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24+ Sushi Restaurant Templates – PSD, Vector EPS

Sushi is one of the most loved and most eaten dishes around the world. Sushi in its most basic form is rolled rice with ingredients such as fish or vegetable placed on top of the rice. Sushi can also be rice rolled with a filling wrapped inside seaweed paper. The famous dish originated in Japan somewhere between 300 BC to 300 AD during the Yayoi period. It has been adapted in other cultures throughout Asia and even in the United States where the rolls (California roll, Philadelphia roll, dynamite roll, etc.) have become famous. You may also see some of our graphic templates.

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Sushi Restaurant WordPress Theme/Template

File Format
  • WordPress


Sushi Restaurant Website Template

File Format
  • PSD
  • HTML5



Sushi Restaurant DL Card Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • InDesign
  • Apple Pages
  • Publisher
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Size: 4×9 Inches + Bleed


Sushi Restaurant Take-out Trifold Brochure Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • InDesign
  • Apple Pages
  • Publisher
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Size: US, A4


Sushi Restaurant Take-out Bifold Brochure Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • InDesign
  • Apple Pages
  • Publisher
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Size: US, A4


As sushi becomes one of the most consumed dishes around the world, sushi restaurants have also become very popular. You can adopt both Japanese and Western sushi styles and still be very profitable. Here are some delicious sushi restaurant templates if you are serving fresh and delicious sushi or still planning to enter the sushi business.

Sushi Restaurant Menu Template

File Format
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Publisher
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Size: (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed


Sushi Poster Set

Use this sushi poster set for your menu or poster designs. This set has a flat design and uses a vector illustration. This file also has EPS10 compatibility. This poster set contains six images, including sushi, chopsticks, and Japanese cake. Flat designs (minimalist) have been popular these days, in which the designs focus more on simple color schemes and textures. Gradients, embossing, bevels, and drop shadows which are present from older designs are absent in more modern flat designs.

Sushi Chopstick Image

This sushi chopstick image is great to use for menus and posters. Just make sure if you will be using this image, you are serving the same dish in your restaurant. This image can easily be placed in the restaurant’s interior for customers to see and enjoy.

Sushi Closeup Image

This is another sushi image, but instead of a single flavored sushi, a variety of sushi can be seen. This is one of the best sushi images you can use for your restaurant. Print out a life-size copy of this image and plaster them in your restaurant walls.

Isometric Vector Sushi and Pattern

This isometric vector sushi and pattern set contains stylized cubic sushi icons and a tile pattern. This set is also layered and editable, and you can choose your own background color. This set also contains two EPS vector files and two high resolution PSD files. Isometric designs look great on sushi as these dishes resemble an isometric shape. Use this set for your restaurant stickers, menus, and posters.

Sushi Characters Vector Set

Add a little bit of cuteness in your restaurant by purchasing this sushi characters vector set. The images in this vector set uses Japanese style animation (big bulging eyes and pink blushes). This set is best used for casual sushi restaurants or eateries, and can be printed out and given as stickers to customers.

Sushi Birthday Invitation Template

Have a sushi-inspired theme for your birthday celebration and use this sushi birthday invitation template. Numerous brush-painted sushi images can be found in this invitation template which will definitely increase the appetite of your guests. This template contains two editable Photoshop files (.PSD, 1650 x 1650 px with bleed), two JPEG files (300dpi, 1650 x 1650 px), and two PNG files (300dpi, 1650 x 1650 px).

Tri-fold Sushi Menu Template

Use this tri-fold sushi menu template for your sushi restaurant menu. Edit this template for your own restaurant and use the free font provided in the download. You can also attach the images of your dishes in this template as seen in the sample template above. This purchase includes two size variants (A3 – 420mm x 297mm and A4 – 297mm x 210mm), two color variants (black and white), well-organized layers, CMYK / 300 dpi color mode, and 4mm bleed.

Vector Sushi Images

This vector sushi image set contains three seamless patterns (vector EPS and JPEG) and a collection of 24 isolated objects (vector EPS + transparent PNG + layered PSD). The cute sushi and chopstick images in this set can be used for stickers as well as posters and business cards.

Birthday Sushi Party Flat Card Invitation

Use this birthday sushi party flat card invitation if you are hosting a sushi party in your restaurant. The cartoon designs of a sushi, chopstick, and lantern provide the central attraction of this birthday party invitation. This template has a 5.25″ x 5.25″ dimension and you can choose from 12 unique paper styles and colors.

You can also use the “Customize It!” button to get eight additional sizes and six shape styles. There are two printing options available: standard and high definition. This template is also high quality and full-color with full-bleed printing on both sides.

If you want to implement an all-out sushi concept in your sushi restaurant, use sushi concepts for the table napkins and tissue paper as well. It may sound odd and weird to use food cartoons in your bathroom tissue paper, but the idea works and it hasn’t been used in other restaurants. This template can also be used for gift wrapping as they are not limited to bathroom use.

Tips when using sushi-inspired templates

Mix and match colors

The most basic sushi color is black and white (black for the seaweed wrapper and white for the rice). Since sushi mostly consists of neutral colors, look for templates which have other colors complementing the sushi’s black and white color. Having numerous colors can create a more visually appealing design. If you are serving Western-style sushi in your restaurant, then it is easier to have color in your designs since these kinds of sushi contain multiple ingredients.

Incorporate photos of food

As in every business, marketing and promotion strategies revolve around the product or service. For restaurants specifically, images of food (either food photography, food cartoons, food caricature, etc.) should be the main highlight. Sushi restaurants are not the type of restaurants which serve different kinds of dishes. And the size of a single sushi dish is very small compared to other meat or vegetable-based dishes.

Thus, it is recommended that templates being used for the restaurant should incorporate images of sushi, including the menus, posters, flyers, signboards, and the like. This ensures that customers will get better acquainted with what your restaurant is offering while also convincing them to come back next time.

Limit the use of text

Restaurants usually fall into a trap of using too much text in their promotion efforts, like  giving long descriptions of their dishes in the menus. Most of the time, the best strategy to attract customers is the simplest strategy: by limiting the use of text. Food is the lifeblood of any restaurant, so images of food should be the priority moving forward to make the restaurant profitable and sustainable.

Going back to menus which can also be applied to other marketing tools, images of your dishes can replace the long descriptions. The only text you are going to need is the name of the dish and its price. This will help your customers make an easier decision when choosing what kind of dish they will order.

You can also change how pictures in the menu are arranged and presented that will also aid the customers with their orders. Group similar items together like appetizers, entrees, soups, and desserts. Lastly, using photos or images will also make it easier if foreign tourists are at your restaurant as they will be relying on the pictures when they place their orders.

Discuss the templates with the management team

It is highly important for every restaurant that the final designs or templates used goes through an approval process from the other members of the management or ownership team.

Even if the restaurant is owned by a single person, it will be difficult for him to take on operations without getting advice or suggestions from people who helped him establish the restaurant. Like every business, even if it’s a small company employing three persons, decisions should come from a consultation with others.

Restaurants are no different. What details to add in the templates, what colors to use, and how many copies to print out should be all considered when making decisions and it is not a job for single person to accomplish.

Personalized Sushi Shopping List Notepad

Print this sushi shopping list notepad and give it out as souvenirs to your customers. You can also use this as reminder notes to your kitchen staff for inventory purposes. This notepad has a straightforward design, as space is provided for writing purposes and sushi images are placed on the bottom corner of the notepad template.

This notepad template has a 5.5″ x 6″ size, 40 single-side tear-away pages with the design printed on every page. The paper used for this notepad is FSC-certified and it has hard cardboard backing.

Sushi Calendar

If you are planning to give something extra special to your customers this coming new year, purchase this sushi calendar and use it for your own restaurant. Calendars are the perfect gifts this new year and your customers will surely appreciate some wonderfully designed calendars filled with images of delicious sushi.

Aside from giving them as gifts, you can also use the calendars for display in your restaurant. Although it is not a requirement to hand out free sushi calendars to your customers, it’s a marketing tool that you should try to test out. One suggestion would be displaying the calendar first in the restaurant to see if it gets attention from customers. If a number of customers inquire if the calendar is available for purchase, then you can start printing copies.

This calendar is available in three sizes (small- 5.5”l x 7”, medium- 8.5”l x 11” w, and large: 11”l x 14.25” w). It is printed on sturdy high-quality paper with vibrant full-color and full-bleed printing. You can choose from 16 unique grid styles, 21 language and culture styles, and 4 holiday and event templates. You can also pick your own year, start and end dates, and calendar length. Wire binding is also available in seven different colors.

I Love Sushi Kawaii Sushi Roll poster

This “I love sushi” roll poster is the perfect decoration for your restaurant. Although the poster is a better fit for more casual restaurants, it can be used for formal sushi restaurants as well. You can also give a copy of this poster to your customers.

Posters are one of the best marketing tools for any business to use, restaurants included. Posters should be designed in a way that they should not only provide visual appeal, but also eventually convince people to purchase the product or service.

This template has a 45 lb., 7.5-point thick poster paper and matte finish with a smooth surface.

Sushi Roll Birthday Chalkboard Invitation

Here is another sushi roll birthday invitation, but with a chalkboard design. Images of chopsticks and sushi on a wooden board are spread across the invitation template. The chalkboard provide the background of this invitation template.

This template has a 5″ x 7″ (portrait) or 7″ x 5″ (landscape) size and you can choose from 12 unique paper types and colors. Through the “Customize It!” button, you can add eight additional sizes and six shape styles. You can also add photos and text to both sides of this flat card at no extra charge. There are two printing options available (standard and high-definition). High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides are also available for this template.

Sushi Party Invitation Template

Here is another sushi party invitation template you can use if you want to host a sushi party in your restaurant. Aside from using different colors and details, this template only uses real food images, which make it look more attractive and appetizing. Food photography is one of the best effects to add in any design especially for a restaurant. Nothing brings more excitement to customers than seeing photos of food.

This template has a 5″ x 7″ (portrait) or 7″ x 5″ (landscape) size with 12 unique paper types and colors. There are two printing options available (standard and high definition). This template also offers high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides.

Colorful Kawaii Sushi With Sparkles Fabric

Similar to the sushi tissue paper template, here is another sushi idea you can use for your restaurant which features different fabrics: organic cotton knit, linen cotton canvas, organic cotton sateen, kona cotton, basic cotton ultra, cotton poplin, minky, fleece, or satin fabric. This fabric is available in yards and quarter yards (fat quarter). This fabric is digitally printed when orders are placed on demand.

Sushi Birthday Invitation

Here is another sushi birthday invitation you should use if you are hosting a sushi party in your restaurant. Once you purchase the template, you will get a similar design as seen in the template above. All you need to do is edit the details for your own event. The design uses cute sushi images which is perfect for kids’ birthday parties. The file will be sent to you within 48 to 72 hours after payment has been accomplished.

Kawaii Sushi Clipart

Use this kawaii sushi clipart for your sushi restaurant stickers. This template has a collection of cute sushi stickers you can give to your customers or attach in your menus, invitations, or posters. Once the purchase has been confirmed, you will receive clip art items saved separately in 6”x6” 300 dpi PNG files (transparent background), clip art saved separately in 6” x 6” 300 dpi JPEG files suitable for all image programs, and one EPS file that’s fully customizable in Adobe Illustrator.

Sushi Magnetic Bookmarks

Here are some very unique sushi magnetic bookmarks you can use for your sushi restaurant. The bookmarks are printed on matte photo paper, held together by thin magnets. Each bookmark is approximately 5 to 6 cm when folded. Size may vary depending on design.

Printable Sushi Planner Stickers

Similar to the other sushi planner sticker templates seen above, you can also download this sticker pack for your sushi restaurant. This pack contains three JPG planner stickers (8.5in x 11in 300dpi), three PNG (transparent background) files, and one PDF file (three files included). Use these stickers for invitations and posters. You can also give these out as souvenirs for your guests. Images of cartoon-designed sushi, Japanese characters, and Japanese style art can be found in this planner sticker template.

Tips before purchasing online templates

Before downloading any templates, follow these tips before you decide what templates to purchase for your sushi restaurant.

Check customer reviews

This is one of the most basic things to remember before purchasing any kind of template. If you want to get your money’s worth and assure yourself a high quality design, check reviews from customers who previously purchased items from the designer. You don’t need to browse through each review or comment, as you can filter the said reviews so that you can read the newest or most popular reviews.

Check for concerns from customers, and if there are very minimum concerns and most are satisfied with the product, then you can proceed with the purchase. Also, if you don’t mind one bad review over a hundred positive reviews, then you can proceed with your purchase.

Also check the designer’s previous works

If the designer is experienced and has contributed to a number of designs, then expect quality designs from him. If you plan to purchase from any designer, check for consistency in his or her other works. This will assure you that you also receive a quality design and will get value for your money’s worth.

This is not to undermine works for newbie designers who just started to enter the graphic design business, but it is preferable to go directly to the veterans especially if you are short both on budget and time. If you do spot some discrepancies with the designer’s works and found a few which are low in quality compared to his previous designs, you can always send him a message through his profile and ask a few questions.

Choose between digital or physical templates

The difference between digital and physical templates is that physical templates need to be handmade and sent to your home address. Digital templates meanwhile don’t require these efforts and all the designer needs to do is send the completed template to your email address or website once he is done.

Physical templates usually require a longer period of time for the template to be delivered to your home address since shipping is involved especially if you ordered the template from another country. Numerous couriers will be handling the product and there is no specific time period when you will actually receive it.

Choose between physical or digital templates at your own discretion, but if you want a template to be delivered to you in a few days, digital templates are preferable. There are thousands of physical and digital templates to choose from in graphic online shops like Creative Market, Zazzle, Etsy, and Theme Forest so you won’t run out of templates.

Have an open communication channel with the designer

When you are about to purchase a template, always have an open communication channel with the designer. The details of your template will not depend on the designer but on you and your business. Don’t assume that the designer will know what you want to implement in the template.

The colors, font styles, and other details will need to be discussed with the designer before the final design will be sent to your address. Additionally, a competent designer will be in communication with you every step of the way and will also assist you starting from when you purchase the design until the final product is delivered and approved.

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these mouthwatering and attractive sushi restaurant templates. Purchase them now if you are hosting sushi night in your restaurant or you are still planning to enter the sushi business. Templates for menus, invitations, and posters are all available, so take your pick of your favorites.

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