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Be it a school report, a project or an official document in your place of work, you will need to add a good cover to make it complete and compact. The kind of cover you add will depend on the material itself. Obviously, a cover that can be used for a school project will not be suitable for an official report. To get a wide range of options while choosing your cover, you need to look up cover templates.

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Cover Letter Template

When you are applying for a job, you will be required to submit a resume, which will be examined by your potential employers. Along with the resume, you must submit a cover letter containing some important details about yourself. To come up with a good cover letter, you could look up cover letter templates online. [9+ Cover Letter Template]

Fax Cover Template

If you are used to sending important documents through fax, you’ll know about the importance of a fax cover. It is the first page that the recipient sees, and by going through it, he will have a clear idea of what your fax is all about. If you’ve never made a fax cover before, you cannot afford to miss out on fax cover templates online. [12+ Fax Cover Template]

Binder Cover Template

A binder is an easy and convenient way of compiling your documents into one folder. That way, you’ll not have to worry about losing them. But no one said a binder had to be boring or monotonous! You could add a special touch to your binder with a great cover. With the help of binder cover templates, choosing a cover for your binder has become extremely easy. [12+ Binder Cover Template]

Resume Cover Letter Template

In the highly competitive job market, you are judged on the basis of your resume. You need to give your potential employers a reason to even consider you as a candidate. You can show you have an edge over others with the help of a splendid resume and cover letter. A cover letter basically sums up the important points in the resume. You may refer to resume cover letter templates for this. [10+ Resume Cover Letter Template]

Cover Page Template

The cover of any report or project is as important as the content inside, if not more. One look at the cover should be enough to convince and impress the reader. There lies the importance of a good cover page. It will give the reader an idea about your material, and leave an impression on them. That is why you need to look up cover page templates online. [12+ Cover Page Template]

CD Cover Template

When you are designing a CD, special attention is paid to its cover. It must be kept in mind that the cover is what the buyers will first see, and if the cover fails to impress, they won’t give your CD a second look. That is precisely why you need to look up some amazing CD cover templates today. [10+ CD Cover Template]

Magazine Cover Template

The cover of any magazine is expected to be well designed, catchy and attractive. The glossy, vibrant magazine covers play a key role in the popularity of magazines. All kinds of magazines, be it business, entertainment or fashion, have stylish covers that draw attention. To get a good magazine cover, you need to try out magazine cover templates online. [21+ Magazine Cover Template]

DVD Cover Template

Like a CD, the popularity of a DVD is dependent on its presentation to a large extent. And that means, you need to equip your DVD with a good cover. If you thought that the content of the DVD would be enough to impress your audience, you couldn’t be more wrong. With good DVD cover templates, you can sweep your audience off their feet. [13+ DVD Cover Template]

Book Cover Template

The cover of a book must be fascinating, and arouse the interest of the readers. Most readers confess that they would rather go for a book with a beautiful cover, than one with a boring appearance. While selecting a template for your book cover, you must make sure that it goes with the theme of your book, yet doesn’t give too much away. [16+ Book Cover Template]

Facebook Cover Template

Facebook has taken the world of social media by storm, and today, everyone is judged on the basis of their profile on Facebook. It might seem unfair, but that is the universal truth. To make your profile an impressive one, you must add a good cover image. It is, after all, the first thing people notice when they visit your profile. To get good cover images, you can try some exclusive facebook cover templates. [12+ Facebook Cover Template]

Cover Sheet Template

Before you submit a report, or a project or send a fax, you must add a well designed cover sheet to accompany it. A cover sheet usually contains a gist of the actual material, and tells the reader what the report is all about at one glance. However, if you’ve never written a cover sheet before, you must look up samples or templates online before you start. [11+ Cover Sheet Template]

Album Cover Template

The cover of an album serves the same purpose as the cover of a book. You may come up with a world class album, but in order to reach out to audiences, you need to take care of the presentation as well. A good album cover determines the success of the album as a whole. The best thing about album cover templates is that they are easy to edit and customize. [13+ Album Cover Template]

> Cover Memo Template

A cover memo is a brief document which is attached with a report, a resume or any other important document. A cover memo is more effective than a cover letter because it is short, precise and to the point. That makes it easier for the reader, as he might not have time to go through a detailed letter. For a good cover memo, you must look up templates designed specifically for this purpose. [12+ Cover Memo Template]

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