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12 Stellar Examples of Newspaper Fonts

Even today, with the advancement in technology, a newspaper still plays an integral role in our lives. Over the changing times, even the readers have changed. With the changing times, agencies too are trying and testing with various methodologies to catch the reader’s attention. You can also see Bold Fonts.

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It’s imperative to tell you that fonts play a pivotal role in their process of betterment. And the fonts that they use in making the news articles look appealing for the reader, goes a long way. In this post, we are going to discuss a few major font types that are being used worldwide for Newspapers. You can also see Free Fonts.

Rale Newspaper Fonts

Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface, designed in a single thin weight.They are normally used for magazines, books, newspapers, posters etc. They are available in regular as well as bold forms. They are often used for games or poster titles due to their look.

Veneer Clean Font Family

Veneer Clean Font Family belongs to the Yellow Design Studio. They are the non-distressed versions of Veneer letterpress type family. The 8-font family comes in regular, soft and round versions with italics.

Newsflash BB Font

Newsflash BB Font is a block title font often used in comic books. They are apt for old school newspaper headlines or superhero title graphics. NewsFlash is the first free font on Blambot to be offered in Opentype format. You can also see Retro Fonts.

MG Andaki Newspaper Fonts

MG Andaki Newspaper Fonts is a serif font which is used for logos or product names. They are often used for newspaper, magazine, and books. They are available in both regular and bold forms. They belong exclusively to Graphic River.

Cartograph Newspaper Font

Cartograph Newspaper Font is a very popular font family type as they symbolize the pairing of monospaced fonts with warmth and character. It has both fixed-pitch and proportional sans versions. It has 8 weight plus italics and 32 fonts in total. You can also see Logo Fonts.

MG Motive Newspaper Font

MG Motive Newspaper Font is a gorgeous looking serif font. It is often used for various brands or product names, newspapers, magazines, e-books etc. It is available in 3 weights namely Gentle, Commonplace, and Daring. They belong exclusively to Picture River.

Corporative Sans Newspaper Fonts

Corporative Sans Newspaper Fonts is a very popular font type due to its distinctive traits. They are best fonts to be used for logotypes, posters, signs, branding, packaging etc. They are suitable font types to be used for large text sizes. You can also see Handwritten Fonts.

ChunkFive Font Family

ChunkFive Font Family is an ultra-bold serif typeface that is quite similar to the old American woodcuts & newspaper headlines. They are mainly used for display purposes as the flat block lettering style gives it a unique look.

Respectable Newspaper Font

Respectable Newspaper Font is a stylish looking font. It is available in regular with all special characters.They are appropriate for any design project like e-cards, logos, poster, newspaper, magazine, ad design etc.

Serial Publication Font

Serial Publication font is a stylish looking font mainly used for personal use. The commercial license needs to be obtained for using this font commercially. This font is very different in style and it gives the document a retro look and this is what has made this font so popular.

Easy Company Regular Newspaper Font

Easy Company Regular Newspaper Font is a modern-day take on the classic blackletter typeface. In this font type, a thick stroke has been used to form each letter which keeps the characters even spaced. This font type is widely used for editorial headlines, newspaper titles, packaging, logos etc. You can also see Chalkboard Fonts.

For a majority of the newspaper agencies, the task of selecting the appropriate font type is still a mystifying process. Some stick to the tried and tested fonts and others opt for the latest available fonts. But one thing is for sure, fonts do make the newspaper look presentable and appealing.

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