How to Make a Civil Engineer Business Card [5+ Templates]


People working in the construction industry have a lot of competition in promoting their services. What else could make the job easier other than a well-made and effective business card? When made professionally and when it falls into the hand of a potential customer or client, that business card can do everything. This article will teach you how to make a civil engineer business card.

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5 Steps to Make a Civil Engineer Business Card

Step 1: Choose a printing medium

With business cards, it is preferred that you use a 14-point stock for the card since it’s more durable. There’s two types of paper finish to choose from. The glossy finish will make your card look shiny and can repel slight amounts of water, while the matte finish will give your card a more subtle and professional look.

Step 2: Plot the key information that should be included

Your business card is your representative to the people so more than being attractive, it must be informative too. Make sure to that your card contains all the key information necessary for it to be an effective marketing tool. The basics includes business name, your name, contact numbers, and your social media site.

Step 3: Design your template

If you are starting from a blank canvas, start designing your template by deciding on a maximum of two complementary colors to use. If you want to use a photo, make sure it is royalty free or a stock photo. Use a font type that will make the text look legible. If you are using an online template, make necessary adjustments until it fits your preference.

Step 4: Incorporate branding elements

After working on the text and layout, this time work on your branding elements. If you have a brand logo, make sure to place it somewhere on the card where it can be easily seen. If it’s a personal business card, you can preferably include your photo. Have it taken with a white background and make sure to wear formal attire.

Step 5: Print your business card template

After working on the design of your business card template, finalize the overall layout. The text’s legibility is top priority as this is the most important content of the card. Try out different printing methods such as letterpress or emboss for a more unique business card. The goal is to produce a business card that will catch attention and is worth-keeping.

5+ Civil Engineer Business Card Templates

1. Civil Engineer Business Card Template

civil engineer business card template 440x570 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Effectively promote your services in the engineering industry with this Civil Engineer Business Card Template. Get this business card template at a price that matches it’s quality. This template only uses royalty-free graphics layered with scalable vectors for a more convenient resizing, repositioning, and editing.

2. Elegant Civil Engineer Business Card

01 Download

Are you looking for a business card template that can make your business look good and reliable? Then download our Elegant Civil Engineering Business Card Template for that boost you need. With its black and gold colors, it surely gives it an edge over other business cards. Download this template today.

3. Pop Civil Engineer Business Card Template

04 Download

Get this Pop Civil Engineer Business Card Template for a more fun-looking business card. Get an edge over other business cards that look dull and lifeless with this template’s pop design. The bold colors allow the highlighting of the content. Where else would you find a template with a well-written content and undeniable quality?

4. Violet Civil Engineer Business Card Template

05 Download

Make your business give other big, established businesses a run for their money with out Violet Civil Engineer Business Card Template. You would only find so few templates as good as this is with its well-written content and high quality graphics. Most importantly, you can edit this template fully to fit into your preference.

5. Red Civil Engineer Business Card Template

01 Download

Feel more confident in handing your business card if you use our Red Civil Engineer Business Card Template.This template can guarantee you a larger target audience with its effectiveness as a business card. Impress personal clients and future customers with a professionally-made marketing tool which is first rate, and high in quality.

6. Elite Civil Engineer Business Card Template

civil engineer preview

Don’t let this Elite Civil Engineer Business Card Template just pass you by today. The engineering industry can get so competitive at times and you would need a strong marketing tool so that you won’t get left behind. Download this template on any device as this is compatible with any modern editing software, so editing it should be a breeze.

7. Professional Civil Engineer Business Card Template


This Professional Civil Engineer Business Card Template would fit any civil engineer who needs a strong business card for a higher volume of clients and more sales. It’s sleek design makes it look more elegant compared to other business card templates. So get this template now.

8. Unique Civil Engineer Business Card Template


Where else would you find a business card template like this? Check out this Unique Civil Engineer Business Card Template. Its best feature is its full compatibility with various editing software such as MS Word and Publisher. Also, this template can be edited and customized. Download it today for your business transactions.

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