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18+ Catering Business Card Templates – AI, Word, PSD

Organizing an event can be stressful regardless of how simple or grand it is. The host or the event organizer has to keep tabs on the guest list, the venue, the decorations, and most especially, the food. They can hire someone they know to cook all the dishes for the event, or, for a much better choice, hire a catering service. This is where the sample catering business card comes in.

If you are a certified chef or simply a person of authority when it comes to catering services, then you need to have a business card for it. You need to make one that looks professional but at the same time attractive. If you are not up for creating a design from scratch, then you have come to the right place. Choose from any of the catering business card designs and templates that we have prepared for you below and use it to promote your catering services.

Catering Business Card Template

catering business card
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Catering Service Business Card Template

catering service business card
File Format
  • Illustrator
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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Creative Chef Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
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  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Creative Restaurant Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Modern Restaurant Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
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  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Food Business Card Template

food business card
File Format
  • Illustrator
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  • Pages
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  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Bakery Catering Business Card Template

cutie treats bakery catering business card 788x70

Whisk Catering Business Card Template

whisk catering business card 788x

Benefits of a catering service

A catering service is a type of business that provides food for parties, events, and institutions. They can deliver box lunches to a meeting and serve meals for a certain amount of people. In any event, it is expected that there will be lengthy activities and that these activities require good food to be offered. If this is neglected, it can lead to decreased productivity, loss of interest, and many other factors. And, if the offered menu lacks in certain aspects, it can also lead to a negative impression to the catering business.

If you are going for a business on a catering service, then you need to know how you can help your clients with it. Take note of them below!

1. Save time

This is the top reason why people usually opt for a catering service rather than prepare the food their own. As a caterer, you can help the host or event organizer save some time for other pressing matters that are needed to be tended, especially in big events. Also, you can help them have enough time to rest. Their hectic sample schedule demands so much from them. They are the backbone of the event, so they need to conserve as much energy as they can to last until the event ends.

2. Less hassle

Of course, the reason why a client or customer hires a service is to pay someone to do the tasks for them. This is true especially if you are too tired to do it yourself or you plainly don’t want to give yourself the trouble of doing it. In the case of a caterer, you are hired because preparing the food might be too tedious for the client or they have other things to attend to. There are people who are more fond of eating than preparing the food. You may also see restaurant business cards.

Aside from preparing the food, you help them by bringing in the materials needed to serve the food, such as the stainless steel food warmers and serving tongs, and if possible, your own tables and tablecloth. This will be of great help for the host as they will not be bothered to find and prepare them. You may also like cool business cards.

3. Professional help

Since you are offering a catering service, it is assumed, or rather expected that you are good at what you do. As the authority of such simple business, people would expect that you are knowledgeable on the types of food that are needed in the event and how to properly serve them. Your professional services will ensure your clients that they will not have to worry about the quality of the food that you will be serving. As a professional, you only serve the best.

As a caterer, you have witnessed how things go during an event. You can give your clients some advice on how an event can be handled especially when certain issues arise. You may not be an event organizer to speak of such things, but with the information and knowledge that you had gained by keenly observing from where you are stationed, you definitely know a thing or two about the different directions that an event can go. You may also like floral business cards.

Chef’s Catering Business Card Template

chef catering business card 788x

Kitchen Utensils Catering Business Card Template

kitchen utensils catering business card

Barbecue and Grill Catering Business Card

barbecue and grill catering business card 788x

Private Chef Catering Business Card Template

private chef catering business card

4. A variety of food choices

Again, as a professional, you are needed to produce an output that is expected from you. The knowledge that you have as a caterer will help your clients personally choose which food they have to serve for the event. Act as their guide, their mentor. Show them the different options that they can take and if they have something they want to change, whether you agree or disagree, explain to them why you decided so. You may also see unique business cards.

It would also be ideal to show them different bundles or packages that they can possibly acquire. Doing this allows your clients to assess the budget that they have for the event as there are some who only have limited funds but still wanted to hire a catering service. You may also like restaurant chef business cards.

5. Food presentation

The food that you serve doesn’t only have to taste good, but it also needs to look good. The food presentation can be attributed to various factors such as the food arrangement, the utensils that you will use, and the table design. The utensils and table design can further accentuate the beauty of the food if they are utilized properly. If these components can work together well, you can achieve a certain level of appreciation and admiration from your clients and the guests of the event.

6. Great impression

All the benefits prior to this one are already enough for some clients. But, there will always be others who go an extra mile and want to impress their visitors and guests by hiring a catering service. As the saying goes, “the first impression lasts.” Some clients want to leave a mark on their guests with the help of a catering service. This creates an impression that the host wants to serve the guests with high-quality food that they can enjoy consuming. Also, on the prideful side of things, some people like to boast their wealth by hiring expensive catering services that are managed and prepared by a top-rated chef. Well, for whatever reason they want to make an impression, you still benefit the most when they hire you. So, make an impression that your clients and their guests will never forget! You may also see business cards for chefs.

Cupcake Catering Business Card Template

cupcakes catering business card

Personal Chef Catering Business Card Template

personal chef catering business card

Simple Catering Business Card Template

simple catering business card

Do’s and Don’ts of a Catering Service


1. Give a fair price. There are two types of clients: those who have a deep pocket, not bothered by a huge bill, and those who only have a certain amount of budget to acquire a decent enough service. Though it may be tempting to give a higher price for those who don’t care how much they are going to spend, you should still be fair with your pricing. This goes without saying for all types of clients that you will be having. The integrity and credibility that you have as a caterer are at stake here, so you better be careful in your pricing. To achieve a certain standard for your pricing, you can study your competitors on how they price their services. In the end, this is still a business. You need to make a profit in order to thrive in this venture. You may also see personal business cards.

2. Get the estimated number of guests. This is crucial information that you need to acquire. By knowing how many guests will be attending the event, you can estimate how much food you are going to prepare. It will save you from overspending for the resources. Also, it would avoid an underestimation of the food that you need to prepare. It would be a huge problem if you completely run out of food when there still guests who haven’t been served with food yet. Save yourself from the humiliation and criticisms that may lead your business into ruins. You may also see free business cards.

3. Prepare a variety of food options. Of course, as a caterer, you have a vast knowledge of the types of food that you can serve for an event. Show your clients a list of packages that they can acquire so they would know as to which category their simple budget can afford. Also, offering a variety allows the guests to pick certain favorites and maybe try out those that they haven’t tried before. This can be a great opportunity for you to promote your original recipes if you ever have one.

4. Make sure your menu fits into the event. This will depend on the time that the event will be held. For example, it would be weird if you serve breakfast meals when the event is held at noon. Another factor could be the nature of the event. If the event has an Italian theme, it is expected that the food should also be from Italian recipes. Always ask your host on what type of menu they want for the event.

5. Manage your staff. As the head, you need to manage your staff during the event. Make sure that they have arranged the table setting properly and that the food trays still have food in them. Also, assign someone to keep tabs on the inventory. It would help you estimate how much you can serve if you know how much is left. If you have a uniform, make sure that each of your staff is wearing one. This is a great chance to solidify your branding and promote it.


1. Being stressed-out. Every job requires focus, and in this case, you need to keep on checking the food that you are serving. If there are situations that are stressing you out, you need to take a timeout and calm yourself. Your negative vibes will resonate with your staff, so avoid showing such negativity. As much as possible, enjoy your time in serving the guests. Smile and serve! You may also like free business card designs.

2. Spoiled ingredients. This will be avoided if you or someone assigned to your staff always keep checking your ingredients inventory. Always make sure that you keep them fresh so you could make the best dishes possible.

3. Ignoring customer feedback. Always listen to the feedback from your clients or customers. Though some of them might only be trolling you, still there are some who are legit giving feedback about your food and service. If you want your business to last long, then you have to listen and improve the points that the clients have pointed that you lack it.

4. Messy surrounding. There will always be portions of the food that are spilled on the floor or on your table. If this happens, make sure that they are immediately cleaned. Maintaining a clean look speaks of how you want to be perceived at. Also, it’s for hygienic purposes. You don’t want anyone to be stepping at a meatball and have its sauce smeared all over the floor, right? You may also see minimalist business cards.

5. Serving too much. As what we talked above, always ask for the estimated number of guests that are attending. This will help you estimate the amount of food that you will be cooking and be serving the guests. If you ignore such an important matter, you would lose so much from your business’ account. Also, it would lead to spoiling so much food. Cook the right amount of food for the event; not too much, and not too little either. You may also like wooden business cards.

6. Run out of patience. Although this may be unavoidable at times, just try to be patient and polite to your client the guests of the event. Orient your staff regarding this matter, too. In stressful times, if you think that your patience is already at its all-time low, try to take a break from your post. Take the time to collect yourself. It’s important that you and your staff are accommodating towards the guests. If there is an issue that you think you can’t handle anymore, ask assistance from the host. Since they know the guests, they may be able to resolve the issue in the most peaceful way possible. It’s important for a business like this that serves customers to be patient at all times. Otherwise, it may cost you your job and reputation to go down the drain. You know how people can be so critical even on such small issues. Handle it professionally and peacefully. You may also like creative business cards.

Cute Catering Business Card Template

cute catering business card

Healthy Kitchen Catering Business Card Template

healthy kitchen catering business card

Elegant Catering Business Card Template

elegant catering business card

Sophisticated Dark Catering Business Card Template

sophisticated dark catering business card

Rustic Catering Business Card Template

rustic catering business card

Minimalistic Catering Business Card Template

minimalistic catering business card

Have you found the right design?

As a caterer, it is important that the design of your business card is as tasteful and alluring as the food that you serve. The extensive list that we have just shown you have designed can accommodate various types of catering services. If you found one that suits your style, then don’t hesitate to click that “Buy Now” button. Save some time for other important matters by purchasing a template. Also, these are all premium templates, so rest assured that they are of top-notch quality.

We hope you have enjoyed going through every template. Contemplate on which design will best represent the branding of your catering service. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and for your business’ success! Good luck!

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