14+ Hair Stylist Business Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

Hairstyling is an understated form of art. It requires immense skill and talent to perfectly style a person’s hair. Make one mistake and it will ruin someone’s image. The same thing can be said for your business card. The design of your business card is a reflection of who you are as a professional hairstylist. If you are looking for impressive and creative designs for your business card, then you have come to the right place. We have collected various designs and templates that will be the right fit for you as a hairstylist. Check them out below!

Simple Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Elegant Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Hair Stylist and Fashion Business Card Template


Hairstylist business cards in different work environments

The main purpose of a business card it to establish a business relationship with partners and clients. As a hairstylist, you depend on clientele to thrive in this kind of business. The connections that you build by performing a satisfactory service and constant interaction with your clients is an important factor to forge your status as a competent hair stylist. A business card will still serve its purpose regardless of whichever work environment you are in, but they differ on how they are created. You may also like salon business cards.

Hair Stylist Business Card

1. Franchise Salons

If you are working in a franchise salon, it is most likely that you will comply with the business card design that the salon has provided for you. You can try to appeal for creating your own customization of the business card. But, there’s a huge possibility that it will be dismissed as most of the franchises want the design to be consistent with all the hair stylists.

Despite not being able to design your own business card, it still doesn’t take away the fact that you can still use the provided modern business card to acquire clients. And even though you are only catering to walk-in customers, you are still building a clientele. Your career as a hairstylist will always be about building clientele. In this type of business, there will certainly be lean months to come. And when it arrives, the clientele that you worked diligently to obtain will come to your rescue. Your loyal clients will never let your seat empty while the other stylists will only sit and stare the day away.

2. Private Salons

It is highly possible that the salon already has a template waiting to be printed at a local printer. It would be best if you ask the manager first if they will purchase the cards for you. Most private salons do that. But, there are times that they will just deduct the payment from your salary. It’s the same as spending for your own. If that is the case, then you need to order a certain number of business cards. It would also be better if you order them by package if the local printer offers some. This way, you can save a little on your allocated sample budget for it and use the extra money for other expenses.

Having the same cards as the other stylists will solidify the brand of the salon. But, if ever you want to design one of your own, you can directly approach the manager and request for it.  In your request, specify that although you are customizing the design with your personal touch, you will still retain the image of the salon. The branding will remain untouched. If ever in the slightest chance that your request is granted, then you better prepare for a long night of customizing your business card.

3. Freelance

Being a freelance hairstylist allows you to create your own design for the business card. You don’t have to worry about any restrictions. Aiming for a sleek vibe for your business card? Go ahead. Want a vintage theme? Sure. Oh, why not a black and white? Definitely! The possibilities are endless. And if your business card’s design is attractive and creative enough, it will greatly impress your clients. It might even compel them to share your business card with their peers. The more your business card is spread, the more clients will be hiring you and the more your reputation will be solidified.

Vector Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Minimalistic Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Sleek Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Gold Scissors Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Stylish Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Painted Floral Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Tips on making a hairstylist business card

A business card may be deemed old-age in this technological era. But, one must admit that its effectiveness in promoting a business is still as powerful as ever. So, to make sure that your business card will the best there is, you should take note of the tips that we have listed below.

1. Be YOUnique

Being unique doesn’t mean you have to be totally different from everybody else. Uniqueness is about being true to yourself. We are all different, we are all unique. But sometimes, we naively yield to a certain social construct out of peer pressure and fear of being left out that we forget how distinct we are.  We try to fit the mold when what we should do is break out of it or, even better, not attempt to submit ourselves to it. We should be comfortable with showing who we really are and what we truly feel. Our authentic selves will be the sole reason why we stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The same thing applies to the design of the business card. Your business card will stand out from the rest if you remain true to the image of your small business, which, in this case, is hairstyling. You can freely purchase, download, and use any of the templates in this article, but try to put your personal touch to it. One reason is that other hairstylists will surely catch a whiff on some of the designs from the list that we provided. Sprinkling your personal touch on your chosen template will help you separate your business card from everybody else’s and make it more distinct.

2. Too much is poison

Sometimes you get carried away with the designing that you didn’t notice it has already become an absolute mess. The elements of the design are cluttered all over the layout and it has become difficult for you which concept your business card is going for. Putting too much on the design will only damage your simple business card. Keep it simple and clean. As the saying goes, “Less is more.” Use as little elements as possible. Only include those that are necessary and relevant. Other than that, scratch everything out.

Aside from the design, the information that you put on your floral business card can sometimes be the cause of the mess, too. A business card only has enough space for the necessary details of you and your business. Don’t overload the card with information that won’t even be useful for the client. To help you simplify everything, look at the list below that shows the necessary details that should be included on your business card.

  • Name
  • Profession
  • Phone number (either salon or personal, but not both)
  • Address (freelancers should use their email address)
  • Social media links
  • Tagline for branding purposes

These are the details that you should include on your business card if you want it to look professional. In a creative business card, it’s all about the appeal and the useful information that you provide. Adding too much text can be too distracting and it might result in a bad impression. If possible, stick to a 3-color palette: the main color, accent color, and text color.

3. Establish customer expectations

Thinking up a concept for your inspiration business card can be challenging. The concept should be interesting and attractive enough as your business card represents your business when you are not around. You should be able to answer the question, “What kind of experience will my clients expect?” This question could breed countless answers, but you can find some of them below.

  • Trendy chic?
  • Upscale posh?
  • Organic?
  • Full-service salon and spa?
  • Walk-ins only?

In case you’re a freelancer in a bigger salon, your business card should coordinate with the brand of the salon. Ask permission from the manager to use the salon’s logo in the event that they have one, or check whether they have a standard business card layout that you can utilize. Try not to put fun pictures and designs just because another salon is using them. Bright colors and cute images won’t fit with, say, an organic salon brand. Take into consideration your audience’s perception and the image of your band, and start from there. You may also like barber business cards.

Dark Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Chic Floral Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Hair Stylist and Beauty Salon Business Card Template


Rose Gold Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Indie Hair Stylist Business Card Template


Vintage Hair Stylist Business Card Template


4. Engage the senses

Putting a little gimmick on your business card that engages the senses boost’s the receiver’s retention and help your business card stand out. See the list below to know some of the gimmicks that you can use.

  • Textured or thicker cardstock. Your clients could possibly already have tons of business cards bundled up together. If they decide to pick your free business card from the bundle, it would be difficult to determine which is yours only by the sense of touch. Using thicker material to be printed on allows for easier and faster tracking of your card, especially in a certain situation where it only requires pulling up the card without even looking at it.
  • A scratch-n-sniff sticker. This card type refers to the stickers that release a scent once their coating is scratched, thus the name. It’s a brilliant tactic that allows for an engagement from the receiver. The scent that is released by the scratched sticker is distinct, which enables the receiver to easily remember your PSD business card. This concept has been used since the 80’s, and not many are using it. So if you include this on your business card, your client will definitely come on top if asked for a hairstylist they would recommend.
  • A glossy finish. This style engages the sense of sight. In the sea of dull and shabby business cards, yours will shine as bright as the diamond that you are! Coating your business card with a glossy finish will easily snatch anyone’s attention. But, remember not to put too much as its blinding glare might irritate the recipient. You may also like watercolor business cards.
  • An embossed or metallic foil embellishment. Have you seen those expensive-looking business cards that seem like they have gold on it? Yes, this style does exactly like that. The embossed or metallic foil embellishment adds an elegant and classy finish to your fashion business card which will definitely charm whoever receives it. But, don’t overdo it and make all the texts on your business card with a metallic foil embellishment. Remember, too much is poisonous. A simple touch of embellishment on your name or your brand is already enough.
  • An alluring scent. There are special types of paper that are coated with a sweet scent. It’s not as strong as a perfume where you can easily smell its scent at a distance. You have to get the card in close proximity to your nose so the scent can be detected. It’s a great gimmick that will amuse the recipients of the cool business card, especially those who are fond of such things. Also, a sweet scent adds charm to the card.

5. Include an image

Your business card most likely isn’t the only one that the recipient has. A straightforward picture, design, or interesting color scheme can enable yours to stand out in an ocean of same-sized cards. Some hairstylist business cards utilize hair-related pictures, for example, a silhouette, face, or hair tools. These will work fine, but it’s critical you pick a picture that won’t resemble each other hairstylist’s business card.

Make sure that the picture you choose to include on your business card will be relevant to your brand. For example, a barbershop for men won’t use any image that says otherwise, like a frilly abstract image. Also, you can’t just use any random image that you grabbed from the internet, especially those with copyright repercussions. Make sure that you choose an image that you can legally use, or it would be better to create your own design or hire a graphic designer for that matter.

6. Use easy-to-read font

Planning your business card influences the ideal time to construct your brand image. In any case, creativity shouldn’t be compromised at the expense of tiny print or illegibility. Make sure that that the fonts that you choose can be easily read by the recipient. Otherwise, your business card is good as nothing. Its purpose is to provide information, not obstruct it from the recipient. Nobody needs to invest their time and energy in deciphering your contact details when they want to make an arrangement with you. Use easy-to-read font to make things easier and simpler for you and your client.

We suggest utilizing clean, fresh text styles like Elephant, Eras, Rockwell, and Impact. You can also buy fonts to make a more particular look. To make it readable, we’ve seen that serif/sans serif font styles make a great pair. Before sending the file of your unique business card design to the printer, make sure that you have exhausted all possible combinations of font sizes and styles that you can.

Choose what’s relevant

The purpose of a luxury business card is to give your prospect your contact data in trusts that you will be on top of their mind when they require your service. Also, it reflects you as a hairstylist. If you want it to look like a professional one, then you should choose the design which is relevant to your brand and to you as a hairstylist.

It’s alright to think outside the standard hairstylist business card box as well! Get inventive, experiment with the design. But, remember that whatever you pick, ensure that it puts forth a big statement like your client’s new hairstyle will. Good luck! You may also see personal business cards.

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