4 Best Handyman Business Cards

Let’s face it, most people don’t even know how to fix a leaky faucet on their own, and there are even people who don’t know how to properly hammer a nail on a surface. Most people rely on a handyman to do even the easiest of home fixes, but some of these tasks are actually easy to do and can be done with minimal skill. Which is why it is important for us to always observe what they do and ask questions so that if we encounter the same problem in the future, we can already do the fixing ourselves.

But for those that really need a professional to do the job, then handy persons are always a phone call away. But how can they be reached easily? Through the use of business cards, of course. If you are managing a home repair service, then we have an entire collection of business card templates for handy persons looking to help those in need of their services. Feel free to look around our website.

Sample Handyman Business Card



Free Handyman Business Card



Printable Handyman Business Card



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The Importance of Business Cards

  • Business cards are better at providing information about a business than through doing it verbally.
  • Business cards make the business look stable and professional from the customer’s perspective.
  • Business cards can fit in most wallets or cardholders and can be brought anywhere for easy distribution should you need to give one to a client.
  • Business cards are inexpensive and are also easy to make
  • Business cards have been proven an effective means of sharing information and contact details.

For construction workers or companies, we also have entire collections of construction business cards for you. Click on the link to check them out.

 Do-It-Yourself Fixing Tips from Professional Handymen

  • To fix squeaky doors, apply a small amount of petroleum jelly on the squeaky hinges.
  • To scrape off scratch marks on tiles, vinyl, wood, or painted walls, gently rub an unused tennis ball on it until it disappears.
  • To fill up nail holes on dry wooden walls, fill up the hole with a mixture of white glue and baking soda, wait for it to dry, and then cover it up with paint if necessary.

The Do’s and Don’ts When Making a Business Card

  • DO keep things simple. It is recommended to choose a font that makes the card look professional and to focus more on the information it provides than its images.
  • DO use the back side of the card. You may print the current year’s calendar on it so there would be another reason for the holder to keep your business card for an entire year.
  • DO make sure that you are writing the correct information. Always remember to proofread before starting to have it printed.
  • DON’T be cheap when it comes to the paper used and the quality of printing. A cheap-looking business card is usually associated with an unprofessional business.
  • DON’T use outdated business cards because the receiver could be misinformed on some important details.
  • DON’T use clip art on your business card because these will make it look unprofessional. You can either put a recent ID picture of yourself or you can simply skip the picture and just include your name, title, and the name of the business.

Why Choose Our Website?

These templates were designed by professional and creative graphic artists and can be downloaded in either PSD, Vector EPS, and PNG format, which are all in high resolution and are fully editable. (We recommend the PSD format for those who are using Adobe Photoshop.)

If you want to see more of these kinds of templates, go ahead and check out our other gallery of printable business cards. If, however, you couldn’t find what you need on this page, then scroll down and check out the links to some related content on our website.

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