9+ Clock Vectors


A clock is a mechanical or electrical device that measures time by indicating the hours, minutes, and sometimes in seconds. The time indicator of this device can vary depending on the type of the clock as it can usually be seen through its hands movement or points for manual clocks and analog figure displays for digital clocks.

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People have been relying on time when it comes to daily societal activities, and the clock became an important tool when it comes to keeping track of it. On the other hand, the clock symbol has also been a favorite icon being used by people on different projects. However, if you are someone currently working on a creative project, you can also use these 9+ Clock Free Vector Art as this list includes incredibly made clock vectors, which can be perfect for any visual presentations.

Clock Face Vectors

clock face vectorDownload

Vintage Clock Vector

vintage clock vectorDownload

Wall Clock Vector

wall clock vectorDownload

Clock Logo Vector

clock logo vectorDownload

Digital Clock Vector

digital clock vector1Download

How Can We Use These Clock Vectors?

These clock vectors can be used in different ways. Depending on the purpose, it can be used as a print graphic element or web graphic element. However, here are a few uses of the sample clock vectors:

  • Print Ads. There are other vector samples on this list that can actually be perfect for any print ad projects.
  • Logos or Branding. There are other samples on this list that is specifically designed for logo or branding purposes.
  • Web Graphic Elements. Some of the vector samples are also intentionally designed for web elements and some are for other marketing ad tools such as infographics. It can also be used as a clock display on certain websites, most especially popular on blog sites.
  • Movie Posters. If you are planning to create a classic-themed movie, then the vintage clock vector can be a perfect and useful design for your movie posters to create a timeless effect on it.
  • Home or Office Decor. Some of the clock vector designs can be printed as a poster and use it as a framed or just plain stick-on posters for office and home decor.

For more vintage design themed vectors, you might want to check out these Retro Graphic Vectors.

Analog Clock Vector

analog clock vectorDownload

Sand Timer Clock Vector

sand timer clock vectorDownload

Christmas Clock Vector

christmas clock vectorDownload

Hand Drawn Clock Vector

hand drawn clock vectorDownload

Simple Clock Vector

simple clock vectorDownload

What Are the Advantages of Vector Graphics?

Though the illustration may not be as realistic or detailed as a photograph, vector graphics, however, are far more flexible when it comes to its usage as it complements to almost every creative projects such print ad content to web design element and even expands to mobile application icons because of its clear, crisp, and convertible format. The vector graphics are easier to implement as most of its design structure are simple shapes, but these shapes can also be converted into far more complex shapes such as what you see in odd logo designs or perhaps far more detailed vibrant illustrations.

If you are more into human anatomy or you have a project that involves with the human body, you might want to check these Human Brain Vectors. This list provides high-quality vectors that can be applicable for both print and web graphic elements. The file can also be modified through your vector software of choice. Find more vector art on Template.net to fill your artistic needs.

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