

While there’s no doubt that there are volunteer organizations out there that are truly working to benefit their communities and ensure that volunteers have the best kind of experience out there, there are still going to be those who have the sole purpose of taking your money and leaving you left wondering what happened. You may also see application form samples.

So how do you spot the good ones from the bad? Here is a list of ways that can help you out with that:

8. Know That You Have a Direct Contact with the Host Organization

There have been many scary stories where volunteers arrive at the location where they’re supposed to spend a couple of months to do volunteer work, only to find out that the establishment they’re supposed to stay doesn’t exist or has been closed down for a good amount of time. Something like this is definitely what you want to avoid and one of the best ways of doing that is by making sure that you have all the necessary information on your host organization. You may also see application form templates.

As a potential volunteer, you should be able to:

If you see that you’re finding it difficult to spot any information on the organization that you plan on applying to, then that’s usually a sign that it’s not legit and one you should definitely look out for. Even if you spot a website that contains information about the host organization, try to see if it has everything you need before you can actually trust it as many people are crafty enough to create fake websites these days. You may also see lease application form templates.

If you would like to learn more about volunteer applications or anything related to the topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have the information you need and utilize what you’re able to find. You may also see employment application letters.

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