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7+ Actor Business Card Templates – Word, AI, PSD, Publisher

Actors are busy people. Always. And as such, there isn’t much time given for an introduction to parties or meetings. That’s why they always need to have a business card with them. An actor business card is the official business card of an actor that is used by their managers to promote them to producers, directors, and film-making companies. It’s an essential card that must not be forgotten anywhere they go as they might encounter a talent scout or someone who is in need of an actor.

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The design for the actor business card sample doesn’t have a standard to follow. You can create one with various styles such as sleek, vintage, classy, or modern. But, if you are still unsure of what directions your actor business card should take, then you definitely need to check out the list that we have prepared specially for you. We have collected a wide variety of designs and templates for an actor business card. They are all stunningly beautiful and they each have different styles, so you definitely have so much thinking to do before choosing the final one. Shall we start?

Actor Business Card Template

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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Simple Actor Business Card Template

Headshot Actor Business Card Template

Does a business card still matter?

In this age where online businesses dominate the market, there are many who question the efficacy of a physical business card. Most businesses use the massive influence and wide reach of the different online platforms to promote their products and services. Social media, in particular, is rampantly used by almost every demographic. In addition to the social media accounts, companies put up their business’ own website to further elaborate their goals and vision and what they can offer to the customers.

But, despite the overwhelming presence of these colonizers in the marketing world, the fact still remains that business cards are one, if not the most effective medium to promote a business to prospective business partners and clients. And as one who is confused if business cards are still the best way to promote a business, you should read the following reasons to know why business cards still remain at the top of the hierarchy of promotional tools.

1. They lead you to opportunities

As with any type of business, a proper introduction of yourself is needed before you proceed in introducing your business. In hunting for prospective clients, one must act and look professional to attract people. Also, doing so makes you more presentable and convincing. And when you finally spotted one, what do you do? You introduce yourself and what your business does, and at some point, you will need to give them your information. That’s when the business card comes into action! You may also see wooden business cards.

Handing a business card to your prospective client saves you the time in writing down your contact information on a piece of paper or any surface that can be written on. And instead of doing so, you can directly talk to the client and introduce yourself. Also, it helps you avoid situations like making an impression that you are unprofessional or it is your first time to interact with a prospect. You have to make yourself look like you have been in this game longer than most and that you are confident of the business that you are promoting.

Modern Actor Business Card Template

Transparent Gradient Actor Business Card Template

Double Photo Actor Business Card Template

2. They are great reminders

If we are going, to be honest with ourselves, how many times have we met someone and remembered his/her name after having a conversation? We really don’t remember, do we? We get so lost in the conversation that even the gesture of doing a simple introduction is forgotten and left isolated in the deep recesses of our minds  That is why in encounters with entrepreneurs and business-minded people, it is important to take down mental or written notes or, better yet, give them your business card and ask theirs in return. You may also see blue business cards.

The business card allows one to completely focus on the conversation than trying to ask for someone’s name or introduce yourself. And, in the case that the question is forgotten, you don’t have to worry about the client not remembering your name as you have already given your business card with your complete personal details. It would also then be easier for your client or employer to do a follow-up research and background check about you.

3. They are accessible

A business card template is smaller compared to other promotional tools such as flyers and banners. Its handiness allows the recipient to take it with them anywhere they go. And, more importantly, they have no downtime. In the case that your smartphone runs out of power, or there is no Internet connection to where you currently are, it takes exchanging information to manual mode. You would be lucky to have a pen and paper with you. But, with the accessibility of business cards, you can just pull it out from your pocket or wallet and immediately hand it out to your potential client.

Chic Actor Business Card Template

4. They are tangible

Business cards represent you and your business when you meet someone new. Handing your business card to new prospects allows for better retention of your information. Once the prospect receives your card, it will help keep your business at the back of their minds. Although they might not need your products or services at the moment, time may come when they need it and hopefully, they will pick up your small business card and call you. This is a faster way of contacting you compared to trying to remember your name or search for your company online.

5. They are cheap

What makes the business cards cheap is their size. Most entrepreneurs use the standard size of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. With this size, you can produce a lot from just a single letter size paper. The other aspect of the business card that can be a factor for lesser expenses is its design. most of the business cards are of simple designs to save printing costs. You can always opt for colorful and glamorous designs for your business cards. But, if you are on a tight budget, you can always compromise its design without reducing its visual impact. You can do so by choosing some of the designs and templates that we have provided on this list!

6. It establishes a personal connection and proper etiquette

It has become normal to see people in networking events to exchange information on the spot using smartphones. It wouldn’t even be a surprise if most people would soon be wearing Google Glasses in the near future. It is true that technology has taken us to a time where everything is convenient and efficient, most notably in information exchange and dissemination. But sometimes, using all these flashy and hi-tech gadgets downplays the meaning of networking, which is to make personal connections. You may also see colorful business cards.

There are moments where using a phone during a conversation may make it seem impersonal. Talking to someone only to look down on your phone and tapping some buttons can seem rude and disconnected. To make a conversation meaningful, making eye contact, flashing a smile, and focusing on the main conversation is all that it takes. You don’t want your meeting to be all about having the same information sharing app, looking down the screen, asking their email to exchange information, and just walk away like it didn’t happen. It would be understandable if it were just a mere exchange of information, but when you are planning to introduce your business, it is expected that you would have an actual conversation. You may also see glossy business cards.

Indeed, technology can be used to enhance certain experiences. But, amidst all these technological advancements, we have forgotten the best information sharing app we have at our disposal: our hands. We are all capable of doing so much with the business cards that we hand out to potential clients and business partners. All it takes is to look someone in the eye during a meaningful conversation about your business, hand out your business card, and end it with a firm and satisfying handshake.

7. They are portable

Again, the factor for its portability is its size. When you walk out of your house, you can put your round business cards in your pocket, a small pouch, or even your wallet. They can be easily carried anywhere you go. The same goes for your prospective clients and business partners. They can put it in any compartment that they can fit it in. This way, they can easily access your business card anytime and anywhere.

Professional Actor Business Card Template

Best Practices in Using the Business Card

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the world of business, you need to execute certain practices on using a business card.

1. Be prepared

Always prepare ammo when you are on the hunt for prospective business partners and clients. Wherever you go, always bring a few business cards with you. Even on a vacation, you might stumble upon someone a potential client that you could talk about your business. You can keep them in small compartments in your bag or even in your wallet.

2. Be selective

No matter how many cards you have at your disposal, you don’t need to use them all at once in a conference or any gathering with entrepreneurs. Handing out your business card to every person you meet will only get them tossed in the trash and waste your resources. A good rule of the thumb is that your simple business card should be given only after you’ve made a handshake after a conversation.

3. Be interested

Try to get a business card back if you hand out yours. Most of the time they give one back, but if they don’t, ask one of them. Doing so shows that you are interested in their business too. And, as a result, it might even increase their interest in you. You may also like modern business cards.

4. Be proactive

When you receive a business card, take the time to look at their the social media sites or whatever online platform that they have. This will help you remember their names and put a face to their names. So when they contact you, you already know who it is rather than trying to decide whether it’s the person you sat next to or someone you met while you were waiting at the bus stop.

Always keep these practices in mind to make yourself look and feel professional. This will help you in the long run especially when you get used to meeting new people at conferences or any business gatherings. You may also like business card design templates.

Are you ready to conquer the film industry?

Being an actor isn’t an easy job. It takes great will and determination to go through long nights of shooting and patience with the director and co-actors. Also, it would take a great amount of dedication in memorizing the script and forging your acting skills to high levels. The film industry is always in need of fresh and old talents, so make sure that you always carry an ample number of creative business cards with you. Who knows, there might be people interested in your acting skills that they will hire you for a role in a show, movie, or even commercial.

In terms of the design, the business card can take any theme as long as it fits you as an actor. Your business card is a representation of yourself as a professional, so it would be appropriate that it portrays a reflection of an actor as skilled as you are. We wish you all the best in your endeavors in the acting industry and we hope you will get the perfect break for you to gain more recognition. Good luck! You may also like cool business cards.

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