9+ Yoga Business Cards

Do you love working out? If you do, then aside from the cardio exercises and the weight training, you should also give yoga a try. Don’t limit yourself when working out, you should also learn to go outside your comfort zone. Even those who are buff and muscular should do yoga to complete their workout regimen. Trust me, after doing it, it makes them more motivated and effective for their next routine.

Yoga is a thousand-year-old practice. Some look at it as merely a religion, some as an exercise routine, but some also see it as both religion and an exercise. Unlike the fast-paced cardio routines or intense heavy weight training, yoga is all about balance and postures, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Yoga still requires you to use a lot of muscle strength, but in the end, it fills you with energy and relieves you from stress.

You can find templates of business card designs here on our website for your convenience.

Yoga Business Card Sample



Yoga Business Card Design in Watercolor Style



Massage Yoga Business Card



Yoga Studio Business Card



Jayanti Yoga Center Business Card



Yoga Instructor Business Card



Custom Yoga Business Cards



Printable Yoga Business Card



What Is a Business Card Important?

A business card is a small piece of paper that holds information and other details about an individual and the company or business they represent. A business card is given out to potential clients for the sole purpose of promoting their business. They are often used at corporate events to provide others with an easy source for retrieving contact details.

  • Business cards are better at providing information about the company or business than through sharing it verbally.
  • Business cards make the company look stable and professional in the eyes of the clients, therefore building a trusting relationship.
  • Giving out business cards saves time than having the other party write down the information that you wish to share.
  • You can give out more than just one business card to a client, then encourage them to pass their business card to another prospective client.
  • Business cards can fit in most wallets or card holders and can be brought anywhere for easy distribution should you need to give one to a client.
  • Business cards are not expensive.
  • Business cards are also relatively easy to make.
  • Business cards have been proven an effective means of promotion.

A good tip when designing your business cards is to make it attractive to catch the attention of the people, while at the same time, make it easy on their eyes. Also, make sure that the words on the card are legible enough, because that is the main purpose why you were giving out business cards in the first place, to share information about your business. And lastly, use the right kind of material in printing out your business cards. Use high-quality paper or card stock, either the matte or the glossy type.

You may want to check out our collection of fitness business cards for more options.

Yoga Center Business Card



Free Yoga Teacher Business Cards Design




What Should You Include in Your Business Cards?

First and foremost, the name of the company including the address of the office. Then the name of the person giving out the business card, their designated position in the company, and their contact details such as phone number and e-mail address. An optional detail that you can also add to your business cards is the website or the social media page of the company.

These templates can be downloaded in fully editable PSD, Vector EPS, and PNG formats for a reasonable price, while others could be downloaded for free. (Shutterstock requires a you to register to the site to download templates for free.) You may also want to check out our other collection of printable business cards. Also, check out the links below for related content found on our website.

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