9+ House Vectors


A house vector design is what most people prefer when it comes to designing their home or creating a sample design intended clients. House vectors use a state-of-the-art graphic tool called a graphic vector. It uses polygons to represent images in computer graphics. Its graphics are based on vectors and geometric control points.

Having a great design will always give you an edge, whether it’s for designing or for marketing purposes. Here, we offer several house vector designs. These designs are useful in almost all aspects. If you want to use any of these as a room layout or as a device wallpaper, you are free to do so. Below are more samples of house vectors with Free Stock Vectors.

House Plan Vector

house plan vector Download

House Cleaning Vector

house cleaning vector Download

House Silhouette Vector

house silhouette vector Download

House Building Vector

house building vector Download

Haunted House Vector

haunted house vector Download

More of Our House Vector Designs

Template.net offers you various house vector designs that you can use. This page has some of the designs. Select the one which you think fits best to your needs.

  • House Plan Vector – this is ideal for those who are planning on building their own house. Architects can make use of this design as their blueprint.
  • House Cleaning Vector – this is useful if you’re selling house cleaning equipment. And if you have your website for that certain business, this vector is a great website background design. It has soft-hued colors that are not harsh to look at.
  • House Silhouette Vector – for those who want a silhouette design of a house vector, this is the one.Minimalist and elegant at the same time, it is best used as a background design for your website. It can also be used as a wallpaper for your room or for your desktop or laptop.

For other vectors, Abstract Vectors are also a great choice when it comes to cool and unique vector designs.

Christmas House Vector

christmas house vector Download

Tree House Vector

tree house vector Download

Old House Vector

old house vector Download

House Logo Vector

house logo vector Download

Dog House Free Vector

dog house free vector Download

Advantages of Vector Graphics

Though there are several available tools used in a graphic design, vector graphic is one of the most used by a lot of people. Here’s why:

  • Drawings made by vector graphic are extensible. This means that they can be expanded to whatever size you want even without damaging the quality of the image. You have the option to expand the resolution of small images and make them ideal for tarpaulin, billboard, wallpapers, and any other advert designs.
  • There is no distortion of the image. This is also what’s best about vector graphics. Using vector graphics, any image can be easily re-sized without distorting them. This is great when stretching any image since it retains its quality with no section becoming odd, uncanny, or pixelated.
  • More convenient when re-editing. If you want to modify certain images, you don’t have to repeat the whole design. You can simply choose which part you want to alter. It helps you conserve more time, and the process is hassle-free in case there are some corrections for the design.

The vector graphics that we have are both contemporary and artistic. Just like with our retro graphic vectors, if you want a combination of classical and edgy styles.

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