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How to Make a Minimal Business Card [11+ Templates]

When making your own business card, you don’t necessarily have to make it too fancy in order to get your audience’s attention, although it may help. Business cards can actually be designed minimally as long as they contain all the necessary information regarding the business or the professional.

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5 Steps to Create a Minimal Business Card

Step 1: Prepare all your personal and contact information

Make a list of the content that you wish to include on your business card. Since this is still the planning phase, you can write as much as you want and just trim it down along the way. Shortening your content is very important since business cards can only provide you with very limited space.

Step 2: Be familiar with the business card types and sizes

Although it may seem unnecessary, knowing (or at least being familiar with) the different types and sizes of business card designs may actually be helpful. This way, you’ll be able to determine which type is perfect for your business and how big (or small) you should make them.

Step 3: Choose a business card template below and download it

Below, we’ve got a collection of downloadable minimal business card templates that were taken from multiple reliable sources. These templates are very easy to download and most of them come in various file formats that’ll allow you to choose a specific one that’s highly compatible with your editing tool.

Step 4: Edit the template using the right editing tool

In connection to the previous step, always take note of the file format and check if it’s compatible with your editing tool. An advantage to using the right tool for the right template is it’ll allow you to edit the design fully and easily. For example, Adobe InDesign works best for editing business card templates in InDesign.

Step 5: Print and cut your business cards

After editing the downloaded template, you can then proceed to the next step which involves printing the business card design. Unless you’re using a dedicated card maker, you may need to cut out the card from the material used for printing. And in terms of material, make sure to use high-quality paper or card stock.

11+ Minimal Business Card Templates

1. Minimal Transparent Business Card


Here’s the first minimal business card template on this list and this one makes itself stand out by utilizing a transparent look. We also have a creative transparent business card template as an alternative. To fully take advantage of the template’s features, make sure to use either a plastic or a transparent card stock.

2. Minimal Real Estate Business Card


With all the competitors trying to make themselves get noticed by their target audience, we often feel the need to go back to the basics. Here is a pretty basic real estate business card template that you may download, and this template comes in five different file formats so make sure to choose the best one for your editing tool.

3. Teacher Business Card Example


Teachers are also one of the biggest professions in the world although it wouldn’t seem likely to refer to fellow teachers as competition. But when there’s a need to show off and get noticed, here’s a minimal business card template for you. If you’re looking for something else, here’s a chalkboard teacher business card template as well.

4. Dark Minimalist Business Card Format


The best thing about dark-themed business cards is that it prevents straining the reader’s eyes even when it is being read under bright lights or in long durations. The business card template above makes use of a dark theme, and the elements used are also kept at a minimum to prevent distracting the reader.

5. Engineer Business Card Layout


As long as you’re an engineer, regardless of the field, this minimal business card template is guaranteed to work for you. This template mostly consists of text with the exception of a small logo on one side of the card. If you like this, you may also like our consulting engineer and software engineer business card templates.

6. Fashion Designer Minimal Business Card


It wouldn’t be a surprise for fashion designers to have unique and stylish business cards since it reflects who they are as a professional. The template above does look minimal, but its use of a square shape makes it unconventional. Other than that, the square shape also helps to make the business card more compact.

7. Restaurant Manager Business Card


One of the factors that can help a restaurant to succeed is their manager who oversees everything that occurs inside the establishment. Even though this business card design template has a very minimal design, the portrait orientation helps in adding a unique touch to it. Also, this template comes in five different file formats.

8. Minimal Business Card Example


Advertising solution companies are responsible for, you guessed it, providing businesses and organizations with solutions to their advertising campaigns. To offices offering this kind of service, you might find the business card template above useful for sharing your contact details to prospects and other businesses.

9. Minimal Hotel Business Card Design


If you’re managing a hotel, we’ve got some of the best and most useful tools that you and your staff can use. Let’s start with the business card template above that’s dark themed and very minimal. But if you’re looking for more, you may also check out our grand hotel business card template.

10. Tech Minimal Business Card Template


People nowadays rely too much on technology to get jobs done, but it doesn’t mean we’ve totally forgotten about the basics. Here’s a minimal business card template that’s not only intended for tech experts or product managers as seen above but can also be used regardless of your profession.

11. Minimal Graphic Designer Business Card

Graphic designers are basically professionals tasked in assembling graphical elements to come up with a single project. They commonly work either as freelance workers or under a company. Regardless of which, here’s a business card that you may find useful, although we also have a resume template to help you land that job.

12. Simply Elegant Minimal Business Card

As seen from the image of the business card template above, it plays around with words wherein simple and elegant are combined to form Simplygant. If the title alone managed to capture your attention, then stop holding yourself back and start downloading your own minimal business card template.

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