7+ Dripping Vectors


Dripping vectors are aesthetic designs that are commonly represented as drips from an overflowing liquid placed in a container. There are many ways that a dripping vector may be interpreted, depending on the liquid source and the way that the dripping action has transpired. A dripping effect to a document can entirely change the overall appeal of the item where the drip designs were placed.

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We can provide you with samples of different dripping vectors, which you may download and use as design materials on the projects and/or documents that you are currently working with. Also, we have other samples an templates of vector designs, which are available for viewing and downloading as well.

Water Dripping Vector

water dripping vectorDownload

Paint Dripping Vector

paint dripping vectorDownload

Blood Dripping Vector

blood dripping vectorDownload

Chocolate Dripping Vector

chocolate dripping vectorDownload

Kinds of Dripping Vectors

As said, there are different kinds of drips that vary on the kind of liquid that has been used. A few of the kinds of dripping vectors that are great aesthetic items and design materials are as follows:

  • Coffee dripping vectors are great to be used as designs for the tools used by restaurants. It create a more homey feel in terms of visuals and they can put it in the restaurant’s food mats, menu, and even on an actual coffee mug as an additional design.
  • Water dripping vectors are mainly used in advertisements and other marketing tools where a product or a service needs to be represented as natural, eco-friendly and/or fresh.
  • Paint dripping vectors are mainly used as a design for materials that need punk, style, and attitude as paint drips are commonly associated to graffiti and other street arts.
  • What is more visually and gastronomically satisfying than dripping vectors that are inspired by food items? Take the chocolate dripping vectors and pink donuts dripping vectors as examples and test if you will not think of the flavor goodness of both items.

Other than our samples of dripping vector templates, you may also be interested to download our samples and templates of splatter vectors.

Abstract Dripping Vector

abstract dripping vectorDownload

Dripping Paint Vector Background

dripping vector backgroundDownload

Vector Colored Seamless Drips

vector colored seamless dripsDownload

Dripping Vector Interpretation

There are different ways that dripping vectors may be artistically interpreted. A few of the interpretations of dripping vectors are as follows:

  • Abstract dripping vectors can be achieved by using different weights and textures of the dripping liquid.
  • Dripping paint vector background can be inspired by the actual visuals of paint dripping from a material or a flat surface.
  • Vector colored seamless drips are done by using different dripping directions, color volumes, and hues.
  • Themed dripping vectors vary in appearance depending on the inspiration where the particular dripping effect was taken.

Where Can Dripping Vectors Be Used?

Dripping vectors can be used for the following purposes:

  • They can serve as additional designs for documents where they can either be used as headers, backgrounds, and/or borders
  • Dripping vectors can be used by companies as a design inspiration for their packaging. It can add up color to the packaging of the product while giving equal spaces to other items that are needed to be highlighted.
  • Dripping vectors can also be digitally printed so you can either patch or incorporate them in different merchandises like pillows, phone cases, notebook covers, and the like.
  • Dripping vectors are also great interior designs. You can put the on the upper parts of room walls so it will look like there is an overflowing liquid in that side of the space.

Aside from our samples of dripping vector templates, our samples of paint vectors are also available for download.

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