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What Is A Portrait ID Card?

A portrait ID card is an identity card that bears identifying data about an individual whose name appears thereon. This type of card has a photograph of the person that depicts only the face or head and shoulders.

How To Create A Portrait ID Card?

Portrait ID cards can also be used and applied in elementary school ID's, and college ID. Compared to a regular identification card, this type of card usually comes out with a more creative and modern layout. However, it's purpose still remains the same which is for identification and access. In today's technologically advanced world, an identification card is no longer just a simple piece of paper placed inside a transparent plastic cover. Nowadays, it has become more and more advanced by the use of embedded chips and QR codes. To help you get started, we have provided you with simple guide steps on how you can make one. Study and analyze them well.

1. Gather Personal Details

If you are staring all day on a blank piece of paper wondering where and how should you start things up, well I suggest you go into details. Get that blank piece of paper right now together with a pen and list down all the necessary details required in a simple identification card. You may look for any portrait ID card sample and gather ideas on what details should you include and state in your ID card making.

2. Make A Draft Layout

Now that you have all the details needed, the next thing that you should do is to make a draft layout. Decide on how should you approach your portrait ID card, be critical on how should you arrange and fit all the details gathered. As much as possible, avoid overcrowding your card so that it can successfully deliver its purpose.

3. Choose The Best Photo

I'm gonna ask you, what makes an ID badge even more formal and credible? The company logo? the executive signatures? or is it the design? If those are your hints, don't worry you are absolutely right. But I think what really makes a big difference is the photo itself. The picture would be like the center of all the details stated in it, and it is the first thing that people look for in a modern identification card. So if ever you are gonna make one, try to use a photo that you are absolutely confident with.

4. Follow A Format

Every identification card follows a certain format, this will serve as their guide on how things should be done correctly. If you are going to choose one, choose a format that has simple yet impactful designs. If you want to make your portrait ID card even more formal, you may opt to use vertical ID card design that is the commonly used card orientation for any kind of card making.

5. Print The ID Card

After successfully applying all the steps above, you are now ready to print out your portrait ID card. But before that try to check it first for the correctness and to see whether all the data stated are properly spelled out. If you are confident about it, you may now print it as your professional, corporate or employee ID cards using high-quality card stocks to ensure long-lasting durability.

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