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Business cards now serve more than a personal introduction tools. In so many ways, they have become offline and online marketing tools. And if you want to create a cool business card that will uniquely represent you and your business, you need to carefully study different design ideas and trends, combine them with your own preferences, and then develop a new business card design from that input.

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Learning how to design a business card can be an arduous task if you do not set your mind to it and if you are not clear on how your personal or business image should be. To help clear and refresh your mind, take a look at the different business card examples embedded below:


minimalist card design

If you want clean lines and an uncluttered look in your business card design template, the best step is to take the minimalist route. The Minimalist Business Card embedded above is an example of such a card design inspiration. There are different takes on how a minimalist business card should look. You do not even have to use a blank and white color scheme at all. As long as you stick to one or two colors, a minimalist card design will still work wonders.

Mixed Media

mixed media business card

For the truly creative and those in the creative industries, using different materials in creating a business card may appeal to you. You may use the Mixed Media Salon Business Card pictured above as an inspiration base. It uses an authentic wooden layer as the printable surface. In order to create a business card of this variety, you may still use a business card template and then change up your print surface and other embellishments you may add on it. When creating this kind of business card, it is best to consult with a print shop if they are able to emboss or print onto a wooden surface.


embossed effect business card

The Embossed Business Card Design above may be the card design for your business if you wish to subtly highlight an element in your creative business card. This could be business logo designs, your business name, your pwn name, or other design elements. Embossed card designs also help give a three-dimensional effect to the card. Aside from that, embossed effects on business cards tend to give it a formal look that will help set it apart from other business cards.


letterpress card design

Sometimes, embossed business card designs tend to be over the top for some businesses or personalities. In this case, you may follow the lead of the Letterpress Business Card design pictured above. Letterpress designs are more subtle compared to embossed ones and when used in a free business card design, they still help elevate the card’s effects. Also, note that the business card above makes use of seed paper as the printable card base. If you wish to also follow a pro-environment stance in your business card design, you may use seed paper as your card base. This way, recipients of your business card may plant your business card (Well, typically after they take note of your personal information:) ) and see what plant grows from it.

Different Shapes

shaped business card

Business cards typically follow a standardized rectangular shape. But do not let this hinder you. After all, the more different a business card looks, the chances that a recipient will not overlook a business card increases. So, why not try out business card designs in different shapes like square business cards, curved business cards, To create memorable business cards in non-standard paper sizes, make sure that the card shape fits your business image. If not, the business card design may not work well.


luxury business crad

Some businesses and brands may call for a more professional and high-end type of business card. Take a look at the Luxury Hard Suede Business Card. This card design typically fits those engaging in businesses for the affluent crowd. Nevertheless, if you want to create a sense of luxury for your services, you may invest in creating a business card like the one pictured above. Remember that you may still create elegant business cards without having to exclusively use luxury business card design templates.


transparent business card

Since business cards are now treated as a business marketing tool, you need your business cards to be as striking as possible. The Transparent Film Maker Business Card above is an excellent example of a high impact card design. The different colors created when light meets the business card surface helps makes the card memorable. And in a world where floral business cards are typically made out of cardstock, a transparent one will certainly turn heads.

Rubber Stamped

stamed business card


Rubber stamping is not only a scrapbooking technique. It has been around for many decades but it is only now that many card designers use it for designing business cards. If you wish to add a personal touch to each of your business cards, rubber stamping a specific design element (like swirl patterns or monogram designs) will work wonders. In the Rubber Stamped Watercolor Business Card Design above, you will see that the corporate logo design and the company contact information is printed using a customized rubber stamp while the card background was done in watercolor. These two design techniques work well as this help create a ‘handcrafted’ look for the business card. Businesses or brands that value their customers and interact with them would benefit from having this kind of business card design.


informal business card

Who says all business cards have to be stuffy looking and formal? No one, right? So if you want a professional business card that is a breath of fresh air, try out the approach taken by the Informal Business Card Design featured above. Caricatures in a business card design is not a card-making faux pas. In fact, those who are looking for business card design inspirations should take this approach as soon as possible since there are so few people and businesses making use of this design technique today.

Business cards that do not take their functionality too seriously may suit well as artists business cards. There is a certain degree of creative license that creatives can take on and get away with, and this can undoubtedly apply to their own business card designs as well.



Sometimes, the best way to capture potential customers is to tell them directly what you are offering. And when you have a modern business card that literally does that, customers tend to become amused by this creative marketing approach and will most likely remember your business establishment.

The Acupuncturist Business Card Design pictured above is a good example of a business card that takes a somewhat literal approach. The card uses tiny needle-like holes in the card design to denote the needles that an acupuncture practitioner uses. If you can think of a way to transform what your business or profession literally does and apply this in a business card form, you will surely attract a lot of customers. You may also take a cue from a dentist who used a dental clinic business card which featured a mock-up of a person’s set of teeth and oral cavity as his or her card base shape. Now, wasn’t that just a creative way to give a first impression or what?


vertical business card1


The two vertical business card examples embedded above is another take on how you can further develop your own business card. Remember that in business card creation, you do not have to always follow industry standards. If a vertical card template best expresses your brand’s message, go for it. This type of business card orientation may not work for all brands and professions but it is worth a try if you want to create a watercolor business card design.


typography business card

Typography font styles may be used to highlight a business card design by displaying a text or monogram prominently on a card design. When a good typeface is used for a business card design, the card will take on a professional appearance. This card design approach is effective when paired with a minimalist card scheme.

In some cases, typography may also be used to create organized clutter in a card design. This type of card design will then benefit businesses who have a more playful image.


funny business card

Business cards, like the Handmade Business Card Design pictured above, may also be used to inject some levity into the workplace. Incorporating witty caricatures, catchphrases, pop-up designs, etc. into your business card design template will allow you to show yourself as a human being; one with different layers of personality and not a robot who uses a standard monochrome business card.  And if it helps you, you may also go the handmade card design route and create handcrafted cards that will surely speak volumes about your character and your services.

Those are just a handful of the most striking business card design inspiration. There are loads more available in this site and all over the Internet if you wish to look for more. Just remember, do not procrastinate. Instead, take everything you have learned from these card designs and start creating your own unique business card.

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