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8+ Agency Application Form Templates – PDF

Want to find a job that you like without having to personally visit each company office to pass your resumes and/or curriculum vitae? If yes, using an employment agency may be an option that you should look into.

In this article, we will provide different tips on how you can fill out an simple agency application form to help you land that coveted job. Also, multiple examples of downloadable application form templates are embedded within this article to give you an idea of what most of these forms will look like and what to write on them.

Take a Look at these Printable Agency Application Form Templates

Yes, as promised, the next few images are showing what an agency application form looks like. Note that different agencies or companies will have their own agency application form format. So be sure to familiarize yourself with their own forms. This way you will know what to write when it is your turn to submit them. Also, all the templates included in this article are PDF templates so make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader or any compatible software tool installed on your computer before you download and edit this template.

Blank Agency Application Form Template

blank agency application form template

Broking Agency Application Form Template

broking agency application form template

Education Agency Application Form Template

education agencyy application form template

What is an Agency Application Form?

As we have mentioned earlier, an agency application form is a document used to request for a job or position in a company or organization. In this case, the company is an agency that acts as an employment middleman. The actual hiring company will inform an agency when they need to hire a specific person. The agency, then, is the one who will look for that person. Most of the time, agencies will maintain a pool of talents or recruits that will be ready to employ once companies call them.

So if you are interested in using the services of an employment agency in your job-hunting process, make sure that you fill out and submit an agency application form with as much diligence as submitting your personal resume directly to the company. Also, some agencies may offer free job-hunting lessons so that your potential employees will have a better chance of getting hired.

On the other hand, if you own an employment agency, you may also need to create a standardized agency application form for your firm. One easy way to do this is to use an agency application form template and you can find examples of which in this article. Use the printable templates here as a guide for you to create the most comprehensive application forms in your respective industry.

Formal Agency Application Form

formal agency application form

Individual Insurance Agency Application Form Template

individual insurance agency application form template

Insurance Agency Application Form Template

insurance agency application form template

Printable Agency Application Form Template

printable agency application form template

Tips on How to Fill Out An Agency Application Form

Looking for a job can be particularly stressful especially if you found no success after many attempts. Using an agency to help you land a job can be a very smart decision if you did not have as much luck following the regular job-hunting route. Nevertheless, going to and using the services of an employment agency is not limited to those unlucky ones. Anyone can still use the services of an employment agency. You may also like free application letters.

In the next few paragraphs, we will provide tips on how to properly fill out an agency application form to help speed up their employment process. You may also see internal application form templates.

1. Write accurate and updated personal information.

When filling out an agency application form, always remember to treat it like you are writing your own resume. For starters, an agency application form will typically resemble a resume or a biodata so make sure that you only include accurate information about yourself. Some employers will require contracting agencies to do employment verification process before they entertain any prospects from these agencies. Hence, you should be as truthful as you can when filling out these forms since agencies will have a way to check their veracity.

2. List all your past work history.

Another thing that job-hunters should make sure to include in their agency application forms is a list of all work experiences. If you have just graduated, you may list the places where you have interned or you can also list the places where you had your summer jobs. You may also see application letter samples.

A list of past work experiences, internships, and on-the-job training will allow a job agency to better understand your skills and determine what you can do. This will then let them successfully pair you up with an employer who is looking for the same set of skills that you possess.

3. List all relevant skill sets.

Aside from listing all relevant work experience, you should also make sure to list all the relevant skills that you know. These skills may range from photography or crocheting. These seemingly random skills can be useful in determining a person’s suitability for a specific job. You may also check this article for more tips on how to optimize your employment application form.

For instance, you may add photography as a skill and the agency may use this skill to recommend you a job on graphic design even if you have not thought to work in this industry in the first place. The important thing is that an employment agency will look at your resume and skill set as a whole and find job opportunities that may fit your own skills. At first, you may be surprised at what the agency will recommend to you but, maybe, you will learn to appreciate them because these jobs will work well with your own skills. You may also see job application letter templates.

4. Make sure your handwriting is readable.

Some employment agencies may have their own standard agency application form. In cases like this, applicants or recruits may need to manually fill out these forms. As a tip, you need to make sure that your handwriting is legible enough when you fill out an agency application form. You may also see rental application forms.

By doing this, you will help make it easier for the person who will review your application. Also, some employers can even ask to see the original agency application form that you have submitted. As fickle as it may sound but your handwriting or how clearly you fill it out may influence their decision of whether to hire you or not. You may also see nanny application templates.

5. Give permission for a background check.

As we have mentioned earlier, employment agencies may need to do background and security checks for anyone who wishes to find jobs through their respective firms. Be ready for this and make sure to give your written permission for such security checks to be done. You do not have to do anything on your end as these checks will mostly be done through a separate background check firm. If you think that there are aspects of your life that may confuse the investigators (like undergoing a legal name change etc), you may specify this on the security check form that you have written.

6. Include a recent photo (if required).

Despite the existence of equal opportunity laws, some employment agency firms may require job-hunters to include a recent photo with the applications. This is because this photo will go with their recruit database and may not actually go into the official job resumes that they send out to potential employers.

But to be safe and if you value your privacy, make sure to ask your employment agency about their own data and security policies. And if required, make sure to include a recent photograph. For a few dollars, you can easily have a decent studio ID picture. Or, if you are not too fussy about the kind of photo you want your employment agency to have, you can take a photo from your computer’s camera. Just make sure to edit it a little to make it more presentable.

7. Don’t forget to add updated contact information.

When filling out an agency application form, do not forget to add your most updated contact information including but not limited to your home address, mobile number, email address, and landline number. All these contact information should be present so that your agency will have a way to contact you back. In some cases, employers will even contact you directly on the contact information you have written on the agency application form.

8. Add references.

Just like filling out a standard employment application form, you will also need to write a few references on your agency application form. Your agency will use this information to further verify your identity and to do other kinds of background checks. Any potential employers may also see this information and will help give them a better idea if you are fit for the job they are offering or not.

This list of tips for filling out an agency application form is not an exhaustive list. But the ones we have listed above are the most important. Incorporate them into your job-hunting process and, with the help of your job agency, you will surely be hired soon enough.

Professional Broker Agency Application Form Template

professional broker agency application form template

Simple Sales Agency Application Form Template

simple sales agency application form template

Underwriting Agency Application Form Template

underwriting agency application form template

Have You Filled Out Your Agency Application Form?

With the different tips that we have shared above, we hope that you will regain confidence in looking for a job using an employment agency. Just be patient, enjoy the process, and you will be on your way to your dream job soon. If not, remember that it is okay to do something that will help you buy food and pay the rent in the meantime. Use this time to prepare for that dream job instead. You may also see significance of lease applications.

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