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How to Make a Corporate Letterhead in MS Word [10+ Templates]

Letterheads are essential branding pieces in the fact that they create a sense of professionalism and urgency when used in business transactions. These are important collateral for any companies. Aside from being a way to correspond to something, letterheads also reflect a business’ image in the industry and is an important marketing strategy. In this article, we will learn how to make a corporate letterhead in Microsoft Word.

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5 Steps to Make a Corporate Letterhead

Step 1: Plan the layout

Before getting to the designing part, it is important that you have a vision of how you want your letterhead to look like. So go ahead and grab a plain paper and a pencil, then jot down the details you want to include in your simple letterheads such as the business name and address, contact numbers, social media links, and logo.

Step 2: Download an online template

Letterheads are easy to make with any design software of your choice. However, there also online templates that you can always use for your convenience. These templates are pre-designed with font styles, font sizes, graphics, and texts. Feel free to make use of these templates to have quality and professionally-made letterhead designs.

Step 3: Input details

Now that you have already downloaded an online template, take this time to input all the business details you want to include. Observe visual hierarchy when arranging the order of the texts. Determine what information do you want the reader to see first then highlight or use shapes to direct them to it.

Step 4: Add logo, borders, illustrations, or background

After layout, the texts, proceed to the design part of the process. Gather the illustrations or images you want to incorporate in your letterhead. Preferably use illustrations that are relevant to the type of letterhead you are making. If you want to have a solid background, use bold colors. If you want to use an illustration for the background, tweak the opacity to 50% or more. Don’t forget to place your logo in an area where it can be easily noticed.

Step 5: Finalize and save

Double check everything before using it as a stationary and for your emails. Make sure that the texts are legible, so as much as possible, use font texts that are casual. Evaluate also if the final layout works out well and if all the elements balance each other. Once you have finalized your letterhead, save it in your file and have some printed copies.

10+ Corporate Letterhead Templates

1. SEO Letterhead Template


If you are in the SEO industry, you would be needing nothing else but the most professional-looking letterhead template. Check out this SEO Letterhead Template. This marketing stationary is first rate and sure to leave nothing but a good impression on your clients and customers. This template is easy to edit and customizable.

2. Marketing Agency Letterhead Template


Looking for letterhead for your marketing corporation? Download this Marketing Agency Letterhead Template. Professional transactions would require legitimate stationery, and this template delivers it. The design layout is very minimal and neat, giving more working area for content. Download this template today and use it for your day-to-day marketing needs.

3. Advertising Agency Letterhead Template


Download this Advertising Agency Letterhead Template to tend to your marketing strategy needs. Letterheads are important in the sense that they promote professionalism at the same time they also aid in brand recognition. This template is first rate, easy to edit, and customizable. Download it today!

4. Auto Dealers Letterhead Template


Take advantage of this Auto Dealers Letterhead Template and ensure quality transactions with clients and customers. Making a good first impression is essential in auto dealership business and so this template can greatly help you with it. This template is effective and most importantly, it is easy to edit. So you don’t have to be a genius to use this template. Download it today!

5. Building Construction Letterhead Template


Having a construction business can get quite busy oftentimes, and so there’s a great need for an official letterhead that the corporate can use for sending out messages efficiently. Download this Building Construction Letterhead Template for your corporation. This template is minimal in design and exudes professionalism with its neat background.

6. Business Consultant Letterhead Template


If you are looking for a letterhead that will help your business promote in an effective way, then this letterhead template is for you. Our Business Consultant Letterhead Template is perfect for corporate businesses. The moment you get this template, you are assured of a high-quality product.

7. Free CA Letterhead Template


This is the best letterhead template that is easy to edit and customizable. Every account management company should grab this Free Chartered Accounts Letterhead Template. This letterhead is most suitable for accounting firms, most especially for legal transactions. Download now and see the benefits of using this letterhead.

8. Corporate Letterhead Template


Looking for a simple yet effective corporate letterhead template? Look no further and grab this free Corporate Letterhead Template. Choose between its presented file formats and personalize this template to suit your own specific needs. This letterhead template is easy to use and customize. Download it today!

9. Minimal Corporate Letterhead Template

Wanting a letterhead that is perfect for your corporation? Download this Minimal Corporate Letterhead Template now. This template is surely keeping it simple with its very minimal design and simple but direct layout. The texts are purposely placed at the header and footer as to attract attention to the content itself.

10. Corporate Letterhead in MS Word

Effectively promote your corporate business with this Corporate Letterhead 1 with MS Word. This pre-formatted template includes graphics, designs, texts, and layouts that will guarantee you an efficient letterhead. Inflict good first impressions and build lasting relationships with customers and clients with this letterhead template.

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10+ FREE & Premium Corporate Letterhead - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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