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How to Create a Spa Business Card [7+ Template]

Spas are a very essential type of luxury that everyone should be able to afford because they promote health, relaxation, and wellness. There’s no better way to promote your spa business other than having your very own spa business card. Business cards have been tested and proven to be very effective marketing tools.

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While it’s easier to just exchange emails or number, handing a business card to a potential customer or client speaks volumes about your professionalism and credibility. This article will assist you in how to make a spa business card template that is not just pretty on the outside, but effective too.

5 Steps How to Create a Spa Business Card

Step 1: Choose an online template

While utilizing business card templates may seem like such a waste of money and inappropriate, actually, it’s not. Templates are actually good investments most especially if you want effective marketing tools. The templates embedded in the next section are all professionally-made and pre-designed with texts, graphics, and designs to make editing so much easier for you.

Step 2: Write down basic information and contact details

Most online templates are already built-in with texts, and all that’s left to do is to edit it. Some basic information includes the business name and address, contact details, and social media accounts. Making sure that the contact details are working and updated is a top priority. As much as possible, avoid putting two or more phone numbers as this might confuse the client or customer.

Step 3: Add branding elements

Business cards also act as an aid for brand recognition. These cards have the potential of being passed around by the receiver to their friends or relatives. By incorporating your branding elements into your simple business cards, it helps give a lasting impression on the people who get to receive your card. So go ahead and add that company tagline, photo, or logo.

Step 4: Edit your template

After adding your texts and branding elements, take this time to edit your template. Observe visual hierarchy when arranging information and details. Make sure that the texts are legible and not too little or too big. See to it that the colors in your business card compliment each other, along with other design elements.

Step 5: Finalize and print

Go ahead and check the final output by doing a print preview of your business card. It is also advised that you print a mockup of your template first before reproducing multiple copies of it. A thick stock paper is preferred when printing business cards as they retain a business card’s durability and quality. You can also try out different printing methods such as laser printing for a more unique business card.

7+ Spa Business Card Templates

1. Spa Business Card Design Template


Download this Spa Business Card Template today! This spa business card is high in quality and is best printed on thick stock printing paper for assured durability. Maintain business integrity and obtain good impression with its top quality graphics that are all editable using various design software such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Publisher.

2. Free Spa Center Business Card Template


Looking for a spa business card that is as refreshing as how spas ought to be? Well here’s the spa business card of your dreams, and the best part is, it can be downloaded for free! Download this Free Spa Center Business Card Template today. This card will let you display just what your spa services should feel like. This free template is first rate and professionally-made just for you.

3. Free Spa Business Card Example


Every spa business ought to have an effective marketing tool that can allow them to reach a greater target audience. This card template might just do the job for you. Grab this Free Spa Business Care Template. This template is easy to edit and can be customized tit to your liking. It also has built-in texts which can be replaced with your actual details, along with vectors that are scalable.

4. Spa Center Business Card Design

Effectively promote your spa business with this Spa Center Business Card Vol 3 Template. This template is made by professionals with top quality in mind. It also features a QR Code that you can use for exclusive treats and privileges for whoever has your business card. This template is very easy to edit with a lot of design software to choose from.

5. Spa Business Card Template

Want a unique, eye-catching spa business card design template? Grab this Spa Business Card Template. This spa business card template is user-friendly as it can be easily edited with any design software of your choice. Get this chic-designed template and grab the attention of any female. Download this template today!

6. Creative Spa Business Card

Download this Wellness Spa Business Card Template today and be confident in handing out your very own business card. The simplistic background is perfect as it draws attention just enough but won’t distract the reader from missing out on the details. The layout is organized and graphics are in high quality.

7. Beauty and Spa Business Card Template

Get this business card template today for a unique business card that you can confidently pass around to your potential clients and customers. This template has high-quality graphics and effective layout which is helpful in promoting your goods and services. Get this template today!

8. Spa Business Card Design Example

Make advertising your spa business easier and more efficiently with this Wellness, Beauty, and Spa Business Card Template. This floral-themed business card template is a head turner and will surely attract attention. It has a simple, yet effective layout and a pretty design. Most importantly, this template can be downloaded and edited on various design softwares.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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