60+ Sample Body Fat Charts

Less or more than required body fat definitely affects the way you deal with your everyday life. It is important to know the realistic, healthy body fat percentage so that you can set it as an aim to attain that toned, lean body you wish for. A body fat chart helps you in knowing that number, which may be helpful in working out a plan and staying motivated. Here, we offer you varied body fat chart templates which you can use to create a professional looking body fat chart.

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> Body Fat Percentage Charts

Body Fat Percentage Chart Women Example
Body Fat Percentage Chart Male
Adults Body Fat Percentage Chart Sample

It is important to know how much fat you are carrying around on your body. It can make you heavy, and can have a negative influence on your daily physical activity. Excessive fat can hamper your looks, and can have disastrous effects on your overall health as well. So, use an appropriate template to create a customized body fat percentage chart as per your requirements. [8+ Body Fat Percentage Charts]

> Body Fat Charts Male

Men Body Fat Measurement Chart
Male Body Fat Composition Fact Chart Sheet Sample
Example Male Body Fat Chart

The male body is different, as men need to accumulate fat at the right places, and burn it at others. A body fat chart male allows you to find out if you need to gain or burn fat or not. You can plan your exercise and diet plan accordingly, and stay motivated towards it. Use a suitable template to create a chart of your choice. [8+ Body Fat Charts Male]

> Body Fat Charts Female

Prediction of Body Fat Chart for Women
Free Body Fat Chart Female
Example Female & Male Body Fat Percentage levels Chart

A body fat chart female helps in determining a woman’s body fat percentage accurately and precisely. Measure your neck, hip, waist and others with a measuring tape, and input the results in the chart. You will be able to find out your body fat percentage, based on which you can devise your fat burning program. [7+ Body Fat Charts Female]

> Body Fat Index Charts

Body Mass Index Chart Table Example
BMI Body Fat Mass Index Chart
Adult Body Fat Mass Index Chart Sample

Determining your body fat percentage is extremely important, as the amount of fat you carry on your body is directly related to your health as well as your overall fitness and athletic performance. Gyms and health clubs assess your body fat percentage too before devising a workout plan for you. So, use a body fat index chart template to create a chart as per your requirements. [9+ Body Fat Index Charts]

> BMI and Body Fat Charts

BMI Fat Muscle Chart
BMI Fat Chart Weight Management Treatment
Adult Body Mass Index Chart Example

Fat is one of the most important components that make up your body structure. It is necessary for healthy, normal functioning of your systems, especially the kidneys, liver, brain, intestines, heart etc. Calculate your BMI and know your body fat percentage with a professionally designed BMI and body fat chart template available here. [7+ BMI And Body Fat Charts]

> Ideal Body Fat Charts

Ideal Body Fat Chart in Excel
Healthy Ideal Body Fat Percentage Chart Sample
Example Ideal Protein Body Fat Percentage Chart

An ideal body fat chart shows a healthy range of body fat percentage required by an average adult. An increase in body fat often results in the development of high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems, sleep apnea etc. So, to stay healthy and active, use an ideal body fat chart to know your body fat percentage. [7+ Ideal Body Fat Charts]

> Body Fat Measurement Charts

Body Fat Percentage Measurement Chart
Body Fat Measurement Chart Standards
Body Fat Measurement Chart Sheet Sample

If you accumulate more or less body fat than required, then your health may definitely be compromised. This is because it may hinder the healthy, normal functioning of some of your body systems. Such people become susceptible to contract diseases and suffer from chronic fatigue. Use a body fat measurement chart to know whether you are within the required fat range or not. [7+ Body Fat Measurement Charts]

> Body Fat Charts by Age

Body Fat Chart by Age and Gender
BMI & Body Fat Chart by Age
Example Body Fat Chart by Age in Excel

The amount of body fat percentage you have is an important factor that affects your metabolism. It is the rate at which your body burns calories. If you want to lose or maintain your weight, you need to have a higher metabolic rate. Your metabolism slows down with age, due to which it becomes important to calculate your body fat percentage by age. Use a ready-made template to create a customized body fat chart by age. [7+ Body Fat Charts by Age]

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