45+ 50th Birthday Invitation Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

A journey with all the ups and downs is worth celebrating and this celebration can be best achieved by inviting all your friends and family together. And what better way to kick-start your preparations for the party than making those spot-on invitations?

oth birthday invitation

It is one of the most rejoiced moments of one’s life when his/her family organizes a 50th birthday celebration for them. We have a wide range of samples of birthday invitation templates that can be of great use to you to make the needed invitation you want. Keep scrolling!

Printable Elegant Black and Gold 50th Birthday Invitation Template

elegant black and gold 50th birthday invitation template Download

Celebrate the milestone, your 50 golden years with all glitters and shine of this invitation. It comes in black and golden combination with a sparkly gold border. All you need to do is download, add details of the event and hit print. This 50th birthday invitation card has a high-quality print and image. It can be used for other events like birthday parties of any age, other invitation purposes, etc

Golden Gramophone 50th Birthday Party Invitation

golden gramophone 50th birthday party invitation Download

Gramophones take people to a different era, and this black and gold invitation template will be reminiscent of a simpler time, perfect for a person’s 50th birthday party. Simply download the file in any of its available file formats, edit as necessary and print. Take a look at the invitation templates in PDF for more. You can share it digitally via email or any other social media platform like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. with ease.

50th Birthday Invitation Template

0th birthday invitation templates Download

This birthday invitation sample template that is mentioned above showcases the beauty of life at 50 with a gorgeous purple and pink palette. Print-ready and suitable for sharing on social media, download this template now and make sure your nearest and dearest receive copies and make it in time to celebrate your golden year. Try it out now!

Simple Birthday Invitation Card Template

birthday invitation card template Download

Use this simple but elegant birthday invitation card template for your next birthday party. Create eye-catching titles with fully customizable layouts and standard fonts. This template can be completely edited on any electronic device with ease. Edit with Illustrator, MS Word, Photoshop, or Publisher and print anywhere, anytime. Check it out now!

Chalkboard Birthday Party Invitation Template

chalkboard birthday party invitation template Download

The black and white chalkboard birthday party invitation template that is mentioned above is great for any birthday party. Choose between printing at home or sending out for commercial print. You can also make use of the invitation in Pages to make the best invitations you want of any kind. Save plenty of time as you do not have to make them from scratch. Grab this template now!

Golden Coloured 50th Birthday Invitation Template

golden coloured 50th birthday invitation template

Gold Black and White 50th Birthday Invitation

gold black and white 50th birthday invitation

Gold Sparkled Elegant 50th Birthday Party Invitation

gold sparkled elegant 50th birthday party invitation

Simple Coloured 50th Birthday Invitation Template

simple coloured 50th birthday invitation template

Chalkboard Style 50th Birthday Invitation

chalkboard style 50th birthday invitation

Creating an Invitation in 5 Steps:

Step 1: Pick a Theme

Picking a theme will make your party even more exciting and entertaining in this way, you can easily plan the party around the theme. If you are adding any games, then you can also decide who can be a part of which game. Decoration plays an important role, so pick the right theme for decorating the party.

Step 2: Add a Background Image

Choosing a background image for your invitation is very important since it is the base for the design you make. The invitation must be able to show what are the texts, fonts, and images present on the invitation. It shouldn’t be too dull or too bright, it must be just right!

Step 3: Create a Layout

Pick a template to help you decide on the layout of the invitation. Add borders, decorations and other infographics help to make your invitation attractive. The more presentable your invitation is, the more honored and special your guests feel. Ensure that your invitation is well-layered and is perfect in the design you pick. Take a look at the HR invitations for more.

Step 4: Add the Details

Once you have the perfect layout, you can start adding all the details in the invitation you are making. Add the needed illustrations images and other infographics needed. Your information must include the date, time and location of the party so that guests can reach there on time.

Step 5: Print and Distribute

Before printing your invitation, recheck to see if you have made any mistakes. The checking can be for grammatical errors, for color, background and illustration balance, etc. After this is done, you can choose whether you want to take a print of the invite and distribute it, or you want to share it digitally via email or any other social media platform.

Purple Coloured Photo Framed 50th Birthday Party Invitation

purple coloured photo framed 50th birthday party invitation

Mexican Fiesta Themed 50th Birthday Invitation

mexican fiesta themed 50th birthday invitation

Personalized Simple 50th Birthday Invitation

personalized simple 50th birthday invitation

Black Themed 50th Birthday Invitation Card Design

black themed 50th birthday invitation card design

Creative and Beautiful 50th Birthday Invitation Template

creative and beautiful 50th birthday invitation template

Personalized Black 50th Birthday Invitation Template

personalised black 50th birthday invitation template

Custom Photograph Framed 50th Birthday Invitation

custom photograph framed 50th birthday invitation

Brown Coloured Beer Themed 50th Birthday Invitation

brown coloured beer themed 50th birthday invitation

Simple and Beautiful White Coloured 50th Birthday Invitation

simple and beautiful white coloured 50th birthday invitation

Champagne Bottle Themed 50th Birthday Invitation

champagne bottle themed 50th birthday invitation

50th Birthday Invitation for Women

0th birthday invitation for women

Vintage Chalkboard & Wood 50th Birthday Invitation Template

vintage chalkboard wood 50th birthday invitation template

Four Square Photographed 50th Birthday Invitation Design

four square photographed 50th birthday invitation design

Gold Coloured 50th Birthday Invitation with Custom Photograph

gold coloured 50th birthday invitation with custom photo

Surprise Printable 50th Birthday Party Invitation

surprise printable 50th birthday party invitation

Simple Western Designed 50th Birthday Invitation

simple western designed 50th birthday invitation

Red Argyle Men 50th Birthday Invitation

red argyle mens 50th birthday invitation

Vintage 50th Birthday Invitation For Men

vintage 50th birthday invitation for men

Three Folded Colourful 50th Birthday Invitation

three folded colourful 50th birthday invitation

Retro Martini Themed 50th Birthday Invitation Template

retro martini themed 50th birthday invitation template

Square Photo Framed 50th Birthday Invitation

square photo framed 50th birthday invitation

Heart-Shaped 50th Birthday Invitation Template

heart shaped 50th birthday invitation template

Gold and Silver Colour 50th Vintage Birthday Invitation

gold and silver coloured 50th vintage birthday invitation

Simple Black And White Coloured 50th Birthday Invitation

simple black and white coloured 50th birthday invitation

50th Birthday Invitation With Golden Stars

0th birthday invitation with golden stars

Simple And Elegant Holographic 50th Birthday Invitation for Adults

simple and elegant holographic 50th birthday invitation foir adults

Rustic Chalk Mason Coloured 50th Birthday Invitation Template

rustic chalk mason coloured 50th birthday invitation template

Silver Black Bow Designed 50th Birthday Invitation

silver black bow designed 50th birthday invitation

Blue Color Three Photo 50th Birthday Invitation Template

blue color three photo 50th bithday invitation template

Poker Pictured Black 50th Birthday Invitation Template

poker pictured black 50th birthday invitation template

Simple Black Colored 50th Birthday Party Invitation

simple black colored 50th birthday party invitation

Wine Glass Bottle with Black Gold Themed 50th Birthday Invitation

wine glass bottle with black gold themed 50th birthday invitation

Gardening Themed 50th Birthday Invitation for Men

gardening themed 50th birthday invitation for men

Gold and Blue Chevron Personalized 50th Birthday Party Invitation

gold and blue chevron personalized 50th birthday party invitation

50th Birthday Invitation For Any Age

0th birthday invitation for any age


With the help of the templates that are mentioned in this article, you can make the best-needed birthday invitation templates you need of any kind. All you would have to do is pick the template you like best and make it your own by adding the details you want.

Another added advantage of using these templates the fact that you can download them with ease on any electronic device you want. You can also use them in any file format you like best like Excel, PSD, Word, Pages, PDF, InDesign, etc. with ease. You can save plenty of time and effort as you do not have to create an invitation all the way from scratch. Happy designing!

General FAQs

1. What is a Birthday Invitation?

A birthday invitation is a request for a person’s attendance at a birthday party. It can be mailed out to guests when you want to invite friends to a special event. It can be printed or can also be online and sent out via email and other social media platforms with ease.

2. What is the purpose of an Invitation?

Invitations are the first impression your guests will have about the event you are organizing. It creates a sense of excitement in the audience and sets the time for it. An invitation is used to invite people to go to a place, to do something or ask someone to participate in a particular event or activity.

3. What do Birthday Invitations include?

Birthday invitations include the following details in them:

  • The purpose of the event
  • The time the party starts
  • The place/location of the party
  • Special instructions if any
  • The style of dressing, if necessary to be mentioned
  • The series of events at the party.

4. What is written on a Birthday Invitation?

To write a birthday invitation, you can open by stating the name of the guest of honor and the occasion, like “It’s Jasmine’s birthday!” On the next line of the card, mention the date, location and time of the party. With this, the people you invite know when and where to come.

5. How do you write a Birthday Party Invitations?

Write a birthday party invitation:

  • Mention the purpose of the party
  • Mention who is hosting
  • Add the time, date and location of the party
  • Add the food and beverages available, if needed
  • Leave space for RSVP instructions, so the guests can tell you if they are bringing someone along
  • Add any other important information.