11+ Vertical Business Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

A business card is a staple tool that you must have when you are introducing your business to prospective clients and business partners. It is usually given after giving a brief introduction about yourself and your company or after a conversation. The modern business card contains both yours and the company’s contact details so your prospects will be able to contact you and talk more about your business. Even if this digital world is threatening the business card’s existence, it still stands firm against multiple digital platforms and continues to be relevant.

What we have here are vertical business card templates that you can purchase, download, and use to create your own business card. Choose one or more of them and impress your prospective clients and business partners!

Modern Vertical Business Card Template


Dark Vertical Business Card Template


Clean Vertical Business Card Template


Are business cards still relevant?

There are many who question that effectiveness of a physical business card especially in this age where online businesses dominate the market. In recent years, businesses have ventured into different online platforms to further reach their audience. With the massive influence of these platforms, their products and services can be promoted more. Social media, in particular, has become such a staple in everyone’s daily lives that it has become their primary source of information. With that said, it is no wonder that businesses invest in promoting their business on these platforms.

These online promotional platforms may be the trend now but that doesn’t mean a physical business card can’t go on par with them. A personal business card, no matter how much people refute its efficacy, still remains relevant and is still powerful on its own merits. If you need more points to convince you that business cards are still on top of its game, then you should read the list below.

1. They lead you to opportunities

A business card’s purpose is to give your potential clients and partners more information about yourself and your business. When an introduction is done properly, the prospects will be more than inclined to ask for your creative business card or will receive it if you offered it first. This bears good news for you since it means that they are interested in what you have offered to them. And with your business card kept, it’s as good as an achievement because from then on they will surely contact you if they ever need you. It may take longer, but it would be worth the wait when you receive a call from them asking for your product or service.

2, They save time

Aside from providing more information about you and your simple business, a business card is also great in saving time and effort in writing your contact details when your prospects ask for them. If you have a business card, you only have to pull them out from your pocket, pouch, or wherever you may have stored it and simply hand it to your prospective client or partner. Moreover, you will have more time to talk about other important matters after handing your business card over.

3. They allow you to avoid embarrassment

In meeting new people, how many of their names do you remember after having a conversation with them? More often than not, we can’t recall anything. It could either be because we were into the conversation that we forgot to ask it or it got lost in a flurry of words that were too much for our brains to absorb. Asking their names even after the conversation has long ended is perfectly fine but it can be embarrassing sometimes. You may also see professional business cards.

To save you from the humiliation, you should first hand out your business card and maybe ask for theirs in exchange before going deeper into the conversation. That way, not only will a burden be avoided but you also be able to focus more on the conversation. This kind of focus is essential especially when you are promoting your business to a potential client or partner.

4. They are great reminders

If the business card is successfully handed over to the potential client or partner, it is already considered an achievement. The next achievement is when you would be contacted by your prospects. This can only happen when the business card does its job well, which is reminding people about you. You may also see black & white business cards.

There is no doubt that the business card will perform its duty to remind the client about you. Since it will most likely be kept somewhere it would be easily reached such as pockets, pouches, or wallets, the client will be reminded every time they open them. Every time this action is repeated, the more your business card will be retained in your client’s mind. They will remember you more often since they frequently see your business card. Now, who’s doubting the efficacy of business cards? You may also see minimalist business cards.

Simple Vertical Business Card Template


Purple Vertical Business Card Template


Black and White Vertical Business Card Template


Sleek Vertical Business Card Template


Minimal Vertical Business Card Template


5. They are accessible

A business card is smaller compared to other cards for promotion. Its handy size allows the recipient to store it somewhere easy to carry such as their pockets and wallets. It’s so accessible that you can carry as much as you want as long as the storage doesn’t pop off and you can give them to anyone you meet. You may also see colorful business cards.

Aside from its size, another factor that contributes to its accessibility is it doesn’t have a downtime. It doesn’t need electricity and Internet to work and relay your personal and business information. You can just have it anywhere you want as long as it doesn’t get wet and burned. If you can put it in an envelope to keep it safe. You may also see business card designs.

6. They are tangible

We often forget how important it is to have something tangible, something that you can feel with your hands. When you hold something, your senses slowly absorb the feeling of the business card, its material, and its size. This is an important observation since the more that you remember the feeling, the more you improve the retention of the business card information. You may also see business card design templates.

7. They are cheap

If you hire a graphic designer, then the business card won’t come cheap. But if you want to create the design from scratch or you want to purchase a template, you would be spending some money but it would still be cheap since templates don’t cost that much.

On the printing side, a business card is cheap because of its size. With such a handy size, a single sheet of paper can fit a lot of business card layouts. You won’t have to bother printing a lot of pages of business cards since your target number of business cards may fit with only a few sheets of paper to print on.

8. It establishes a personal connection and proper etiquette

During conferences, business meetings, or any business gathering, there is always an exchange of information at the end of it. These days, they take down contact information using smartphones. While it may be true that technology has highly developed our means of communication, it can be observed that these flashy and hi-tech gadgets downplay sometimes downplay the meaning of making connections.

When you use your phone in the middle of a conversation, it will appear to be impersonal to the person you are talking to. Even though you say that you are attentively listening, it will still come off as something rude. It is of proper etiquette that when talking to somebody, you direct your attention to their eyes to show that you are listening and flash a grin sporadically. Doing all of these will make the other person feel that you are interested in your conversation. You may also see taxi business cards.

You don’t want your meeting to be all about having the same information sharing app, looking down the screen, asking their email to exchange information, and just walk away like it didn’t happen. It would be understandable if it were just a mere exchange of information, but when you are planning to introduce your business, it is expected that you would have an actual conversation. You may also see gold foil business cards.

Indeed, technology can be used to enhance certain experiences. But, amidst all these technological advancements, we have forgotten the best information sharing app we have at our disposal: our hands. We are all capable of doing so much with the business cards that we hand out to potential clients and business partners. All it takes is to look someone in the eye during a meaningful conversation about your business, hand out your business card, and end it with a firm and satisfying handshake.

9. They are portable

Portability refers to the size of the business card. Since it’s handy, you can just put the business card in your pocket, wallet, or any kind of pouch. You can easily carry them anywhere you go. The same thing can be said for your prospective clients and business partners. After they receive your business card, they can put it inside anything that they can think of as long as the business card doesn’t get folded or crumpled. This way, they can easily pull out your business card when they need to. You may also see typography business cards.

Creative Vertical Business Card Template


Colorful Vertical Business Card Template


Photographer Vertical Business Card Template


Corporate Vertical Business Card Template


Choose the Most Relevant Design

These templates vary in design, so choose the one which is the most relevant to your company. It creates a bigger impact if the design relates to the brand identity of your company. Its coherence will help forge your company’s identity more. But if you can’t find something that’s closely related to the image of your company, you can just choose any template and customize accordingly. These templates are all editable, so you can customize them any way you like. You may also see excellent black business cards.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect vertical business card template. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and for your business’ success! You may also see landscaping business cards.

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