How to Create a Taxi Service Business Card [5+ Templates]


With the buzzing busyness of the city, the regular commute can get very challenging for people who don’t have cars. On the toughest situations such as rush hours, hailing a cab can get exhaustive. The right business card can become a very effective marketing tool to promote the services of your taxi business, and that is what this article will teach you. Learn how to create a taxi service business card template in five easy steps.

5 Steps to Create a Taxi Service Business Card

Step 1: Choose how to make your business card

Decide on what method you would like to follow in order to make a business card. You can start with a blank file on any design software, you can make a DIY business card, or you can use an online template to do so. The section below this one will show you some taxi service business card templates for you to choose from.

Step 2: Choose your printing medium

Where do you want to print your business card design? When choosing the paper type, you can choose whether to have a glossy finish or a matte finish. Glossy creates a shiny look while matte has a classy one. There is also various paper stock to choose from but it’s best to settle with 16 pt card stock.

Step 3: Type down the details on your template

Type in the basic details that are essential in your business card. This includes your name, the company name, your job title, your phone number and email address, and your website name. Other details you might want to consider to include in your company tagline, address, social media accounts, and your picture.

Step 4: Edit the layout and design

After finalizing the texts, work on the layout and design of your template. If you used a pre-designed template, you can work on adjusting the vectors and other design elements to your preference. If you aren’t using a pre-designed template, make sure to observe visual hierarchy for the layout, use a maximum of two complementary colors, and make sure that the graphics are in high resolution.

Step 5: Print your template

Before heading off to your nearest printing shop, do a print preview of your business card design template first. Then show it off to a friend or two and ask some honest criticism from them. Print a mock-up of your template before printing multiple copies of it because sometimes the printing process can mess up the layout.

5+ Taxi Service Business Card Templates

1. Taxi Service Business Card

taxi service business card template 440x570 1


Effectively promote your taxi services with this Taxi Service Business Card Template. If you want a successful promotion method, then you would need an effective business card template for that. This template has a chic and fun design which resembles that of a taxi. It also has an editable layout and design elements that can be customized.

2. Taxi Cab Business Card Template

taxi cab business card template 440x570 1 Download

If you are looking for a taxi service business card template that is simple and professional, then we have it for you. Here’s our Taxi Cab Business Card Template. It has a very neat and minimal design which makes it effective to promote your business. This template is very easy to use and it is also printable.

3. Taxi Business Card Template

taxi business card mock up Download

If you need a cool and fun business card, download this Taxi Business Card Template today! It features a fun design that is stylish and artistic. This template has scalable vectors and a very customizable layout. It is made by a professional graphic artist with a quality product in mind. Grab this template today!

4. Taxi Business Card Design Template

tax business card template Download

Promote your taxi service business in a creative way with this template. Download this Yellow Taxi Business Card Template. This template shows off a fun design to break off from the conventional business card type. Get a template that has high-quality graphics with scalable vectors, and an effective layout for advertising.

5. Social Taxi Business Service Card

taxi business card social 2 Download

Own a handy, effective, and visually pleasing business card for your taxi business with this template that we have. Our Social Taxi Business Card Template can be customized on any device, whether it be mobile or desktop. This template also has high definition royalty-free graphics that are easy to edit and customize.

6. Auto Taxi Business Card Template

auto taxi business card template Download

Getting potential customers and clients can be quite a challenge when there is so much competition around. That’s why we made this Auto Taxi Business Card Template. Effectively promote your business with this fun and amazing template that has a design which suits best for your business. Avail this template now!

7. Stylish Taxi Business Card Template

stylish taxi business card template Download

Offer a promising and excellent service to your customers and clients with this Stylish Taxi Business Card Template. This template has a well-written content and royalty free graphics that you can customize anytime you feel like it. Most importantly, this template can be edited among a variety of editing software.

8. Elegant Taxi Business Card Template

taxi business card preview

Gather to yourself more customers and clients with excellent transportation services using this Elegant Taxi Business Card Template. This is designed with scalable vectors and high-quality graphics that can be easily changed and customized. Get more confidence in this industry by getting this template today!

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