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How to Write a Job Application for Employment [5+ Templates to Download]

With the United States surviving its longest-ever federal shutdown and the employment rate not looking too good, there’s still a lot to look forward to in the job market this year. Compared to past decades, 2019 is a good year for those who are looking for a job that suits their education, skills, and expertise. However, for your application to get the attention of any hiring panel, it needs to be professionally written, with special attention to detail and formatting.

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6 Steps to Write a Job Application for Employment

Step 1: Format Your Application

You may possess writing skills worthy of The New York Times, but if your job application is cluttered, it’s not going to get noticed. Remember that a company’s hiring department receives dozens and even hundreds of applications every day. It is therefore important to draw them to your application’s most important points.

Step 2: Write Your Skills And Job Qualifications

Put a section for skills that are relevant to the available position as well as your qualifications. Market yourself well but don’t attempt to exaggerate what you can do and what you have achieved. You’re not going to get rejected just for lack of experience, but lying about your qualifications would only put you in trouble.

Step 3: Add Information About Any Volunteer Work

The corporate world has a social responsibility to also take care of the community. If you’ve had any experience doing volunteer work, make a list of all of them on your resume. Put the name of the organizations you’ve worked with, along with the corresponding dates and your role in the activities or projects.

Step 4: Be Creative

Submitting an application with the usual details such as work experience, educational attainment, and academic achievements can use some improvement. Going the extra mile in designing your application paper is especially important when you want a job that demands creative skills set. A page with everything in black and white from your photo to the font just wouldn’t spark attention anymore.

Step 5: Add Contact Information

As much as possible, you want your potential employer to notice and contact you right after they already know who you are based on the content of your application. Before finalizing your paper, make sure that your letterhead is good and that the document has proper alignment. Add the current date separated by a space and write down your updated contact information.

Step 6: Edit and Proofread Your Document

Just like any corporate document, there is absolutely no excuse for a poorly written application or one that is rife with even the most minor errors in grammar and spelling. These things affect your future employer’s evaluation of your ability to take on any job or position. Before submitting, check and proofread the document.

6+ Job Application Templates for Employment

1. Employment Application Form Template


With the number of competitive talents in any industry, it’s not easy to get a job, especially in the biggest companies. With the help of this pre-designed application form, you might just get noticed among hundreds of others. Just don’t forget to customize the template and print in any or all versions of MS Word and Pages.

2. Free Job Application for Employment


Do you want to get hired in your dream job? Regardless of the size or popularity of the companies, you wish to work in, a professional job application template for employment will help you get a great start in the hiring process. This can be printed and is also free to download and customize!

3. Free Job Application for HR Executive


There’s a lot of pressure and a little frustration that comes with job applications. Want to make the task easier? Go ahead and download this easy-to-access and free sample job application which is very useful to get the attention of your target employers. You’re also free to print and edit the file!

4. Free Job Application Template


Do you want to make sure to only submit a well-designed job application document? What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this fully customizable template and easily print in any of MS Word, Pages, Google Docs and Pdf file formats for your convenience!

5. Employment Application Template


Highlight your skills and relevant work experience with this professional employment application sample and use it as your guide in formatting your own application. You can also choose to save time by just modifying the content and adding in your own information. Get this template now and print anywhere, anytime!

6. Job Application Sample


Looking for the perfect template to structure your job application well? Then you’re just in time to download this available employee application template. Edit and make your own changes to suit the position you’re vying for. Waste no time and download this template right away and print in any compatible device.

7. Application for Employment


Winning the approval of a company’s hiring board will always take some convincing. There’s no better way to convince them than marketing yourself, your qualifications and your skills well by using this sample job application. Download this application template now and be prepared to impress your potential employers!

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