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5 Editable Frayer Model Templates

A Frayer Model is a powerful tool that you can use for vocabulary building. Please do not confuse this one with a straight definition model. The Frayer Model/Frayer Template is the exact tool you have to use when developing a better understanding of complex concepts.

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With the Frayer model template, you can be able to create quick models that will enable you students to do two things; understand what something is and be able to tell what it is not.

Printable Frayer Model Template

Printable Frayer Model Template file contains both PDF and Word documents. Take or print or use it in MS-Word to prepare a list of hard words, theorems, formulas along with definition, examples, and non-examples. Write a word and define it in your own words in the Definition column. Also, you can write examples and non-examples to dominate confusions.

Blank Frayer Model Template

Blank Frayer Model Template has four columns namely TERM, EXAMPLES, NON-EXAMPLES, and Extension. Write a keyword or symbol and define it in the TERM box. Add examples in the Examples section while use Non-examples section to write examples that do not relate it to it. In addition, you can add real world uses in the Extension box.

Frayer Model Printable Template

Frayer Model Printable Template is a rectangle design with an oval box at the center. Add topic, symbol, or keyword to the oval box. The rectangular boxes have spaces to write down the definition, characteristics, examples, and non-examples. Either take a print or use it for system use.

Editable Frayer Model Template

Editable Frayer Model Template can be used to insert pictures, graphs etc in the paper. Edit it using MS-word. It allows you to define and plot a scene or problem. It is the best template for mathematical problems and concepts. Add non-examples, non-examples and extension in the design.

Frayer Model For Vocabulary


Frayer Model Example Template


About the Template:

The template features circular center surrounded with four quadrants. At the center of the template is the actual concept that needs the definitions. The four quadrants provide the details of the concept under definition. 1. The space available on the vocabulary template is sufficient to outline and define the vocabulary or the words concept in question. You may also see General Journal Templates 2. The quadrants has information that not only give the definition of the concept or the vocabulary, but also provide examples on how to use the concept or vocabulary and how, where and when not to use it. You may also see Insurance Quote Templates 3. This visual representation of information is useful for students, as it helps them have the ability to tell what something as well as what something is not and where to use and not use the concept.


You can use these templates to create models that will give your student a clear understanding of the concept under discussion.


1. Print as many Frayer Models as the number of student in your classroom 2. Distribute and advise them to use them always for conceptual references Our design is simple, unique and easy to edit. Customize it with ease using Ms-Word editor. Our design supports both inkjet and laser printers that offer perfect print. Insert graphs, pictures, images etc items that help you in understanding the word or topic easily.You may also see meeting announcement templates

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