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I went on an exhaustive hunt to get someone the perfect present, why bother with a gift wrapper? If you believe that the idea of a gift wrapper is redundant to your gift-giving ways, you should definitely rethink your statement. Gift wrappers show you went the extra mile to present your gift and that your decision on this matter was not a light one.

We have compiled all the best wrapper templates on the Internet, available to download and printable to allow you to add text or images. Creating unique wrappers for your presents are now made effortless with different designs to best suit your purposes. Making homemade chocolate bars to give as presents? We even have Chocolate Wrapper Templates for you in this section.

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Magic Gift Wrapper Template

magic gift wrapper template Download

Birthday Gift Wrapper Template

birthday gift wrapper template Download

Unique Gift Wrapper Template

unique gift wrapper template Download

Transparent Gift Wrapper Template

transparent gift wrapper template Download

Baby Shower Gift Wrapper Template

baby shower gift wrapper template Download

Plastic Gift Wrapper Template

plastic gift wrapper template Download

The Importance of Gift Wrappers

There are so many factors that constitute a great present, and the wrapping paper is definitely one on top of that list. Why is the wrapping paper deemed so important? Find out some of the reasons why below:

  • A gift wrapper elevates the element of surprise. For sure, handing someone over their present is exciting for you both. But every second spent unwrapping that present heightens the receiver’s anticipation over what they are actually getting. Amping up the surprise factor will most likely amp up the appreciation factor.
  • A gift wrapper conveys that you put in the extra effort. Acquiring the gift that you hope would be highly appreciated takes in a lot of mental (and sometimes physical) effort. On top of that, deciding which type of wrapper complements it is a whole other arduous task. Thankfully, even the most specific of gifts get their own specific wrapper templates. Say, if you have candy bars that you would like to give out, you should definitely check out our Candy Bar Wrapper Templates.
  • A gift wrapper communicates that you care deeply. Receiving a gift that you have always hoped for is integral to you or your lifestyle signifies that the giver thinks highly of you.

Christmas Gift Wrapper Template

christmas gift wrapper template Download

Hello Kitty Gift Wrapper Template

hello kitty gift wrapper template Download

Frozen Gift Wrapper Template

frozen gift wrapper template Download

Personalized Gift Wrapper Template

personalized gift wrapper template Download

Highly Unique Gift Wrappers

A gift wrapper does not come into play during birthday parties or special events anymore. Even everyday activities that which entail any sort of exchange of items are now made even more special with rare wrapping paper templates. Thinking of giving away cupcakes on your next party? We still got you covered with a slew of our Cupcake Wrapper Templates. This elevates the design value of your presents and ensures the look of customized items.

Your wrapping paper is the cherry on top of your perfect present. Without it, something is amiss, leaving your gift looking bare and incomplete. Your present should still definitely take center stage, don’t get us wrong. The gift wrapper should be the complementary feature and uplift the image of the main feature.

More Wrapping Paper Templates

Our wrapping papers serve as the opening act to the headliner of the performance, which is your present. It “warms up” the receiver and makes the act of gift giving more intriguing. All our wrapping paper templates on this site are a great value too your money and printable, so you can do your own wrapper manufacturing at home with a basic printer. Customize your presents now, insert your own special greeting or images to create eye-catching gifts.

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