10+ Fairy Silhouettes


Do you believe in fairies? Ideally, most of us do. Fairies are real be it in the form of creative thinking or fantasy that one can’t let go. Fairies are magical and enchanted creatures that we learn from storybooks, fantasy movies, and tales told by our ancestors passed from one generation to another.

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If you fancy them, our fairy silhouette samples are perfect for you. Our samples come in high-quality resolutions so you could be assured of clear image quality without the distortion and pixelation. Our designs are a product of a creative combination of color schemes with respect to the nature of the silhouette design. Moreover, if you are into Silhouette Photography, you could draw inspirations from the samples we have on our website.

Fairy Silhouette Vector

fairy silhouette vectorDownload

Simple Fairy Silhouette

simple fairy silhouetteDownload

Mushroom Fairy Silhouette

mushroom fairy silhouetteDownload

Little Girl Fairy Silhouette

little girl fairy silhouetteDownload

Pretty Fairy Silhouette

pretty fairy silhouetteDownload

Set of Fairy Silhouettes

set of fairy silhouettesDownload

Magical Fairy Silhouettes

According to literary books, fairies reside in a place somewhere between earth and heaven. They are said to have mystical and enchanted powers. They used their powers to guard the natural world and to protect Mother Nature. Because of the mystery they bring, they are favored in Black Silhouette designs. Here are some of the featured designs on our website:

  • Fairy Vector
  • Simple Fairy
  • Mushroom Fairy
  • Little girl fairy
  • Pretty Fairy
  • Moon Fairy
  • Tattoo Fairy
  • Fairy Princess
  • Fairy Wings
  • Disney Fairy

As you can see, the designs also complemented to the known types of fairies such as the moon and mushroom fairy. Old folklore say that there are also bad fairies which reside in the ends of the world. On the other hand, there are also fairies that help human beings in their dreams and aspirations.

Indeed, fairies are not just for kids. Even adults fancy them because they make us believe that there are a lot of mysteries in the world that are waiting to be discovered. We should have an open mind and heart in order to unravel these mysteries.

Moon Fairy Silhouette

moon fairy silhouetteDownload

Fairy Silhouette Tattoo

fairy silhouette tattooDownload

Fairy Princess Silhouette

fairy princess silhouetteDownload

Fairy Wings Silhouette

fairy wings silhouetteDownload

Disney Fairy Silhouette

disney fairy silhouetteDownload

The World of Fairies and Enchantments

Fairies are indeed magical creatures that are perfect for any design. Designers around the world always consider fairy-inspired designs to be timeless. It is likened to the tale Beauty and the Beast which are both old as time. Fairy designs have survived across generations, and little by little, the designs are getting more wonderful.

Here are some reasons why they are used as designs:

  • They create a feeling of nostalgia. Fairy tales are children’s best friends. They capture the hearts of children that even children would love to adopt them as a way of life. For adults, we can channel our great childhood memories by just looking at fairy designs.
  • The design pertains to nature. Fairies have always been associated with nature as guardians of the environment. If we see them, we remember our obligation to take care of the environment because we do not own them. The mystery they create make us think that maybe we are sharing our world with the fairies.
  • Complete design. They are perfect as Silhouette Patterns because a fairy’s wings and body shape are already a design of their own.

Add magic and don’t lose that sense of childlike wonder in your hearts with the many fairy silhouette our website has to offer.

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