9+ Cloud Vectors


Cloud vectors are definitely ideal for all of your artworks. You could even use it for scrapbooks, journals, and even as virtual icons. This idea will make you want to create photorealistic ones or those that appear to be just icons and drawings. People barely notice a design in these natural things, but as you look on either a sunny or a rainy day, clouds seem to appear just as it pleases.

Today, we see a lot of designs inspired by these wondrous bodies. You could even see different forms, shapes, and textures in them. Don’t you think it’s creative enough to create a masterpiece out of cloud vectors? You might even want to add Sun Vectors if you like!

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Cloud Background Vector

cloud background vector Download

Cloud Bubble Vector

cloud bubble vector Download

Hand Drawn Cloud Vector

hand drawn cloud vector Download

Simple Cloud Vector

simple cloud vector Download

Cloud 9

All those white and fluffy cotton-like designs are all associated with the clouds. You might want to try these designs on your next artworks. Here are some suggestions.

  • Speech balloons. Try this cloud bubble vector as speech balloons on your drawings. You could also add texts to each of it for whatever you want to write. These vectors could also represent person’s thoughts similar to what you see on magazines and comic strips. Fictional characters could have speech and thought balloons/bubbles too!
  • Hand-drawn artworks. If you aren’t so satisfied with your hand-drawn clouds, you could actually use hand-drawn cloud vectors and see no difference at all. These vectors would definitely just represent exactly how you want your hand-drawn artworks to look like.
  • Realistic artworks. These types of artworks need the effort to be able to create realistic ones. So instead of using up so much of your time on making realistic effects, you might just want to try realistic cloud vectors and see how it complements the rest of your artwork.
  • Abstract artworks. These artworks might need different colors for your clouds. Even then, abstract designs for clouds are still pleasing. You might also prefer to use these Abstract Vectors in forms of clouds with a fill of different colors and abstract strokes.

Realistic Cloud Vector

realistic cloud vector Download

Rain Cloud Vector

rain cloud vector Download

Abstract Cloud Vector

abstract cloud vector Download

Scalable Cloud Vector

scalable cloud vector Download

Free Cloud Vector Set

free cloud vector set Download

Cartoon Clouds Vector

cartoon clouds vector Download

More Cloud Designs

You might just want to check out cloud vectors to look for a specific design. You are definitely not limited to use these vectors for artworks on canvas and paper. You could also try designing these vectors on print or perhaps on tattoos. Yes, cloud designs are actually popular among tattoo artists.

Here are preferred cloud tattoos of today:

  • Sun and clouds. If you would not want something just as plain as the clouds, you could actually make use of a sun design to complement your sky-inspired tattoo.
  • Lightning and clouds. This design also carries a powerful message to anyone who wants it. A combination of a lightning bolt and some clouds give a powerful impact on whoever sees it.
  • Rain and clouds. Anyone who wants this design surely has his or her own interpretation. This design is mainly for soft meanings and expressions.

Anything can be a design for a tattoo. And even from the simplest to the most complicated designs, you will certainly come up with an idea if you find inspiration for it. Maybe you would want a design inspiration so feel free to look through these Retro Graphic Vectors and see for yourself the vectors we have in store.

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