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20+ Bakery Business Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign, EPS

Don’t you just love feeling the warmth of a piece of bread as you hold it with both hands? In every part of the world, bread is a staple food for breakfast. It is usually smothered with butter or any edible spread that could be used to complement it. Some people only even eat bread paired with a mug of hot coffee or milk. There’s just this unexplainable satisfaction of eating a warm piece of bread in the morning.

27+ FREE BAKERY Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Google Docs, WordPress, Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (SPREADSHEETS), Microsoft Publisher, Apple Numbers, Adobe Illustrator (AI)

Also, it can be eaten without having to use any utensil. That’s why people who are in a hurry for work or school just grab a piece of it and immediately rush out of the house. Some people even stop at a bakery to buy bread while they are on their way to school or work. The bakery is one of the most sought-after food establishments, so it is no wonder people venture into that kind of business. If you are putting up a bakery, then you definitely need to use free business cards to promote your business.

Business cards are your primary tools for introducing yourself or your company to prospective clients. And, as such, a great design is needed for it. You need to take the design of your business card seriously as it speaks about how you want to conduct yourself and your business. To help you decide which design to use, we have collected multiple designs and templates that you can apply for your business card. But, before we get into the list, let us first know what are the reasons why you still need to use business cards.

Now that you know some of the reasons, let us proceed to the list!

Bakery Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Bakery Shop Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Cupcake Bakery Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Creative Bakery Business Card Template

The aesthetics game is strong with this one. This template mashes up graphical elements that create a visually pleasing design. The colors used for the design blend well enough to attract the recipient of the business card. If you look at it, the texts, images, and other elements all match well with each other. The cupcake at the header will instantly let the recipient know what your business is about. Normally, placing text over a design will only provide confusion for the readers. But, in this case, it went surprisingly well and it isn’t annoying to look at. Surely, it has something to do with matching the colors. The black color of the text is highlighted even more with the light color of the background design. Also, some of the texts have different colors to emphasize important details and also to add to the aesthetics. Grab this one now and get started on making your business card!

This package includes four files for the floral business card, namely the two files for the back and front for each of the horizontal and vertical orientation of the card. This template is the standard size of a business card which is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. The files are all compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and higher versions.

Gold Glitter Bakery Business Card

Cute Bakery Business Card Template

When you think of sweets, you also think of bright colors. These colors have always been associated with something cute and bubbly. So, it’s no wonder that they fit perfectly when you are going to make a cute PSD business card for your bakery or pastry shop. The design utilizes different color combinations that go well with pink, such as the lighter shades of blue and yellow. The header of the business card that contains the name of the bakery or pastry shop is encapsulated in a pink circle that matches well with the polka dots that are used in the background and the circular icons for the social media sites on the contact details section, creating a tasty treat for the eyes. And, to emphasize it more, a blurred photo of the pastries is placed in the blue background. Get this one now to show that your bakery is all about everything cute!

This template is measured at the standard size for designer business cards of 2 inches by 3.5 inches. The orientation style is in landscape and its resolution is at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI). You can change some of the elements of the design as this template is fully customizable. PSD (Adobe Photoshop file) is the main format for the file of this template but there are other image files included in this package that can be used and edited using different photo editing software.

Reasons why you still need business cards

In this digital age, business cards are deemed to be superfluous. Why is that? If you look around you, people have digital devices in their hands. It is their primary tool for communication. People can easily exchange messages or emails online with a single tap of a button on their smartphone’s screen. They have abandoned the traditional way of using business cards for business transactions and chosen to take the modern approach. So, in this section, we will remind you why business cards are still as important today as when they were first created.

1. Not everyone has a digital device

Even if smartphones or any other handheld device has become a necessity for some, there are still other people who don’t have one. Some even have computers or laptops but they don’t have a smartphone. Not everyone can afford to buy a smartphone that can easily access emails. We all have different priorities; to each his own. That is when professional business cards come into the scene. You need to formally approach your prospective clients to introduce them to your business.

2. Downtime isn’t an issue

As with every machine out there, electricity is needed to fully operate and function. Smartphones or any digital device need to be charged from time to time, so if there are times when you found a prospect but your smartphone is off due to running out of power, then you would definitely miss that chance. If you are in an area where there is no communication signal no matter how much you extend your arm or move to a more elevated spot, then giving your business card is the only way to grab that opportunity. You may also see black business cards.

Minimalistic Bakery Business Card

Minimalistic designs are the most simple ones out there. But just because they use a minimal amount of graphical elements, it doesn’t mean that they compromise on visual impact. In this template, the main concept of the design is to use polka dots as the background. The only area where there are no polka dots is where the contact details are placed. It is only right to do so; otherwise, looking at the details will be confusing and it might be misread by the recipient of the business card. This design also utilizes the ever-popular pastel colors for the polka dots and background at the back of the card. If you are up for a minimalistic design for your business card, then go for this one. Click that download button!

This template’s size is 3.5 inches by 2 inches and is oriented in landscape style. There are two PSD files for the front and back designs of the business card, and they can be opened only with the CS2 and above versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Floral Bakery Business Card

Bakery Business Card Design

Pastel colors have been gaining popularity recently because of their soft and soothing presence. Coffee shops, bakeries, and many other food establishments have started to adapt to the colors within the wheel of pastel colors. Use this template if you are also planning to use pastel colors as the color scheme for your bakery. The washed-out look of these colors exudes a light and cheerful aura that creates aesthetically pleasing visuals when combined or partnered with each other. The design is as simple as it gets. Click that ‘Buy Now’ button and start creating your business card!

The standard business card dimension of 2 inches by 35 inches is used in this template. This is oriented in portrait style and is fully layered, meaning that editing this template will be easier and more convenient. There are two PSD files for the front and back of the business card and there are also other files included in this package such as the TrueType Font (TTF) and OpenType Font (OTF) for the fonts used in the design.

Retro Bakery Business Card Template

Dark Bakery Business Card Design

The bakery’s design isn’t just about bright and cheerful colors. Sometimes, they can go dark if so desired. Using black as the main color for a business card can either mean that a dark color scheme is used for the design of the bakery or the owner just wants to use a dark color for the business card. The black color can go two different ways: creepy or sleek. But, obviously, you don’t want to go to the side of the former, so let’s just focus on the latter to garner a positive impression of your bakery. The design for this template is fairly straightforward that there are no dramatic or flashy elements lying around the layout, let alone the stars that surround the name of the bakery. If you want a business card that is direct with its intentions, then download this template right now!

This template is sized at 3.5 inches by 2 inches or 2.25 inches by 3.75 inches with bleeds and is oriented in landscape style. There are two PSD files in this package and it also includes a help file that contains all the information about this package. You may also like grunge business cards.

Modern Bakery Business Card Template

Modern designs can vary from minimalistic to flashy ones. This template decides to go with the combination of both. What makes this design minimalistic is that the overall look is simple. There are not many ornaments scattered around the layout, which is a good thing if you don’t want to distract the recipient from the actual purpose of a business card. This design is partly flashy in the sense that it grabs your attention at first glance. Maybe it’s the color, or maybe it’s the lines in the background that are arranged to look like the sun’s rays. But whatever the factor may be, it definitely is eye-catching. The information about your bakery is neatly placed at the back of the card, which is an ideal position considering there is a lot of space at the back. If you are up for a modern vibe for your business card, then download this one now and start customizing!

Cake Shop and Bakery Business Card

Spreading icons all over the layout can sometimes get messy, annoying, and distracting. But in this template, it excellently works. What makes these icons work as ornaments for the dark background is that they don’t have a solid color and are only outlined. In the front side, these hollow icons create a balance with the solid geometrical shape that encapsulates the name of the bakery. They even have the same color, which makes it look cute. At the back of the card lies a giant two-layered cake with the contact details at the side. The layout is divided into two vertical sections that effectively separates and emphasizes the design and the information. Arranging it this way makes it easier for people to appreciate the design and understand and absorb the information better. Want to get this for your business card? Click that ‘Buy Now’ button now!

3. Promote your business

Business cards are obviously tools that you use for promoting your business. You hand out your information to prospective clients in hopes of making a deal with them. If you want to step up your game, you can turn your business card into a brochure to persuade a prospective client to call you and discuss business. Also, personally handing out your business card creates an opportunity to talk about business right at that moment. You can talk it out and promote your business.

4. Proper etiquette

Business might be universal, but transactions vary from one culture to another. For example, in Hong Kong, if you are given a business card, it is expected for you to give yours, too. If you fail to do so, then you’ve basically burned the bridge into building a business relationship with a prospective client. You have destroyed it before it even started. In Japan, your business card reflects on how you want to be perceived and how serious you are with your intentions of making a business deal with a prospective client.

Clean Bakery Business Card

There is no other template in this list that is as clean as this one. And if you talk about being minimalistic, then this one would be on par with the other one on the list. Comparison aside, the design for this template utilizes simple elements that accentuate the concept that this business card is going for. The contrast of the stylish font style used at the front and the simple and basic font style used at the back adds a variation that greatly contributes to the aesthetics of the design. Even if it’s simple, it still creates a huge impact on its visuals. Are you up for taking a clean and simple design for your business card? If so, stop resisting your hand from clicking that download button!

Charming Bakery Business Card

Have you ever celebrated the sweet existence of the goods that you bake? If you haven’t, then doing so on your business card will do just fine. The confetti spread all over the layout looks like you are celebrating the birth of the sweets that you created with love and care. Again, the pastel color has taken over the design. The blue pastel pairs well with the blue frosting on the cupcakes at the front of the card. The texts, although of simple font styles, works well with the design and they even stand out more against the festive mood of the business card. Are you up for this charming design for a business card? If so, then click the download button above!

Stylish Bakery Business Card Design

This template uses darker colors compared to the rest of the list. The lowered brightness of the brown background photo at the front of the card greatly emphasizes the overlaid title. Although a bit contrasting to the rest of the design, the font style used for the title that somewhat looks cartoonish surprisingly fits well with the overall look. Contrasting elements like this usually don’t work well, but in this one, it even stands out more from the rest. What makes this stylish is the border used on both sides of the card. The back of the card is toned down with its white background. Maybe it is done as such because that area contains all the information about the bakery. Simplifying the design will avoid confusing the readers. Wouldn’t you agree that this template is stylish? If you do, then download this template now!

Adorable Bakery Business Card

Again, the cute icons of bread and pastry goods are used as ornaments for the background. This time, the bread and cupcakes use different colors that match well with the background color. What’s more adorable is that the name of the bakery is encapsulated in a cupcake. It even has confetti inside it! It’s like celebrating the birth of another sweet existence that will bring joy and happiness to those who eat it! Well, that’s what bakeries and pastry shops are all about, right? Although there is enough space at the front for the information about the bakery, you can still add more at the back. This way, you can group the details according to your liking. If you want this adorable little fluff of a business card, then don’t wait longer and get this one now! You may also like round business cards.

Bakery Brown Business Card

Pink Bakery Business Card

Pink is a recurring color in this list. Its presence is essentially needed to put emphasis on the thought that this is all about baking sweets. This design is simpler than the rest. The pink badge at the center is highlighted by the background of cupcakes with mouthwatering blue frosting. At the back of the card is even simpler. Dividing the layout into sections makes you highlight different details of your business card. For example, on the section with a white background, you can put your name and position in it so people will notice it first. And the other details will be put on the lower section. If you are a fan of pink, then you definitely need to use this design for your square business card!

Simple Bakery Business Card

If you talk about being neat, then this one definitely takes the cake! Get it? Cake. Bakery. Okay, we’ll just stop right there before we embarrass ourselves even more. The designs for this template focuses more on the simplicity and cleanliness of the look. As you can see, there’s not much lying around the layout. It only has the logo of the bakery and the contact details at the back. It’s as minimalistic as it gets. If you are into a zen-themed business card, then you better click that ‘Buy Now’ button immediately!

Chalkboard Bakery Business Card

Using chalkboards as signages and even menus for your bakery is a clever way to make the aesthetics of your bakery more attractive. So, why not also use that on your business card? The dark background of the chalkboard is paired up with the bright and lively pink icons meticulously placed at the bottom of the card. It even looks like you are hosting a tea party with those tasty treats. The stylish font style of the name of the bakery perfectly adds to the aesthetic of the chalkboard look. If you are aiming for this kind of look with your bakery, then you need to click that download above!

Have you found the perfect one?

Choosing a design for your business card can be exhaustive, especially with the extensive list that we have made. We apologize for making that long of a list, but we thought of giving you as many options as we can so you can decide better on which design to use. The designs all have different feels and looks into them. Pick the one that you think will best represent your bakery and you as the owner. If you think this way, people won’t be having a difficult time knowing what you want your business to perceived as. It’s also easier to make deals and negotiations with prospective clients if they immediately understand what your business is about. We hope you’ve had fun (although a bit draining) browsing the list of creative and aesthetically pleasing designs of business cards. Good luck with your business!

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