14+ CD Envelope Templates – PSD, EPS

cd envelope template.

Your CD is a dainty thing which calls for careful handling. Thus, it’s always recommended to carry or send the CD in an envelope. These are small envelopes and you can take to a square small envelope template when you are planning for a DIY CD envelope. A CD envelope is really useful to save your CD from different damages like sudden bumps, dents or finger prints.

Photoshop CD Envelope Template

photoshop cd envelope template

The Photoshop CD Envelope Template format is a smart way to make the simple and traditional CD covers give an attractive printable version look. You can print the name of the CD on it for records.

CD Envelope PSD Template Download

cd envelope psd template download

The CD Envelope PSD Template Download is the ideal example for keeping the dainty CDs free from any scratches. Check the quality and the color of the papers to make the envelopes.

Sample CD Envelope Template

sample cd envelope template

This Blue Colour 5×7 Envelope Template format is simple to make and provides the easiest and the cheapest way to keep the CDs free from any scratches. Use markers or stickers to name the CD covers.

Amazing CD Envelope Template Download

amazing cd envelope template download

Chose your own floral prints, rock-star images, guitar chord notes etc. to make the Amazing CD Envelope Template Download. Make a sample before you get the final print of the same.

Black Colour PSD CD Envelope Template

black colour psd cd envelope template

Black is indeed beautiful and so does the Black Colour PSD CD Envelope Template portray. Using complimentary shades of color with black to make the CD rack look highly elegant.

Colourful CD Envelope Template Download

colourful cd envelope template download

Cute CD Envelope Template Download

cute cd envelope template download

Black Background CD Envelope Template

black background cd envelope template

PSD CD Envelope Template Download

psd cd envelope template download

Amazing PSD CD Envelope Template

amazing psd cd envelope template

Vector EPS CD Envelope Template

vector eps cd envelope template

Fabulous CD Envelope Template

fabulous cd envelope template

Pinkish CD Envelope Template

pinkish cd envelope template

Beautiful Design CD Envelope Template

beautiful design cd envelope template

The CD envelope sample is generally available with a circular transparent plastic sheet so that it’s easy to identify the CD without opening the flap. You will generally find these Envelope Templates in white but some modern ones do come in colorful shades.

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