15 Black and White Business Card Templates

Getting yourself a unique business card is very important because it is one of the most efficient ways that people would be able to contact you or get hold of your business. It can also be considered a symbol of how legitimate and successful your business when you hand out a great-looking, well-designed business card.

Business cards also help you make a good first impression, as they help fortify your rank as a professional. These handy and elegant pieces of information come in many forms, like floral business cards and recycled ones, too. But one of the best business cards are the simplest ones, the minimalists, the black and white ones. Here are some great examples of black and white business card templates that will surely capture the eye.

Black and White Business Card Template


Minimal Black and White Business Card Template


Business Card


Black Laptop Business Card Template


Black And White Business Card


What is a business card?

Although PSD business cards come in many shapes and sizes, they do serve a common purpose, which is to provide an individual with an easy way to give out his or her contact information. The main definition of a professional business card is that it is a small card that contains information about a person’s name, company, business address, professional occupation, social media accounts, and other relevant details.

They are usually made of paper or card stock and can be handily placed inside one’s wallet or pocket. However, there are special types of sample business cards that are made out of different types of materials like:

  • Crystal clear plastic
  • White plastic
  • Metallic plastic
  • Frosted translucent plastic

For instance, cleaning business cards, for companies who offer clean-up services, are often made of the most common materials such as card stock or paper, but there are plastic variations of them as well. Another example would be maintenance businesses that provide their employees with the “common” type of cool business cards. This type of business card is often preferred by the majority of businesses, due to the fact that they provide the most basic role of a business card and are at the same time cost-efficient.

Designers, or those who work for or have a designing company, would most often use the “special” types of business cards. This is because the card would serve as an extension of their work and it would reflect their quality of service. It would give a totally bad impression if the business cards for designers that you have at hand are plain and boring. You would be able to amaze your potential clients or customers by providing them with a fancy-looking business card template. The same applies to other design-related professions, like floral arrangement, interior decorating, and more.

Simple Minimal Black and White Business Cards


Corporate Black And White Business Card


Square Minimal Black and White Business Card


Personal Black and White Business Card


Clean Black and White Business Card


Why choose a black and white business card

The design is probably the most powerful aspect of a business card. It is the one thing that lures people in and captivates, turning your card into a memorable one that would not be easily discarded and thrown away into the trash can, only to later become a recycled business card. This is the main reason why a lot of companies and individuals have made it a point to make their business cards interesting and appealing to the eyes. Some use an array of colors, while others opt for a more minimal type of approach.

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there is a reason why minimalist business cards can sometimes, like the black and white ones, be more effective than their counterpart. Here are some of the reasons why businesses, and why you should as well, choose a black and white business card:

  • Functionality and typography – Having a minimalistic design gives you the chance to emphasize your business card’s typography, making sure that the fonts are perfect in size, design, and readability. A minimalist design would also improve the functionality of your business card, as you would have more space to add valuable information, instead of filling the available space with colors.
  • Clarity – Having a vibrant premium business card, or a card full of various colors, is definitely not a bad thing because visual aesthetics always play a big factor in design. However, there are times that they could become distracting and you would lose the chance to showcase your profession and contact information because people would be too busy admiring the beautiful design. The black and white business card would give you the chance to balance things between design and functionality.
  • Less is more – Minimalistic approaches have always aimed to use only the vital features of a design, getting rid of any unnecessary shape or color that could use up valuable space. It aims to limit distractions as well, giving you the opportunity to showcase everything that is needed.
  • Simplicity is beauty – Most of the time, we tend to think that complex and abstract designs are more alluring. But, more often than not, simple business cards are more effective because people will not have to think long and hard to see their elegance. A simple business card is direct and honest, which is probably the reason why it works so effectively.

Pure black, black and white, and pure white business cards would definitely stand out because of their simple designs. You will not have to worry about improper cuts or mistakes in color because the color scheme you have chosen is clean and practical. This will let you get a better quality print, making your business card look more pristine, professional, and dignified. Also, a minimalistic design will always prove to be timeless, which means its relevance will never fade and it will remain effective no matter the situation or the case.

CMYK Black and White Business Card


Simple Professional Black and White Business Card


Company Black and White Business Card


Black and White Modern Business Card


Tips on how to design a black and white business card

The business card itself is the finished product of a process that takes time, effort, and creativity. Of course, you will always aim to have a stylish one, whether it is a personal business card or a company one, but it is important to remember that you should value the process of creation. You should have fun with it and be as creative as possible while trying out various stuff.

However, if you still find yourself at a loss about what you should do, then we have a few tips here that would definitely help you out. If you already have some business card templates to work on, then great! These tips would be a fantastic addition to its design and if you do not have one yet, then you can totally use the tips here to create your very own unique business card:

  • Experiment using different materials – Now, it is only understandable that you would use the paper, card, and plastic materials because they are ones that are commonly used. However, you can always think outside the box and use other materials, too. Go ahead and try it since you have nothing to lose.
  • Let your creativity shine – There are times when it is more convenient to have other people create and design your business cards, but truth be told, you would be able to save more money by making it yourself. There are a bunch of free business card templates out there that will let you tweak their designs, or if you are really feeling extra creative, you can start from scratch and make your own black and white business card designs.
  • Always double-check your work – Once you are done with the design and the entirety of the business card, you would understandably feel excited about printing it and seeing the results. However, you may want to pull your foot off the pedal and pause for a minute, take a deep breath, and double-check your work. Make sure that there are no mistakes on it and that you have cleaned it up.
  • Finish it off artistically – Just because you are aiming for a minimalistic approach, it does not mean that you have to restrict the level of artistry that you put into your business card. Do not be afraid to use special finishes like metallic inks, foil blocking, or any unique design that you could add to your card. This will make it more personalized, unique, and visually appealing.

Another thing that you should also remember is the basic design principles for business cards. For example, always use CMYK, work at 300 DPI resolution to get the best image quality, and mind your typography size for legitimacy. These basic principles will help keep things in perspective during the designing process, ensuring that you would be following the standards for making an amazing professional business card. Also, do not forget to have fun and do not let anything hinder your flow of creativity.

Black and White Vertical Business Card


Landscape Black and White Business Card


Multipurpose Black and White Business Card


High-resolution Black and White Business Card


Clean Minimal Black and White Business Card


Ready-to-print Black and White Business Card


Business cards may seem irrelevant to some, something that can be easily neglected and thrown away. However, you should never underestimate these cards because they can help your business a lot. You already know a card’s value and its meaning, so you should treat it with respect and aim to have one worthy of other’s respect, too.

Aim to get a business card that has a professional vibe to it, whether it is a digital business card or one that you carry in your pocket. The black and white design will give it the sleek aura that it so deserves, making people respect its value and respect you as a professional, too.

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