How to Make a DJ Business Card [10+ Templates]


Whether you are a radio DJ or a club DJ, you need a unique business card design to help market your services to potential clients and employers. To do that, you first need to learn how to create an excellent DJ business card. Check out the article below to know what each step are.

5 Steps to Make a DJ Business Card

The best DJ business cards are those that seamlessly incorporate all the core design elements or qualities of a business card. We have incorporated these elements into each card-making step below. Apply these steps in the right way and you will end up with excellent business cards.

Step 1: Choose a business card theme.

First, choose a design motif or theme for your DJ business card. The most effective ones are those that reflect your personality and the level of service you provide your customers. For example, if you prefer to provide DJ services for retro punk rock parties, then you may like creating a vintage business card.

Step 2: Select a good card layout, size, and typography.

Next, it’s time to choose the business card size, layout, and typography designs. Choose them carefully as they are essential elements in making a good business card. Often, an organized card design works best when combined with clean font styles.

Step 3: Source high-quality images, illustrations, or branding elements.

After that, download and save all the images, illustrations, or branding design elements that you wish to incorporate into your DJ business card. Examples of branding elements you may add are your company logos and letterhead designs. Make sure that these images are sourced legally. And then save them in one file folder in your computer.

Step 4: Download an editable DJ business card template and then edit it.

Then, it’s time to download a DJ business card template from any of the free and premium templates we’ve shared below. These templates are pre-formatted and available in multiple file formats to make it easier to edit them using the compatible graphic design software program.

Step 5: Print out on high-quality cardstock.

Once you have finished editing and proofreading your business card template, it is time to print them. For added impact, you may use advanced printing techniques (like foil, embossed, and stencil printing) for your own DJ business cards.

10+ DJ Business Card Templates

Take a look and be inspired by the multiple DJ business card designs curated below. Each template is also available as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages file format.

1. Creative DJ Business Card Template

creative dj business card template Download

The more creative your business card, the more attention it gets. This also increases your chances of getting more clients or an employer. A good template to use achieve is the Creative DJ Business Card Template shown above. To get the most out of this creative business card template, make sure to use thick cardstock and print it with the right bleed margins.

2. Modern DJ Business Card

modern dj business card template Download

Use the Modern DJ Business Card Template (embedded above) if you need a minimalist business card design but still somehow make a big impact. This template features bold typography design on an all black background. It is fully editable as DOC, PSD, AI, and PUB template files so you can easily change the background color to something to your liking.

3. Simple DJ Business Card Template

simple dj business card template Download

Not all DJs prefer gloomy and dark business card designs. Use the Simple DJ Business Card Template if you want a solid pop of color and make your own business cards more memorable. With this simple business card’s organized layout, your personal information and the DJ services you offers will be front and center.

4. Artist DJ Business Card Template

artist dj business card template Download

Set yourself apart from the pack by using the more laidback Artist DJ Business Card Template (shown above). When printing this colorful business card template, make sure to choose a thick paper or cardstock that has one solid color on one side and a colorful pattern on the other side.

5. Colorful DJ Business Card

colorful dj business card Download

The Colorful DJ Business Card Template (featured above) is the ideal business card design for those who want to create a visual representation of a DJ’s job. It features a colorful image of a music equalizer paired with simple typefaces on a blank background. This musician business card design is available in 300 DPI resolution to make sure that the design prints out well.

6. DJ Business Card Design

dj business card design template Download

Need a more colorful and somehow psychedelic business card design? Try out the DJ Business Card Template shown above. This template is available in PSD, AI, INDD, DOC, and PUB file formats so make sure that you have the compatible graphic design software to edit it with later on. And if you wish to change the colors used in this template, make sure to consult a color chart first.

7. Flat Neon DJ Business Card Template

flat dj template


The Flat Neon DJ Business Card Template (mock-up embedded above) is perfect for those who want a vibrant yet sleek design for their professional business card. Featuring a combination of cyan and crimson, the flat turntable design on the card pops with life as the neon colors work together to create an entrancing glow.

8. Clean Black Minimal Business Card

black dj business card preview


The Clean Black Minimal Business Card Template (featured above) is a multipurpose business card design template that will suit most DJs, artists, and band managers. It showcases a grayscale equalizer between a pair of modern speakers, making the card look just as cool as how your music sounds. It is a fully editable template so this means you can use it for whatever skills or freelance services you offer.

9. Music Producer and DJ Business Card

music producer and dj business card Download

The Music Producer and DJ Business Card Template featured above sports a lifelike image of a sound mixer. As a business card template in PSD file format, you are free to change font styles, color accents, and text placeholders used in the design.

10. Black DJ Business Card Template

black dj business card template Download

The Black DJ Business Card Template shown above works well for freelance DJs who want to create a modern and professional impression for their business. It is available as a PSD template file so make sure that you have Adobe Photoshop installed before you download and edit this template.

This article is a treasure trove of free and premium business card templates for DJs, music producers, and musicians. Use any of these templates and start making your own special business cards. Also, check out the rest of our site to see other business card templates and designs.

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